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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Christians on prayer offensive on Mount Ainslie - amongst them some protestersChristians pray and declare Victory on satanic altar on Mount Ainslie in Canberra, AustraliaDear family and friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,
This article is a bit long, but please take the time to read it, as I am sure the Lord will greatly bless you!
I am so thrilled to finish this exciting article about Mount Ainslie and send it to you today on my birthday (20th October), as it also marks 12 years of my family and I living by faith and stepping into full time ministry in deciding to move to Australia, to call this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit our home! I want to thank all you beautiful people for loving, praying, and standing with us as you all have been an wonderful blessing and great strength to our family.

Some of you might not fully understand what’s written in this article; just like the brothers of David in the Bible, the king and the army of Israel could not understand David because they had not been where David had been, but when he killed Goliath they all rejoiced in the victory of the Lord of hosts.  Have you ever watched a sporting contest on TV with a group of people and noticed that there are always lounge room critics? They have never played the game, but watch it from the sidelines and think they know better than the current players in the contest.  We will always love everyone and will continue to pray for them.
Saturday the 17th of October was an amazing day of history making for our nation of Australia as around 200 Christian prayer warriors from across the country converged on our capital city Canberra to pray and repent on Mount Ainslie, a strategic high place considered to be the headquarters of satanic activity. All glory to our Most High God as the spiritual warfare prayer mission was very successful in enforcing the victory of the Cross of Christ over the forces of darkness through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit!

