Herald Sun – 27th November 2009 – Andrew Bolt

MALCOLM Turnbull is gone and all but buried. In a stunning revolt, the Liberals grassroots are reclaiming a party hijacked by a leader of the Left.

Turnbull’s leadership was finally shot dead by frontbencher Tony Abbott and the Liberals’ Senator leader, Nick Minchin.

Both told Turnbull he had to reconsider the decision that he (falsely) claimed the party took on Wednesday – to back Rudd’s colossal emissions tax to “stop” global warming.

When Turnbull refused, Abbott quit. Minchin will, too, rather than vote for a tax he knows is a fraud.

That triggered a mass resignation of other frontbenchers, enraged not only by Turnbull’s deceit, but determined to overturn his decision as well.

What’s telling is how the collapse of Turnbull’s leadership has shocked most mainstream political commentators.

How could the Liberals split on global warming, where the public demanded action? How could the party be so stupid to listen to its sceptics?

And it’s true. If you read only The Age and listened only to the ABC, this split would strike you as utterly bizarre.

In fact, for too long the shell-shocked Liberals did listen too much to the media. In a way, this is the beginning of their recovery of their pride, their principles and their fight.

For too long they believed the public would not take them seriously if they questioned man-made global warming faith, or blocked Rudd’s great green tax.

They read media beat-ups on the droughts, floods, famine and diseases they’d unleash if they did not “act” – and trembled.

But over the past couple of months a great grassroots revolt, peaking this week, has given the nervous fresh heart.

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Pastor Daniel stated, “Unfortunately, we have 2 ungodly leaders leading both main political parties. PM Rudd & Opposition Leader Turnbull both represent the left of politics. We desperately need to turn things around through PRAYER & ACTION.  Pray that Turnbull will be removed from being Opposition Leader, and someone with good Christian moral values will lead the Liberals.

I wonder where the Christian leaders and some Lobby groups who promoted Rudd as a good Christian alternative to Howard are right now. They have gone very quiet suddenly. Unfortunately what you sow is what you reap. Now our nation is about to be handed over to the UN (the most ungodly political assembly of people) and we are about to lose everything that our forefathers fought for in this Great South Land.

Only a miracle will save Australia from joining the ONE WORLD Government! Keep praying for a grassroots uprising of the Lord’s righteousness and justice in our nation of Australia that will rise up a God-fearing and God-honoring Federal Government!”

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries


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  1. 1 Gaye

    Revolution the new spirit of the Libs’ true fightback

    A wonderful report and thanks. our churches are not teaching many things now, it is all as the bible says, that they will be listening to nothing, we dont hear sermons of what the bible says on killing babies abortion, on homosexuality, sex before marriage and unfaithfulness, etc, and because we the Christians had kept silent, because of discrimination world wide, the only way to tackle these now is to show the disease involved in these issues and what homosexuals acturlly do, which will horrify the public and cause a turning point. But no Christians continue to sleep, they are luke warm.. Homosexuals life span is only 50 years ours is 70, this is never said eh.

    In regards global warming, in the 1970’s the scientists said that the information was set, we were going into an ice age.. now NASA is fudging their own reports from back then. I can send you a mass of stuff medically on disease amongst homosexuals etc if you are interested, just let me know..


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