Pastor Daniel ministering in MoeDear family & friends in Christ,

1) What a mighty God we serve, the soon coming King of kings and LORD of lords!

We thank the Lord Jesus Christ for this awesome prophetic season in the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God that we are currently living in!

We are so excited to experience an increasing measure of the manifest presence of God at every Catch the Fire meeting across Australia, resulting in more people being healed, delivered, set free, souls won into the Kingdom of God, and more of the body of Christ being prepared for the second coming of our Bridegroom Saviour Jesus Christ!

Last weekend a mighty storm of united prayer arose before the heavenly throne of God at the Rise Up Australia prayer meeting in Melbourne as prayer warriors from across the body of Christ joined in the Spirit of prophetic intercession against the One World Government and Australia’s expected signing of the Global Warming Treaty in Copenhagen, Denmark in December of 2009.

As the body of Christ we are called to sound the trumpet of the Lord and let the people know what the devil is planning to do.  We continue to pray for the fulfillment of the perfect will of our Father in heaven as His Kingdom comes on earth in increasing measure!

Sister Dianne who led the Sunday night service in Hallam stated, “Sunday night I led the meeting at Hallam and we worshipped the Lord in the beauty of His Holiness. To worship in this way – nothing else on this earth compares with it. There is no way to adequately explain it and it is not just singing. It is not just worship – it is being in the beauty of His holiness where healing, release, wholeness, joy that lasts is experienced and are sustained. We begin to become more and more who we are meant to be. In fact, you flourish in who you are. It is amazing beyond description.”

Pastor Daniel leads mother of 4 children to a personal relationship with JesusPastor Daniel and a team from CTFM ministered in Moe, Victoria on the weekend.Pastor Daniel prays for healing Glory to God as many were radically impacted by the power of God and joined together from different churches to hear the prophetic Word of God. We praise the Lord that we were able to re-launch the Rise Up Australia prayer meetings in Moe!  Please contact or 9794 8211 for more details.

Many who attended the revival meetings were greatly challenged to prayerfully intercede for our nation of Australia and responded to the altar call. One woman who came to the altar shook violently and screamed as she was set free from many demonic spirits! She reported to the Pastor of the church the next day, “for the first time in many days I slept very well all night”. Glory to God as many others (some who have never been to church) surrendered their lives to Jesus!

2) Thanks to all those who promptly responded to book Pastor Daniel to minister in 2010. As now he is booked out until end July 2010 we are now taking bookings from the first weekend of August onwards for 2010.

3) For those of you in the Melbourne area, Pastor Daniel will be ministering at 7:30pm this Friday 13th November in Melbourne at the Holy Spirit Fire and Healing Meeting in Hallam.

Pastor Gloria Dyer of Arrow-Head Ministries, a mighty prophetic Aboriginal woman of God, will be ministering at 6:30pm this Sunday 15th  November at the Fountain Gate Christian Centre at 23 Melverton Drive in Hallam.  Melway ref: 96 G 2

4) South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi has a petition you can sign against the Copenhagen Treaty (One World Government).   Click the following link

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  1. 1 Ian

    Sister Gloria Dyer is one precious woman of God. She was at Redfern when we were there yesterday.


  2. 2 Bev

    Dear Friends

    For those who are concerned about the Copenhagen Treaty I have organised articles and links onto one page in Link-Zone.

    South Australian Senator Cori Bernadi has a petition you can sign against the Treaty – links to this are also on this page.

    If you haven’t heard about the Treaty yet then scroll down and listen to the Allan Jones radio interview with UK’s Lord Monckton …. the you tube video is also on this page.

    When I first received emails about this I was hesitant to respond thinking it was more scaremongering … sadly it doesn’t seem to be and it is important that we are informed so that we can evaluate it for ourselves … before the government considers signing away vital freedoms in a few weeks time

    Hard to believe that so much has been kept quiet



  3. 3 John

    You may be interested to know that last Saturday we read in The Hindhu, India, that the Copenhagen meeting was not going to happen and it was postponed for a year.

  4. 4 Margaret

    Dear Jason,

    I have to be completely honest and say that I just happened to come across “Catch The Fire Ministries” web page quite by accident as I was researching Prophecy concerning the Copenhagen Climate Draft Treaty, which I had read following hearing Lord Christopher Monckton’s revelations two weeks ago, so may I share the following.