As hundreds and perhaps thousands of Christian men, women, and children from nearly every denomination gathered in strategic high places, churches and homes across the nation with the same focus to repent, pray and declare Australia for Jesus, Satan’s kingdom of darkness was thrown into complete confusion as it was so clearly demonstrated on Mount Ainslie in Canberra!
We at the Catch The Fire office in Melbourne had received quite a few emails from  Satanists, witches, warlocks, homosexuals, lesbians, atheists and other anti-Christian people warning us that Mount Ainslie belonged to them and we should not go there to claim it for Jesus or else!
We took this Elijah vs. Jezebel spiritual challenge to the Lord in fervent prayer and clearly heard from Him, “that if our hearts were right in His sight, that if we genuinely loved all these people, and that if our prayer assault was against the devil and his demonic forces of darkness, then no weapon formed against us would prosper.” Isaiah 54:17
Even though at times leading up to 17th October I thought of calling the police, we settled in our hearts to depend on the mighty hosts of heaven, the angelic warriors of the Lord, to protect us as He certainly kept us in the secret place of our Most High God!  Psalm 91
Although we as peace loving followers of Christ were there to pray peacefully for God to protect our nation from the upcoming bushfire season so that none of our fellow Aussies will perish, there were some Satanists, witches, homosexual activists, atheists, Australian sex party members, and others who came to antagonistically protest against us. I wonder how much they love and care for their fellow countryman??
Nevertheless, to our Most High God be all the glory as the many brave Christian soldiers in the spiritual army of God who gathered were not deterred by the opposition’s shouting, chanting, loudly beeping their car horns, or other attempts of intimidation! On the contrary the bold Christians spiritual warriors were really charged up in the overcoming power of the Holy Spirit to bind the powers of darkness and intercede in tongues for these beautiful lost souls, many who were very young and who all desperately needed a life transforming personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord!
It certainly was a first time experience for many of the Christian men, woman, and young people gathered on Mount Ainslie, but many of them stated to me after the meeting, “Oh it’s so easy to say inside the four walls of the church that we are going to destroy the works of the devil, but it’s very different out on the battlefield in the world where the real action is!” Many personally thanked me for giving them the opportunity to stand for the Lord Jesus Christ and to be counted for the righteousness, justice, and truth of the Word of God! Some said, “We now feel like a true soldier for Jesus. When is the next spiritual warfare assignment Pastor Daniel, we are ready for it?” All glory to our triumphant Captain of the host, the King of kings and LORD of lords! A good soldier is a person who has fought in battle, not someone who sits at home and has a whinge, not doing the job and then trying hard to destroy the reputation of the ones who are doing the job. Be very careful of them, all talk and no action!
I certainly needed God’s grace and extra strength to carry out the spiritual warfare assignment in the midst of all the opposition. Praise God that there was tremendous prayer cover all across the nation which gave us on Mount Ainslie the protection, strength and wisdom to carry out the 3 hour prayer operation as planned under the guidance of the Spirit of the Lord! Thank God for the many Christian pastors, including some from Canberra, who joined us on Mount Ainslie.
Many times the protesters blocked our path on the mountain, even using 6 very big dogs (Rott Wheiler, Alsatian, German Shepherds), but as I led the team of Christian prayer troopers right through their protest lines on several occasions, the fierce looking dogs simply moved aside and so did the protesters. Amazingly I did not hear even one dog bark. The first time as I marched through their protest line, I asked the Lord, “what do I do” and I heard these words clearly, “even as I was with Daniel in the lion’s den, so am I with you Daniel. I will shut their mouth up, you go.”  So I did and witnessed the one true living God come through every time, as He did many times before in my life.  Once I was attacked with 4 swords in Sri Lanka and then in Saudi Arabia when my house was raided by 20 soldiers carrying 8, T56 machine guns. I had 400 hundred bibles in my home on that night. God saved us miraculously.  What a mighty God we serve!
Satan and the demonic forces of darkness tried very hard to divert our attention on many occasions, but praise God that His Holy Spirit continued to guide us all the way through!  Half way through the assignment, all the Bible-believing God-fearing Christians knelt on the ground to participate in holy communion, the noisy protesters went completely quiet and suddenly it was as if they were supernaturally bound and could not speak! Just then many clouds gathered over the place where we were on Mount Ainsley and it started to rain. We poured part of the communion juice (symbolizing the blood of Jesus) on the mountain and then anointed the land with oil and declared that it is holy ground unto the Lord Jesus Christ!
We then did a Jericho march around the mountain and sprinkled heaps of salt on the ground as we all know that salt purifies. We thank God that one of our team members was formerly a high priestess in the witchcraft coven, but now a radically born again Christian who was delivered from many demons and filled with the Spirit of God! She gave us much strategic insight into the spiritual realm and how to effectively dismantle the devil’s strongholds in the nation.  Four teams from Melbourne arrived 24 hours before the operation on Mount Ainsley and saturated many strategic places across Canberra in spiritual warfare prayer before and after. As they came up to the mountain, they asked God for a sign and then a double rainbow appeared over Mount Ainslie!
We then came right up to the concrete tower where satanic sacrifices were offered and then sang ‘This is Holy Ground’ as the awesome presence of God manifested all over the place! The protesters were simply watching what we were doing as if they were just completely demobilized. Many of them calmed down and our teams were able to minister the love of Jesus one on one to some of them as some started crying and said, “We did not know that you Christians loved us.” We put our arms around them and hugged them.
Some asked me, “do you love me?” and my heart melted as I told them, “we love you very much.”  After the prayer meeting on Saturday night I hardly slept, as the Lord kept bringing the beautiful faces of these young kids in front of me and I wept in my room asking the Lord to bring them to salvation. What great opportunity it was to share the love of Jesus to so many non believers in one place!
These beautiful people saw the unconditional love of the Father in heaven demonstrated with a real Spirit of boldness, as the Christians never reacted with anger. This touched many of their hearts as the image of church they have is one with no guts and young people are looking for fair-dinkum gutsy Christians. I think they saw some finally.
The Spirit of God moved most mightily on Sunday morning where I ministered at a local church in Canberra with most of the CTFM team present and others who had come for the prayer meeting on Saturday 17th October. The Pastor’s wife of this local church in Canberra stated, “In 21 years of living in Canberra I have never sensed a freedom to worship the Lord as on this Sunday morning and I believe that the powers of darkness have been dealt a significant blow over Canberra and our nation of Australia!”
I believe with all my heart that our nation has just experienced a mighty breakthrough in the spirit realm and now we need to keep pressing on in united prayer, fasting and boldly witnessing in the power of the Holy Spirit to see Australia turn back to Jesus. We thank God for a fantastic article which appeared on the front page of the Canberra Times on Sunday and the additional reports that appeared in nearly every major newspaper across the nation.


A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO JOINED IN PRAYER FROM ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND OVERSEAS. Please continue to uphold us in your prayers. We love you all heaps. Australia will definitely experience a mighty revival of precious souls turning to Jesus!
Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Daniel Nalliah

38 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare Prayer Mission A Great Success On Mount Ainslie In Canberra, Australia / By Pastor Daniel”

  1. 1 Anne

    Many thanks Daniel!

    Thanks for sharing this good news.

    It was a privilege to join in prayer from a distance as we traversed Australia by road from Brisbane to Melbourne Saturday – Sunday. We were returning home from my mum’s funeral/ celebration in Brisbane which in some ways was like a wedding as we knew she was now looking on the beautiful face of Jesus her Savior and Lord.

