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Last week, as the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced a 2 per cent leap (439,000 people) in the country’s population in the year to March, a huge dust storm blew in from the arid interior to blanket much of Eastern Australia. Are the two things connected?

Green groups would probably say, yes. Others, maybe. “Dust storms are a natural phenomenon, but they are influenced by human activities and are now just as serious as traffic and industrial air pollution,” says Laurence Barrie, chief researcher at the World Meteorological Organisation in Geneva, which is working with 40 countries to develop a dust storm warning system.

Most of the recent population increase — almost 300,000 people — was from immigration. But the birth rate is up, too, with 160,000 babies born during the year. On that basis Australia’s population could “balloon” form its present 21.8 million to 35 million over the next 40 years.

Conservationist Charles Berger says immigration should be cut back. The government seems ambivalent; it reportedly welcomed the population boom because it means the economy will keep growing. But it already has cut back on immigration and says it can continue to do so.

As for the baby boom (the birth rate rose from 1.73 to 1.93 between 2001 and 2008) family trends researcher Barry Maley says the recession, along with present government policies affecting marital stability and family income, may put an end to that — with implications for the ageing of the population.

There must be some new ideas the Aussies can come up with to make more of their huge country inhabitable and productive.

4 Responses to “Australia’s Population Booms”

  1. 1 Senator the Hon. Ian Macdonald

    Senator the Hon. Ian Macdonald Liberal

    Opposition Spokesman on Northern Australia – Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the North

    Dear Pastor Nalliah

    Thank you for your email of 5 November 2009 regarding your concerns about what the Rudd Government intends to sign Australia up at the upcoming 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, 7-18 December 2009.

    The Coalition has always recognised the need for active international cooperation on climate change issues because it is the only way to generate meaningful action.
    However the draft treaty for the Copenhagen conference is expansive and complex.
    Mr Rudd must fully inform Australian people and the Parliament about any agreement he intends to sign up on his behalf of Australia and he must explain the legal and financial implications of this proposed treaty.

    The Coalition has not been consulted on any detailed treaty proposals and will scrutinise any agreements through the parliamentary process.

    In the Senate debate for Mr Rudd’s so-called Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme I will be seeking answers to what exactly Mr Rudd intends to commit Australia to at Copenhagen.

    Again, thank you for your email.

    Yours sincerely

    Ian Macdonald.
    9 November 2009

    Click the following link to read the actual letter from Senator the Hon. Ian Macdonald to Pastor Daniel Nalliah

  2. 2 Bart


    I share your concerns as to where our country/society is going and thought to give you a `heads up’ call to what is happening elsewhere. It concerns the disproven Anthropogenic Global Warming argument and the IPCC response to it. The website has an item under its political climate section; dated 16 Oct, `Obama poised to Cede US Sovereignty ..’ (do look at the Q&A at the bottom of the article for more detail). Given Kevin 07’s bias it is a scary scanario.

    Regards, Bart

  3. 3 Sharon

    To Jason a messenger from our Father,

    Jason..just thought i would sit and send some of my feelings to you..amazingly these emails which i receive from your ministry are of what has been laid upon my heart as well..this doesn’t surprise me as i believe that there are many people out there who also have these same heartfelt thoughts..but as Australia sadly tries to up with the Joneses instead of looking at our own unique way of life..we need to accommodate the people of this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit…instead which is also biblical we accommodate the people who in retrospect do not adhere to what the values of this land have grown to in fact they are against us as he who is not for me is against me… these great words are from our brother in arms…Jesus… be able to say this to someone in public or in class room to another believer is what is oppressing this land and by not allowing us to feel free to say what it is that we need to say…not only to our children but we meet… these subjects sadly have become taboo through allowing other groups who wish not to assimilate into a believe system that is for all people and not against anyone….that is caring and sharing with all groups…where children and females have the same rights as their male countrymen…..I thank the Lord God for my freedom which sadly is slowly being taken away from me…we need to pray that what is about to happen as we know that it will happen REVELATIONS to all…we as brothers and sisters of Christ need not only the help of our Lord God Jesus who i lean on so heavily always but also of other like hearted people….we need to stand as one body in Christ to keep the dragon at bay ….he is reeping in through the back door like a Trojan horse of old…Lord i pray that the people we need to guide and assist us are there at the right time which is the time of the Lord God…to the people who are hearing with their eyes and seeing with their ears keep on keeping on as we all walk through the valley of the dead….to the Kingdom of our Lord God Jesus i thankyou Father God for providing us with the technology to be able to communicate to our brothers and sister….Lord i pray that the parliament can see what is being pulled over their eyes and ears realise what is really happening and empower their people with the power to help spread what is needed and be the Word….Praise you Jesus on the highest mountain top so all the world can see and hear your glory…… thank you Jesus for your glory….to all who needs your help in situations that we cant imagine give these people all over your world to be a light brightly burning for your Holy name Jesus……Amen
    Thankyou for your messages and continue to do Gods works let the light of the Lord go before you can sweep the path so all things you need to do his works are your finger tips from places that can only be from our Father God…..Gbah…(God Bless always hallelujah)

    Yours in Christ..

  4. 4 Fayre

    I will send on to you a copy of what I sent to Wilson Tuckey. I think I may have sent only a small extract of it. The premise is basically this:
    Multi culturist was not working when 47-49 nationalities were all at one inner Melbourne school. (Northcote High) ten years ago. Many were in ethnic gangs carrying knives. I wrote a further letter about it to Mary Delahunty via the headmaster and after complaining of ‘witchcraft’ in a school. (Doing séances in a blacked out room, dressed as their favorite dead person or not pass history) and I found out just how far they will go to silence you; particularly if you are a Christian. I will if you would like send you a copy of what went on with a doctor that wanted me to say she would (heal?????) me of my religiosity. It is unbelievable, and the amount of gossip about me was beyond belief. I was either mad or bad because I went against Satan in his purest form. I have come through it on my own and I swear by the ‘Blood of Jesus’ He will never leave you or forsake you and He is the greatest God of all because there is no other.

    Regards Fayre

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