    Here in SA as across this Nation God has set His watchmen upon the walls and indeed they are not silent.

    But the SILENCE of our Prime Minister is NOT GOLDEN
    It is alarming that our Prime Minister would be with pen poised ready NOW to sign the UN Copenhagen Climate Treaty, and that there are also so many politicians backing his move to sign up for a new World Government agenda that will have serious taxation and burdens on future generations.

    But even worse it appears Mr Rudd and Mr Turnball have not read the Climate Change Draft Treaty so are blindly preparing to hand over Australia’s Freedom, Democracy and our Constitution. This fact should lead to even more questions being asked.

    This morning the 10th November 2009 at 9.45am on Adelaide Radio 5AA Barnaby Joyce MP was interviewed, his statements being supported by Corey Bernardi MP and Dennis Hood MP.
    Corey said that in the last three days only through his on-line petition against Australia signing the Copenhagen Climate Treaty, 16.000 more people has signed it.

    Barnaby Joyce again spoke in detail about this serious situation and implored people in all States of Australia as a matter of urgency to lobby every Federal Senate member in their State to block the Cap and Trade legislation.

    We only have six days left before this bill is re-introduced into the senate

    Cap and Trade Legislation Bill Amendments will be submitted for the second time in the Senate on 16th November 2009, so it is not important that we pray Australia wide that this bill will NOT be passed before the Copenhagen Climate Draft Treaty meetings in December 2009.


    Is it a done deal that a legally binding deal will be signed in Copenhagen during December 2009?

    But the UN and the EU have begun scaling back expectations that this can be achieved in the next six weeks. Instead, they say the December conference must produce a “political deal”, that would have to be turned into a legal document in the subsequent months. The EU and the UN say it would probably take about six months; one senior negotiator, however, said it could take a year

    What hope for Copenhagen now? A US refusal to commit to carbon emission cuts and developing countries’ demand for greater cuts by rich nations leaves a legally binding deal at Copenhagen looking unlikely. What’s next?

    World’s key industrialized nations say they have abandoned hope of legally binding deal at Copenhagen summit

    No global climate change treaty likely for up to a year, negotiators admit

    President Obama will almost certainly not travel to the Copenhagen climate change summit in December and may instead use his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech to set out US environmental goals, The Times has learnt.

    The church is moving towards the period where our Lord says:
    Arise and shine for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord rises upon you “See Darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the people but the Lord rises upon you and His glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light and Kings to the brightness of your dawn. Isaiah 60:1-3”

    Yours respectfully,


  5. 5 Keith & Lyn

    Thank you for your updates. I haven’t had ready and continued access to my mail while enroute, but have greatly appreciated your efforts to bring accountability into one of the greatest deceptions ever laid on the world populations.

    For your information if you have not received it please find the text for the Treaty below.

    We are presently in Cranbourne, Melbourne, on assignment, and there is great awareness of the impending betrayal of the Nation if our PM fails the Australian people and signs the Treaty. My concern is that he is under the orders and control of Internationalists, and will obey them come what may. One World Government is their immediate goal, and they have been working on this through the Club of Rome specifically since the mid 1900s. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.
    The big question is “how to stop Rudd signing”.

    With KInd Regards to you and your Family,

    Keith and Lyn

  6. 6 Office 2

    Dear Brother,

    Well The relationship of our people to share Jesus Christ, with one heart, one love, one mercy, one faithful, acts 2:42-47, night time and morning time daily remembering people who have burdens like sickness, hunger, war, in the whole world, God will put his hand of peace on them. We where affected by the post-election violence 0n 2007. which brought the problem of hunger in our country, pray for them.

    Kenya East Africa.

    Yours in Christ


  7. 7 Ben

    Today at 7.30 pm Irish time, Minister from USA will be praying for my wife who is in the hospital at this moment.

    I will be bringing a scarf of my wife as a point of contact to the healing meeting tonight, please pray for a miracle take place in Jesus name, and may the healing of Kumari of end stage kidney disease, diabetes and chronic pancreatic will breakthrough a revival in Ireland in Jesus name.

    Thanks for standing with us in prayer for Kumari.