    Saturday afternoon we were obviously close enough to Canberra on the Newell Highway to experience the rain and rainbow.

    All along the way were the signs on country churches “All about Jesus”. On Sunday, It was so encouraging to fellowship with country folk we’d never met before who love God and look to him for the healing of this beautiful land.

    May we all continue to press in to God in unity in prayer and raise the name of Jesus as a banner over Australia.

    I sent a text message around 3pm on Saturday but was out of mobile range, sharing the verses in Isaiah 41: 15 & 16. Not sure if it got to you.

    May the blood of Jesus and the hosts of heaven be over all who stand for Him against unnumbered foes, especially you and your loved ones as you push forward in leadership.

    With thanks,


  2. 2 Maggie

    Dear Pastor Daniel & God’s Army,

    Wonderful to hear the report of taking the high places, Praise God.

    I have a little book which i use frequently in prayer it’s called “Prayers that Rout Demons” by John Eckhardt, it’s full of prayers for different situations, one section is for The nation,For the high places and Praying for souls. I heard a missionary from Guatamala tell us about a witch who had the souls of men kept in bottles, this person got saved and took all the bottles out to a ravine and smashed the bottles and commanded the souls to be set free, as a result many people in that village got out of wheelchairs, out of hospital and mental assylums.

    If you didn’t already know about the little book i thought you might be interested.

    God bless you as you take the Land,

  3. 3 Ian

    I was there with you Pastor Danny on Mt Ainslie – what a wonderful time it was. I too hugged a lesbian lady (I think) and came away with such a love for these dear souls. I was one of the mockers back some years ago, before I was saved out of the hippie scene in far north Qld in December 1974. One of the younger witches was carrying a lovely little 2-3 yr old with pretty blue eyes – she wanted to borrow my Christian flag!

    I think many Christians learned how and how not to relate to antagonistic unsaved people, and I think it was a revelation to so many opposing people, that we truly don’t hate them, but actually love them.
    What a precious time. Wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Our senior pastor replied when we asked him if we should go up on the mountain with you – “do you see Jesus doing anything like this? If Jesus didn’t do it, then we shouldn’t either”.

    What a load of hogwash! Jesus never spoke about homosexuality either – does this then mean that we shouldn’t? The list of things that Jesus didn’t do is hugely long – but that doesn’t mean anything in particular. We have to be so discerning. I thank God for the precious Holy Spirit, who leads us into all Truth, but I genuinely love our senior pastor as well – I am just learning his limitations, that’s all. Everything we do must be done in love.

    God bless you and yours always Pastor Danny. If this Jesus of ours is big enough to change lives forever, He’s big enough to be taken to where He’s most needed, ie where the needy people are.

    Long live the King and His Kingdom!
    Worship Warrior

  4. 4 David

    Happy Birthday Pastor Daniel,

    May the Good Lord bless you forever.


  5. 5 Jeanne

    Dear Danny and Catch the Fire Ministries,

    This is an account of our amazing prayer gathering in Parliament House, Darwin between 1.00pm and 4.30pm Saturday 17th October 2009 – roughly the same time you all gathered on Mount Ainslie. Someone took photos which we hope to send you.

    It was an afternoon the eleven Prayer Warriors who gathered to praise and worship The Lord in tongues and song will never forget.

    It is lucky a very kind Christian politician up here sponsored us to have a private room on the secure area of the third floor of Parliament House, (which was locked to the general public and no politicians were present, since it was a Saturday), because we were proclaiming the Scriptures and other declarations you sent us and singing and prayinging VERY loudly and we would have been kicked out if we were on the lower floors where the library, art exhibitions, etc, are.

    The “upper room” we were in had a huge window which looked out over Darwin Harbour and due South – we felt as if we were praying over the whole of The Great South Land of The Holy Spirit!!!

    We followed the Prayer Strategy you kindly sent us letter for letter – all 7 pages – as we felt it was very important that we were completely united with the other Prayer Warriors across our nation.

    When we got to the “Untimely bloodshed” and recited the words together:… “sacrifices made of humans”, I suddenly couldn’t go on and started crying and choking very loudly – it was the most horrible feeling and felt as if there was something huge in my throat which wouldn’t come out. I had an image in my mind which was so clear of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, doubled over in the most terrible, terrible pain and anguish because of the sin of abortion, which He knew then was going to reach the diabolical proportions that it has today. It was as if He wanted to vomit having to carry this sin for us out of His mouth but couldn’t.

