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Following our recent email on the current ‘climate change’ situation, the Rudd government’s emissions trading legislation has been passed by the federal parliament’s House of Representatives.

(Media report: Emissions Bills pass House)

The Bill(s) now go to the Senate, where the numbers will be very tight.

A vote is expected next week. At least ten Coalition Senators are actively opposed to the emissions trading scheme and want the Coalition to oppose it – whilst the Leader of the Opposition Malcolm Turnbull is still negotiating with the government for some ‘changes’.

Some Coalition Senators say they will vote against it no matter what changes are made.

(Media report: Climate hardliners stand firm)

This week the government announced that agriculture/farming would be excluded from the emissions trading scheme but the Opposition is asking for more changes.

(Media report: Rudd bows to pressure on emissions deal)

Mr Rudd wants the emissions trading legislation PASSED so he can go to Copenhagen proclaiming how Australia is leading the way on ‘climate change’. Meanwhile, the meeting of APEC leaders last week seemed to admit that there won’t be a treaty signed in Copenhagen (because no-one will agree to it – with the exception of perhaps Australia!).

Commentators are now suggesting that a non-legally binding framework will be considered instead.

(Media report: Picking through the crumbs on climate)

Andrew Bolt highlights some of the statements made by supporters of climate change legislation and nominates some of them – including Tim Flannery, Greens candidate Clive Hamilton and Climate Change Minister Penny Wong for some ‘awards’. Very enlightening – Bandwagon fully loaded, HS, 18/11/2009)
Action – if you don’t want the ETS…

If you want to see the proposed emissions trading legislation defeated, then you ONLY have a few days left to act:

1. Sign the petition

Senator Barnaby Joyce is running a petition against the ETS.
Sign it online by clicking here.  Just give your name, email and postcode.

2. Write to senators

The most important thing you can do is write to the Coalition senators in YOUR STATE and ask them NOT to support the government’s proposed emission trading legislation because it will cost families a great deal of money with no real advantages for the ‘climate’.

Make sure you let them know you live in THEIR state!

Click here for ALL contact details for Senators.

Actual email/contact details are provided below – either an email address or an online form (if name is linked!)

Also write to Senator Fielding (Family First) and Senator Nick Xenophon (Indept):

Fielding, Steve – Senator for Victoria – senator.fielding@aph.gov.au 

Xenophon, Nick – Senator for South Australia – senator.xenophon@aph.gov.au

Coalition Senators in EACH STATE:

Nationals Senators Boswell (Qld), Nash (NSW) and Joyce (Qld) are all totally opposed – that leaves Nationals Senator John Williams (NSW). Tasmania

Tasmania: Eric Abetz, Guy Barnett (senator.barnett@aph.gov.au), David Bushby, Richard Colbeck (senator.colbeck@aph.gov.au), Stephen Parry.

Victoria: Liberal: Mitch Fifield, Julian McGauran, Scott Ryan, Judith Troeth, Helen Kroger, Michael Ronaldson

NSW: Liberal: Helen Coonan (senator.coonan@aph.gov.au), Concetta Fierranti-Wells (senator.fierravanti-wells@aph.gov.au), Bill Heffernan, Marise Payne

Nationals: John Williams

WA: Liberal: Judith Adams (senator.adams@aph.gov.au), Chris Back, Michaelia Cash, Matthias Corman, Alan Eggleston (senator.eggleston@aph.gov.au), David Johnston

SA: Liberal: Cory Bernardi, Simon Birmingham, Alan Ferguson (senator.ferguson@aph.gov.au), Mary Jo Fisher,  Nick Minchin,

QLD: Liberal: Sue Boyce, George Brandis (senator.brandis@aph.gov.au), Ian Macdonald, Brett Mason, Russell Trood

ACT Liberal: Gary Humphries – senator.humphries@aph.gov.au

NT Country Liberal Party: Nigel Scullion – senator.scullion@aph.gov.au
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Research Director
Salt Shakers
03 9800 2855
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3 Responses to “Update on ‘climate change’ legislation – ACT NOW!”

  1. 1 Senator Ian Macdonald

    Dear Pastor Nalliah

    I refer to my recent correspondence with you regarding your concerns about the Rudd Labor Government’s proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

    Yesterday I led off in the Senate debate on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bills.

    You may be interested in my comments. My speech can be found on my website at http://www.senatormacdonald.org

    Thank you again for writing to me on this important matter.

    Yours sincerely

    Ian Macdonald

  2. 2 Shauna Tutte on behalf of Mrs Louise Markus MP

    20 November 2009

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    Thank you for your email dated 5 November 2009.

    Mrs Louise Markus thanks you for your email and has noted your comments.

    Yours sincerely and on behalf of Louise Markus MP

    Shauna Tutte
    Mrs Louise Markus MP
    Member for Greenway
    Shadow Minister for Veterans’ Affairs

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