  8. 8 Mark

    Hi Catch the Fire

    May God guide you as you try to serve Him, below is the copy of a letter I have sent to our PM; FYI. May God uphold our freedom to speak and especially speak out for Him and may Australia hear and be drawn to Him as His people stand up and start to live as God has called us to.

    Shalom Mark

    Dear Kevin,

    In December, Australia plans to be part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference. I am not against Australia taking a lead in helping poorer nations, as I feel it shows our obedience to God to care for those less fortunate than ourselves. BUT I am concerned that signing this or any other world organized protocol or treaty will put Australia under some non- Australian-democratically-elected-government-body who will then have the power to tell Australians what they can and cannot do – regardless of its impact on us! (Now if that body, were in fact not a body, but God himself, by His Son Jesus, then I would submit to that, because He would truly lead with from the view of Love, for God is love; but since I know that this body, in no way even would want to claim or submit to God’s leading in all things, I caution Australia submitting to it’s directives and/or consequences.) We need to be aware of the needs of others and help out, BUT it is not their right to dictate to us how we must respond. We need to be responsible stewards of this world’s resources, whilst also being responsible and sensible stewards of Australia’s resources. Australia prides itself on being a free nation, a land of opportunity and a land of free speech. Let us not give up our freedom and be dominated by others.

    I think Australia should continue to encourage the conversion from electricity generated by fossil fuels to that generated ‘naturally’ – solar (Australia has a lot of land and gets a lot of sun), wind, wave, hydro etc. Rebates for solar panels are good. (It is just a pity not everyone can afford to install them.

    The poor in Australia could be helped by having their electricity bills reduced, like the richer people can do.) On the topic of electricity, I think Australia should continue to encourage the conversion from fossil fuel powered cars to that which can be generated or renewed ‘naturally’ – all electric or hybrids, etc. Again, rebates for conversion are good or government buy backs (like old polluting cars to scrap) and cheaper new ‘cleaner/greener’ cars. (I feel it is important to provide adequate and affordable transportation to all people, not just cleaner/greener/cheaper to run cars for those who can afford a high priced car) I also think Australia should continue to encourage the conversion from pure clean water being used everywhere, from drinking, to toilet flushing to garden watering; to having dual water supplies or gray water reuse etc. Rebates for rain tanks and gray water recycling is also good. (Ditto on the comment -just a pity not everyone can afford to install them…)

    I seem to have gone on a little tangent, but hopefully it has shown that I actually do care about Australia as a whole.

    To conclude, please be the honourable Prime Minister, God has allowed you to be, by always being a good steward of those things entrusted to your care.

    I will sign with the words from a mini-poster, I letterbox dropped to the constituents in my state electoral area in 2008:
    I Can

    Life is full of Choices

    Choose to Love

    God, yourself and others

    For a better Australia

    Kevin, May God guide you. Trust, love and serve Him.

    Yours faithfully

    Mark Staer
    (Christian Democratic Party candidate for Cannington WA 2008)

  9. 9 Drew

    Blessings, Jason

    Thanks for the encouraging CTFM ministry emails.

    The Copenhagen Treaty is disturbing but not unexpected.

    Maybe another sign of the times for the sons & daughtters of Issachar, is the following news article:
    World revolts against capitalism, BBC survey shows
    9/11/2009 12:00:00 PM

    “Dissatisfaction with capitalism is widespread around the globe 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall that heralded the demise of European communism, a poll released Monday showed.

    Only 11 percent of people surveyed across 27 countries thought free market capitalism is working well, while 51 percent believed its problems can be solved with more regulation and reform, the poll said.

    In only the United States (25 percent) and Pakistan (21 percent), did more than one in five people agree that capitalism works well in its current form, the poll conducted for the BBC World Service said.

    Comment: Capitalism: The tragic love story that spawned the GFC
    The survey of 29,033 adults comes after the worst global financial crisis since the 1930s Great Depression and amid celebrations for the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall which abruptly ended the Cold War.

    “It appears that the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 may not have been the crushing victory for free-market capitalism that it seemed at the time — particularly after the events of the last 12 months,” said Doug Miller, chairman of polling firm GlobeScan which co-conducted the survey.