    I then saw the HUGEST, HUGEST red rock, the colour of the blood red soil in the centre, or heart, of Australia and knew this was the size of this sin which Jesus was having to carry for us – but I started to cry out loud as everyone else was praying in tongues: “It’s too big!!! It’s too big!!! I couldn’t stop crying and others were crying too, and then I saw where this huge rock was – it was sitting right on the Australian continent which I could see from way, way up high. The height of this huge, round, red rock was almost as high as the whole of the Australian continent was wide – I was veiwing Australia from the North looking towards the South and the huge rock was sitting in the middle and slightly towards the Eastern coast of Australia and it looked as if the great weight of this rock was going to sink Australia into the sea – the whole continent was starting to tip into the ocean towards the east. I was afraid Australia was going to sink into oblivion.

    I shared this terrible vision with veryone and they all began to pray loudly in tongues for Australia. Someone urged us to sing “Shine Jesus Shine” for Australia, and afterwards three people witnessed seeing very similar things.

    Denis saw a huge, round, dark- red shape sitting on Australia, almost covering the whole continent, but described it more as a mighty tumour growing on Australia. Then he saw a Hand holding a knife coming from an unseen source and slicing a peice off the tumour, which cut like soft damper, and then another slice and then another until the tumour had completely disappeared.

    Michelle saw the rock starting to crumble when the whole of Australia was almost sinking, and very quickly it just crumbled away to nothing and disappeared.

    I saw big black clouds coming over Australia and a bolt of lightning – a very fierce one – struck the rock and it split in two, and then more bolts of lightening came thick and fast and kept striking the rock until it disintegrated into little peices and disappeared into some low-lying foliage and a carpet of bright flowers of many different colours which covered the whole of the Australian continent, which I hadn’t seen before.
    At this point Michelle opened the Bible at random and received the Scripture: Isaiah 35:1-10. We read this out as felt it was very appropriate for what we had just seen……and then when we got further through the pages you sent we discovered that you had included this exact
    scripture on page 6!
    The praying in tongues was extremely loud after the final Scripture was proclaimed: Isaiah 60:7 “All the flocks of Kedar shall be gathered together to you.” All of a sudden, in the same instant , everyone stopped involuntarily and went completely silent. The silence was impossible to break as we felt completely in awe of a Mighty Presence in the room and one by one people dropped to the floor and lay prostrate with their heads to the ground- it was impossible to remain standing in this Presence – we felt as if we were in the Throne- Room of The King.

    The silence continued for a long, long time and afterwards we found we had all been saying the same things to Jesus, Whom we knew was truly present, in our hearts, as we lay on the floor :- “Thankyou Jesus, Praise You Jesus, we love You Jesus”.

    We all felt that He was Present dressed as our Shepherd King, and Peta saw Him in her spirit as having a Kingly Crown on His Head, a Robe of Royalty around His Shoulders and a Sceptre of Authority in His Hand. One of our Prayer Warriors, Denis, received a strong, very clear and distinct word at this time:“BEHOLD, I YOUR GOD AM IN YOUR MIDST.” Then I received clearly the words: “TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES, YOU ARE ON HOLY GROUND.” (Everyone did instantly).

    Lynde then heard the words: “WHERE MY SON IS, I AM IN YOUR MIDST.”
    The silence continued and we felt so much awe, love, reverence that we didn’t want the silence to ever end. Then Dennis proclaimed some more words in a very regal voice which didn’t sound like his: “MY PEOPLE, I AM WELL PLEASED WITH YOUR PRAYERS. THERE IS MUCH POWER IN YOU PRAYERS, AND YOU WILL SEE THE BENEFITS AND EFFECTS OF THESE PRAYERS. YOU WILL SEE THEM FOR YOURSELVES.”

    We all felt so humbled by these Words from our King – we felt so insignificant – like dust and ashes- in this awesome Presence that I just cannot find the words to describe, and yet it semed our King was thanking us!

    The silence was finally broken with the melodious tune of Peta’s mobile. After looking at the message, she excitedly called out that a child had just been born to a young couple in her family! She then left the room to call her family.

    Previously we had shared the Scripture and Prophetic Word that one of the Prayer Warriors who has written to you had received: Isaiah 66:7-9 “Before she was in labor she gave birth; before her pain came she was delivered of a son. Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall a land be born in one day? Shall a nation be brought forth in one moment?…”
    Of course, when Peta returned, she shouted “It’s a boy!!!”

    We finished as we had begun, with a rousing rendition of the song “Great South Land of The Holy Spirit.”

