Obama praying with fellow muslims in a mosque in Washington D.C.WITH THE MUSLIMS!!

This is OUR President at a MOSQUE prayer session LAST WEEK AT THE WHITE HOUSE, on the site where the INAUGURATION is held every 4 years!


For Obama to continue as our president is an INSULT TO OUR FOUNDING FATHERS!

If you question the impact of the above picture, get a copy of the book The Sword of the Prophet by Serge Trifkovic. It is well researched, documented and highly trustworthy.

Anyone who believes that ‘Islam is NOT a major threat to our freedom and country’ has their head in the sand. This includes Obama himself.

Excerpt from the book: “the broad sweep of the global military, political, moral, and — yes — spiritual struggle that faces us; and what we must do if we wish to survive. Above all, we must avoid the twin perils of complacency and despair, and for that a sober, factual, and contextual presentation like that found in Trifkovic’s work is essential. Every American owes it to himself to know the real score of the post-9/11 world — and this slim but invaluable volume is the place to start
Enter Serge Trifkovic, a man of extraordinary intellectual courage. His book, THE SWORD OF THE PROPHET” departs from the moral “neutrality” of academia and, in six lucid and well-documented chapters, provides a “Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam.” Citing the Kuran and the voluminous Hadiths – the Traditions of what Muhammad said and did – Dr. Trifkovic exposes Islam’s prophet as cruel, ignorant, and lascivious. He examines Islam’s fatalistic theology; reviews this religion’s devastation of other civilizations; warns of the Muslims’ insidious penetration of America and Europe; criticizes U.S. appeasement of Saudi Arabia and other Islamic regimes; and goes to the heart of what must be done to prevent Islam’s global ascendancy.

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  1. 1 Phil (Sydney)

    To all Christians in Australia

    All the very best for 2010.
    My wife to her credit warned me about Obama prior to his election.

    I had more of a “given him a chance” belief. At this point I am very concerned. I believe Obama has been deceptive and deceitful about what he actually actually believes in prior to the election.

    His willingness to de-Christianise America now is appalling and a affront the Nation.

    BUT Let us not forget God is with us through the power of His Son , Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

    Philip (Sydney)

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