    Most people (54 percent across all countries) backed the breakup of the Soviet Union, while 22 percent said it was a “bad thing” and 24 percent did not know.
    Support was highest in the US (81 percent) and Western Europe, particularly Germany (79 percent), Britain (76 percent) and France (74 percent).
    But support was divided among former Warsaw Pact countries. Most Russians (61 percent) and Ukrainians (54 percent) said the Soviet breakup was a “bad thing”.

    In contrast, four in five Poles (80 percent) and 63 percent of Czechs felt the disintegration of the USSR was a “good thing”.

    Conducted between June 19 and October 13, the survey was jointly carried out by the University of Maryland’s programme on international policy attitudes.

    An average of 23 percent across all nations said capitalism is fatally flawed, and a new economic system is needed — including 43 percent in France, 38 percent in Mexico, 35 percent in Brazil and 31 percent in Ukraine.

    And majorities in 15 out of 27 nations wanted their governments to be more active in owning or directing control of their nation’s major industries.

    Support was highest in the former Soviet states of Russia (77 percent) and Ukraine (75 percent), but also in Brazil (64 percent), Indonesia (65 percent) and France (57 percent.)

    Furthermore, majorities supported governments distributing wealth more evenly in 22 out of 27 countries, particularly in Central and South America. Some 92 percent backed the idea in Mexico, 91 percent in Chile and 89 percent in Brazil, the survey said.

    “Some features of socialism, such as government efforts to equalise wealth, continue to appeal to many people around the world,” said Steven Kull from the University of Maryland.

    After the collapse of financial institutions and huge government bailouts, majorities in 17 countries wanted more government regulation of big business.

    Brazil led the way on 87 percent, followed by Chile on 84 percent, France 76 percent, Spain 73 percent and China 71 percent.”

    With growing world dissatisfaction with current economic systems, it seems groundwork accelerates towards a (manufactured) crisis requiring a (manufactured) solution: global government and a charismatic leader to lead it?

    Just a thought…

    To you and CTFM as always,

    The well-wisher of your souls’ happiness in Christ Jesus,


  10. 10 Pastor Tobias

    Hallo Pastor Jason,

    Greetings in Jesus Name.

    We are doing well in the Lord here and we are organizing some meetings I will send you the dates later.

    The brethgren here have requested me to Invite you to come and preach the Gospel here in Kenya.

    Please let me know if this is possible with you and the Ministry .It will be abig big big blessings to us all.

    be blessed and I wait to read from you,

    Pst Tobias

  11. 11 Faye

    I have told people before and I do not know if your church is one of those that understands this:

    Those that bless the Jews are blessed and those that curse the Jews are cursed. Of course you already know that but this country is the first one to have a Jewish head of state, Sir Isaac Isaacs and the first head of the military Sir John Monash, in the world. We had them before Israel did.

    When the last world war was on we had only disabled and essential services men on shore.

    We were going to be taken by the Japanese. They were going to let this country go to what was known at the time as the Brisbane Line. How they would have stopped them there is anyone’s guess.

    Nevertheless they were stopped. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and they came into the war. We were defenseless and yet we were protected. God honors His word and the first three commandments state how He feels about any other so called God.
    I repeat this often forgotten truth because today is the day we remember not only the people that fought and died for us but why they thought loosing their lives to give us all we have today was worth dying for.




  12. 12 Rosemary from PNG

    !!!! Alleluia!!! what are the mighty God we serve.

    Rosemary from PNG

  13. 13 Lalu

    Dear Jason Golden

    Greetings in Jesus name

    I had a vision from The Lord please read it and pass it every one you knows

    My Dear Son Come Back

    Luke 15:14 “…and when he had spent everything, there came a severe famine in that land; and he began to want.”

    After I read this word from the gospel of Luke, I was thinking of what the lesson is for us from this word. I understood that Jesus was speaking a prophecy about the New Testament Christian Church in the future. I was contemplating the interpretation of these words and went to sleep. For a long time I did not understand. I just tried to interpret the word and I prayed about it in my heart. But I went to sleep again. While I was sleeping I had a wonderful vision about the same word of God, I will explain that dream.

    I was sitting in my house and reading the Bible from the same word Luke 15:14, I heard a voice like some one speaking to me, the voice said, “Can you go and ask my son to come back to me?”