    When we came out of Parliament House we were astonished to see many fire- trucks, police cars and ambulances, all with lights flashing, right up and down the street outside Parliament House. All the traffic had been blocked and firemen and policemen and ambulance personnel were running around everywhere. We smelt smoke and discovered that the National Headquarters of Paspaley Pearls, which is across the street from Parliament House and is a huge building several stories high which takes up a whole block, had smoke billowing out of it’s windows all afternoon but noone could find the fire – they suspected the wiring in the ceilings but didn’t know which level and the whole building was evacuated because there were many gas bottles in danger of blowing up.

    It was on the front page of the paper the next day, and fortunately noone was hurt, but I had felt all along that The Lord was going to show us some sign in the natural world when we left Parliament House that our prayers were really going to start some fires in our own community and beyond.
    There were a lot more Scriptures, words and visions received, but I feel I have already written too much. I did receive a Scripture the following morning, Sunday 18th Oct, and felt it was for all of us, but particularly for Pastor Danny: Psalm 2:1-11.

    We are so excited that we were able to have this opportunity to pray in unison with our brothers and sisters across this mighty and blessed nation of ours and just know that something which had an evil grip on our nation has been BROKEN! PRAISE GOD!!!

    We look forward to hearing from other Prayer Warriors who gathered at the same time to Take The High Places for Jesus Christ Our King.

    God Bless you always,
    Much love, Jeanne

  6. 6 Fayre

    Please come and do the same in the Diamond Valley. Without the ‘Army of God’ these people are in bondage many through no fault of their own.

    They were tricked into going to Dr Daniel Kahn most likely because they were stressed and were looking for a quick answer. I felt like Eve when she ate the apple once I went against them. He is shut down, as is his practice but many of the kids that took part in séances through the schools are still in bondage. They would not pass history unless they took part in what many would have thought was harmless fun.

    I shut them down but many people need to walk the perimeter of the area just as Joshua did at Jericho; binding and delivering people.

    I have begged churches to do so but to no avail. I have been ignored.

    I even asked if the youth would come and march around arenas where people listening to people like Marilyn Manson were performing binding and commanding God’s people to walk free. I was once again ignored.

    Thank you for caring beyond yourselves about these poor unfortunate captives; while many may love it and it is their chosen thing, many others were victims.

    Daniel Kahn was a doctor at the Austin Hospital and I know of at least a half dozen kids that were put into dreadful positions within their families and society. He had allot of influence and no one has the temerity to do anything or to contact these poor unfortunates.

    I can give you the names of people that are witnesses to the terrible treatment dolled out at this hospital and possibly others because it is a teaching hospital and many other doctors would have been influenced by him.

    Regards Fayre

  7. 7 Angel

    Hi Danny

    Happy b’day & God bless you

    Angel & family

  8. 8 Debbie

    Dear Danny and team,

    we had a great meeting here at Mildura. 13 of us met on the lawns where the world sculptures are. All were from Living Waters except one lady from AOG and Pastor Helen Beard from Vinelife church(CRC).

    We followed your suggestions on the prayer program you provided and read it all out. Thank you for the strategies, it was a great help, and a joy to be standing with you all in unity.

    The following scriptures were given:

    Ezekiel 6:1-4 – very appropriate
    Isaiah 59:1-3, 12-20
    Isaiah 66:7-9
    2 Kings 9:22
    2 Chronicles 32:7-8
    2 Thessalonians 3:3

    I took some photos too, but I cannot down load them now to you as I have left my card readers home to get them off my camera!

    I am leaving Mildura tomorrow morning to go to Adelaide for the rest of the week. I will be back on Sun 25th Oct, so can send some then if it is not too late for you?

    Thanks and may the Lord continue to bless, protect and guide you all in the days ahead,

    All love in Jesus,

  9. 9 Gwenda

    Hi all, we had a great afternoon of prayer and proclamation at the Ceres lookout in Geelong. From the lookout it is possible to see all of Geelong. We prayed in a rotunda as it was raining, taking communion, repenting and praying release from witchcraft plans and purposes for Geelong and in agreement with the CTF team at Mt Ainsley. We had two hours of prayer and praise, with Yvonne singing a song she had recently got from the Lord. Another lady – before she knew there was a meeting at Ceres – had seen the venue with a group of Christians singing praises over Geelong. She had felt that it tied in with Ezekiel and the valley of dry bones, which we read. She had felt that it was free worship that would restore the dry bones. Ending on a joyous note, anointing the bronze marker that has pointers 360 degrees around – many fingers anointing and many voices praying. We had 14 present, not all are in the photos as some had to go early. Love and blessings, Gwenda.

