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A LONDON church has been told by Lambeth Council to reduce the volume of its worship.

In an extraordinary  decision, All Nations Church in Kennington, South London, has been served with a noise abatement notice by Lambeth council after complaints from a couple of local residents about the level of noise coming from the church.

This is the first complaint that the church has received since it began meeting at the premises in the 1960s. Church leaders have been ordered not to amplify its music or sermons – something which will make worship very difficult for the 600-strong congregation  – some of whom are elderly and hard of hearing.

The decision, which imposes a restriction on the freedom of expression of religion will, according to one of the church’s pastors, Victor Jibuike, seriously affect the congregation and potentially mean that some members will leave and worship elsewhere – something he does not want to see.

The Council Noise Abatement Notice was served on the church without warning on 25 September 2009, despite the fact a meeting with the local Councilor and residents had being arranged for 20 October with the intention of addressing the neighbours’ concerns. The Pastors of the Church wanted to do everything possible to solve the matter amicably.

Pastor Jubiuke believes the complaints which have led to the notice may also have been triggered by the church’s plans to develop a disused school into a community centre in partnership with the Council. He said: “The complaint has nothing to do with the noise and everything to do with our faith.  Lambeth Council are driving us out and we feel harassed.”

The Church is being supported in its ordeal by the Christian Legal Centre.

Andrea Williams, Director of the Christian Legal Centre, said: “The real issue behind this complaint is hostility to the Christian message, and the law is being used as a pretext to harass and silence Christian viewpoints not approved by the State.   All Nations  Church is simply trying to make Christianity relevant to 21st century Britain and it will be a great loss if the church, which is a great benefit to the community, has to curtail its activities and outreach programmes because of the Council’s actions.”

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  1. 1 Gurjinder

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    The LORD birthed this vision of Apostolic Prayer Shield , and has raised up a team of apostles and prophets that are working together from different congregations.

    We believe that once the watchmen see and the intercessors pray prophetically the prayers will be apostolic sent from the glory heart of God to accomplish a work. Christ has called us all to watch, seeing prophetically from the heavens and pray without ceasing. Watchmen and Intercessors are merging taking various watches of the Lord to gurad our nation. The Shield of glory is switched on because the people watch and pray!

    We so love the work The LORD is doing through Catch The Fire and would believe it would be very fruitful to come together.Please check out the website, and let us know if you would like to unite with us in spirit.We are attempting to visit you guys in Wembley in the next few weeks.

    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Gurjinder Sond


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