    I woke up and searched to find the man who is talking to me. But I couldn’t find him, so again I started to read. Again I heard that voice, “I am the man for whom you are searching.”

    I asked, “What do you want me to do for you?” He replied, “I am the father who lost my younger son, I need you to find my son and ask him to come back to me“ I didn’t understand what he was saying. And who was his son? Where did he go? Where can I find him? I had many questions about it. The man asked me to look at him, “I have two sons, my elder son is with me, and my younger son went away so far from me. I love him so much and I need him back, really I am missing him so much.” While he was saying those words he started to weep. I did not ask him anything for a moment, and I asked him if he could remember when his son left, how old he was, where I could find him, and what is his name?

    The man told me, “He is two thousand and nine years old now, and his name is new testament church, you can find him some where in the world. One day he asked me for his share of inheritance. He said that he would use it to save more souls for our kingdom, so I gave him what he asked. I can remember that day was a Pentecost day, after he had his share. He was looking like a prince. I gave him the ring for his fingers, an excellent robe to wear, and also he got sandals on his feet.”

    “That is awesome” I said. I also asked him, the father, “Please bless me so I may find him and give the message to him to come back to you. The father blessed me and gave me a book which is called The Holy Bible.

    He also said to me, “This the book written about my sons, it will help you very much in finding my son.

    I was very happy when I got the book. When I read that book I found a total biography about his sons. I have started to search for The New Testament Church around the world, I was amazed because I found many are like him in the world, I am really confused of how to find which is the real son, all are almost the same in name and nature, so I started to study the bible in deeply. I really wondered when I came to know that power and authority which the father gave the son on the Pentecostal day, I understand the ring which his father gave him to be the power to heal the sick, raise the dead, to drive out the demonic spirits, to see visions, and speak prophecies. Many appear to have this. The robe was a big blessing to whole world, and the sandals on his feet that was his authority to crush his enemies under his feet.

    Now I have some idea about who he is. I started to search for him again. On the way I saw a man sitting in a piggy farm. I never thought that he could be the man for whom I was searching for and who was a prince in his early days. He was looking so tired and I understood that he was so hungry. I just came near him and asked, “Brother may I know your good name please?”

    He looked at me and did not answer for a while, and then he started to speak slowly, “My name is new testament church, I have a father and elder brother.”

    I was really wondering and unable to believe in his words. I told him I knew that man about whom he was speakig about saying, “If you are that person you must be rich, and not a laborer, but a prince, having authority and power.

    He looked at me and said, “Open that book that is in your hands, there is a story about me. Yes I was like a prince. I can remember when I was small. My father promised me that he would give me all the authority and power I need to save many souls.”

    One day I talked with him, he said, “On Pentecost my father gave me a robe, ring, and sandals to my feet.”

    He asked me to open the book and read from Acts 3:6-7, Revelation 19:8, Romans16:20, Luke.10:19. When I read from the Bible I came to know he is the real son. I asked him when he started away from his father that he used to have whole authority and power, and when he lost it, and how he came in need. He was silent for some minutes, I find tears are falling down from his eyes. He cried loudly and said, “I lost it on 1st John 2:16.” He continued in weeping. I found that he was unable to control himself, so I just became silent until he came back from his confession.

    He asked me who I was? I said “I am Sense.” I asked him, “Why don’t you go back to your father? I know he will forgive you of all sin, and he loves you so much and is still waiting for you to come back to him.” Then he woke up and cried out with a loud voice and ran to his father by shouting, “Father I am a sinful man and I am not worthy to be called your son, I sinned against heaven and you!”

    The father saw his coming from so far and ran to him, threw his hands around and kissed him. (Luke15:16-19) When I saw that my eyes also was covered with tears. Soon I woke up from sleep and remembered the vision I had. I gave thanks to our Heavenly Father. I said yes to the Father that I would go and pass this message to wherever He would send me.

    Praise the Lord

    with love and prayers
    your brother

  14. 14 Mariek

    Thank you for sending me your news. Please put me on mail list. I have just send an email to kevin rudd to protest against the fact signing the treaty to become one world government


  15. 15 Bern

    Thanks Jason.

    Especially for finding a simple way of voicing our concerns by supplying this petition

    Kind regards Bern

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