  10. 10 David and Debra

    Goodday Danny, we just got back from praying up at the Frank Woralle reserve at Kinglake, there were 6 of us up there. As we were leaving to go up to kinglake a friend who hasn’t prayed with us in months and her friend happened to be driving past and they decided to come along as well. these two women are former witches. Praise God

    David and Debra

  11. 11 Donna

    Dear Danny

    3 of us girls have been praying along with you, also we have 3 mountains to pray on top so we done one and we will do the other 2 another day.

    We felt to pray for albany the scripture in Genesis about Jacob’s ladder for Albany for a Gate way for God. Also 2 churches have been founded on that scripture verse years ago. Which I thought was interesting.

    God Bless

  12. 12 Win

    A vision received on 8th October.

    Jason, a few days before the 10,000 warrior prayer last Saturday, I was praying with a friend for this day of prayer, and I saw in my minds eye – a highway opening into the heavenly realm. (A highway opening was one part of the prayer) All the way up this highway on either side were posted sentries to keep it open. Not sure if these sentries were the angels of God, or the praying saints, I think the praying saints. Then I had a sense of (rather than actually seeing) that this highway into the heavenlies was being kept open so that the angelic host would have unhindered access on Saturday the 17th, to pour out in answer to the cries going up to take the high places.

    Such powerful things happening. Such a privilege to have a small part in God move on this nation of Australia

    Yours in Christ,

  13. 13 Bobby

    Praise the Lord.


  14. 14 Rueben

    Hi Pastor Daniel,

    Heard that Sat afternoon was challenging but victorious. Love to hear more. Praise God for having you and the team take a stand for righteousness.

    Last night at the meeting there was a real step up to what has taken place on the weekend – a step up to authority. Witnessed healings take place during the worship time before anyone got prayed for. People began to call on the Lord and minister healing upon their lives.

    Also during the prayer time there were prophetic words and words of knowledge, two drug addicts came forward and gave their hearts to the Lord and got delivered. A lady deaf in 1 ear whom Shannon ministered to got her hearing iback as well as a lady with a bad back got completely healed.

    Other back pains were healed and a brother with cancer and sister with kidney problems felt the fire fall and strength come back.

    4 people (incl. the ex-drug addicts) got filled with the HS, speaking in tongues

    The worship team of June, Ola, Beauty (Ola’s little daughter) and Shannon were so awesome and focused on seeing the power of God manifest rather then getting the music right. It was a good night.

    The teaching on releasing the miracles of God immediately in our lives and walking in victory just by changing our mind ministered to many who knew the scriptures and promises but had failed to appropriate it into their lives.

    To God be all the glory.

    Thank you again for the awesome opportunity to serve God with you and see people blessed. I came away soo blessed in what God is doing. We had this vision of the army of God being raised up as we have taken the high grounds with Mt Ainsley, etc.

    God bless


  15. 15 Oliver

    Thanks for your email Daniel, I agree there is nothing like being out there amongst the unbelievers loving them and pointing them to the true light, Jesus Christ. good on you Pastor Danny and team for your courage and love, to climb the mountain and declare the Lord’s sovereign reign our this nation! I wish I was there, Hopefully next time, Blessing in the name of the Lord. Oliver

  16. 16 Kingdom Mother

    Hello Kingdom Brother Danny and Catch the Fire ministeries,

    Peace be with you in Lord Jesus Christ’s name amen.

    Thankyou for the article and report about what happened out at Mount Ainsley on Saturday and along with Canberra on Sunday.

    The double rainbow sign is a Kingdom sign, Lord Jesus Christ has also given to us whenever we have asked for the impossible for Him to make
    it possible, He has given us this double rainbow covenant while we have been interceding etc….more than once, it is His Kingdom sign, that speaks volumes to us. And what it means is a double rainbow covenant that He is offering to earth’s witness. The double rainbow covenant is a covenant of Heaven and Earth’s witness that we be one in Him and with Him but also one with and in each other that we agree in one. Its the sign of our John 17 fellowship and witness, that Lord Jesus Christ gives His heaven’s witness to those that are His, the witness of God is greater than the witness of man could ever be, see 1 John 5.

    The rainbow covenant, is also a covenant that was given to Noah and is an everlasting covenant that Lord Jesus Christ would not destroy the earth anymore through flooding, but His everlasting covenant has been given throughout the bible at different times, in different parts of History, to different people throughout life. It is also an important sign to Australia, as well as the aboriginal people, that mistook a rainbow for a serpent and is also a sign to those caught up into the occult. And also has meaning in our area, because where we are is in the Rainbow Region in our Area, we are up in Northern NSW and have learnt in fields such as Nimbin, Bryon Bay, Lismore etc….which was upon a time like the occult and new age mecca of Australia, but all these things are coming to an old end, and in our region they are so ready to be reached as you witnessed the need of love among them. They love the peaceful dove over the rainbow.

    What these rainbows mean alongside each other that Heaven and Earth’s witness reconcile and be one and work as one. It is the two witnesses of 1 John 5:7 and 8 and the covenant that join heaven and earth in the marriage of His lamb and Kingdom. Truth is many of our family in Christ need to not only be united in Lord Jesus Christ, many have not acknowledged the Holy Ghost, which is Heaven’s witness. They refer to the Holy Spirit but forget the Holy Ghost of God, which is the Holy Soul of God, the Holy Life of God, and it is the Spirit that gives breath to the life, and it is the Holy Ghost that gives life to the breath, that they work as one. One is in Heaven, one is in the earth, but these two are one and act as one and they are forever in continuous communication with each other. The double covenant is a double agreement, a double witness and it is His sign for you that you are part of His Kingdom as well as Heaven and Earth coming into agreement in Christ and through Christ. It is about the Glory and Grace coming together as one, to be His Glorious Grace, which His Gates of Eternal Grace are about to be opened up for our nation and all other nations. By these rainbows I know where you are in your journey of faith.

    While I was clearing away our fallen tents of David and it is about removal of the fallen congregations, and bringing forth the new congregations through Christ, the removal of the old structure the tents and making ready for His house of reconcilation, that His two witness become one, which means the unseen witness of Christ working with the seen witness of Christ and vice a versa . A home of reconciliation, and the restoration of His Holy temple, 70 weeks to end sin, inquity and transgression, Lord Jesus Christ gave it to me, for you to come into His Kingdom Ministery for you because it is ready for you to step into. Which is His planning ministery, to know what His plans, are, to know who is where,what they can do, what the enemy has been doing, but more importantly what Lord Jesus Christ is going to do in His plans and what He would like everyone to do and then to rest and allow Him to do. For He knows His plans He has for you, to bring you to a good end, plans not to harm you, but to bring you to His perfect life.

    Its about Kingdom Logistics, all armies no matter who or what they serve, have their logistics, have their strategies, His Kingdom is no different. Its about joining Lord Jesus Christ and spoiling the plans of the enemy. U are being given all this information sent to you, from all these different sources, it is time to make full use of it.

    For example the church that was not allowed to put up their sign in Camden Uk, and the unseen crept up on them and then all of a sudden they couldn’t put their sign up anymore to let people know what they are going to be doing. This shows the affect of what happens in the unseen of life coming
    into the seen and then surprising people. What is needed for the light to be turned on His hidden and unseen witness moving through this earth’s unseen witness and dealing with it, but it is also about the Christians being given the watchman witness, that they be diligent and not be caught off unawares and about them having a listening ear to Lord Jesus Christ and what He would like them to do about it etc. and for them to know
    what He is going to be doing about it, that way no one gets in His way and works with Him and together.

    But in Australia we can have an affect and effect on Camden UK, by going into Camden NSW and praying into this, or surrendering Camden to Him and then doing as He asks of us, or surrendering and being a witness of Him moving through Camden, then this works can have a huge affect. You see when we pray into one town, all other towns with that same name are affected. Its how His little can affect the multitude.

    Also look for His message within the message, because He will reveal it with what is being sent to you.

    What He would like you to do is to see what is coming to you, into your ministery, coming in through you and also through everyone that belongs to your ministery, and even as you go about your day, it is about being observant and paying attention, to surrender and to Listen to Him
    and then He will speak to you about it and tell you what He is doing and what He is planning to do and your part in it etc…. He also knows who can do what and where they are placed strategically. It is about delegating to each one as Lord Jesus Christ gives it. That way everyone is being perfectly orchestrated. They can listen to Him, but it is also about you learning how to orchestrate across the globe our family in Christ and Him bearing witness and being also His confirming witness. That each one be asked to do certain things. Each piece of information along with each person, fits together to make a whole picture, to make a whole body, its like working with a jigsaw, everyone giving you their piece, Lord Jesus Christ telling you were they are to go, for you to then see His bigger picture and then everyone comes into their place within His picture, His vision, His plan/s. And it is about each dot in the picture is a member of His body and they fit in His body in a particular way, that way the eye will stop saying to the ear you can’t be an ear and vice a versa, or the hand saying to the foot, I don’t like how you are being a foot, I would like you to do it this way etc.

    Logistics is not the whole planning ministery of His Kingdom it is one part of it, one ministery. It is the part He is giving to you, learn it well and more shall be added unto you. Please also remember His Kingdom people have a language they can communicate with each other and other people will absolutely have no idea what is going on or they are talking about. It’s like Jesus communicated with Parables to the multitude
    but to His disiples He told them what it meant, gave them understanding.

    Jason is also going to be going on His Kingdom faith journey, but also is being given a mission at this time doing Lord Jesus Christ’s ministery Lord Jesus Christ is sending him to do His ministery overseas and I am being given the mediterrean area. He is to prepare, for he is to be sent shortly.

    Gathering the forces, Gathering in His Kingdom people, in the end it is going to be about those that are for Christ and those that belong to the anti Christ and that is what the seperation and joining is about at this time. We have many of our family need to be rescued and we will not be perfected without them, we need everyone of our family in His Kigndom and we like Jesus lose not one.

    I will write to you when we come back from Canberra and beyond with good news, but we are also trusting in Lord Jesus Christ sharing with you also when we have done our part, how it has finished off the false circle and their network. We go with our Alpha and Omega witness of Lord Jesus Christ amen.

    Kingdom Mother

  17. 17 Sharon

    I am in awe of God’s people and for their dedication to serve and to seek the lost. Thank you to Pastor Danny, the Catch the Fire Ministeries team and the ex-high priestess of a witches coven – now turned to Christ for strategy and for all helping to break down strongholds. Thank you to the fellow prayer warriors at Mt Ainslie in Canberra and throughout the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit – Australia and to the team in Darwin at Parliament House for their “spiritual” encounter report shared by Jeanne above. Thank you to all those involved leading up to and on the day of the 17th October, 2009. Thank you for your faithfulness, steadfast commitment, fervour in prayer and Holy Spirit led action and especially to those who ministered the love of God, all done with grace and peace. May the blessing of our Lord be upon you all. I pray that we continue to see more of the Kingdom of God for our nation.

    Yours gratefully,

  18. 18 Richard

    Thank God for the letter,thou it was too long but I really enjoy it very and was a blessing to me so dearly. I am always in prayer with you.



  19. 19 Ps Robyn

    For Ps Danny

    I just wanted to let you know what I felt the Lord was saying to me. On the way to Canberra on the morning of the prayer day, I felt God showed me that there was something special over Australia. I didn’t know what but just knew it was special. Then during the prayer time I felt God was saying “All the words spoken over Australia – All the good and Godly words spoken over this nation STAND. They exist, they will come to pass. They are there holding over Australia. Just keep on being church, keep doing His will, don’t stress over the witches – fight when I say fight but otherwise keep being who I’ve called you to be living and expecting the Bible verse I shared right at the end of the prayer day, which was Acts 9v31. God bless you Ps Danny for arranging the prayer day. I believe it was pivital in re-establishing the words said over this nation. They are there, they stand. That is why I felt that sence of something special over Australia. It’s as tho’ those words hang over Australia as a covering which is protecting this nation from the troubles we see so many other nations suffering. Of course we have to be on the alert for the enemy and act accordingly. But I was so blessed by this revelation and feel there is more to come. Looking forward to hearing from you and any confirmations you and others have. Blessings Ps Robyn

  20. 20 Pastor Angelita


    Nice to hear from you.

    We went to Mt. Cooper and had our meeting. Bro. Cesar was very happy with the Shofar and so with all of us.

    It was blown many times on top of Mt Cooper and produced a very good sound, PRAISE THE LORD!

    We had our communion, has anointed the land with oil and salt, claim Mt Cooper for JESUS, blown the Shofar, have stood united with all of you out there on Mt. Ainslie in Canberra, claiming our “High Places for Jesus Christ”.

    The Handmaid of the Lord,

    Pastor Angelita

  21. 21 Susi


  22. 22 Elwyn

    Wow! What an event!

    We did something here in Mount Druitt, but on a somewhat smaller scale.
    Timed to coincide with the time of the meeting on Mount Ainslie, 2:00pm, our regular Saturday morning prayer group got together on one of the high places in Mount Druitt.

    There are about twenty ‘suburbs’ in the region I call Mount Druitt, and one of them, Bidwill, is where we met. It is about the highest place in the region, but is very built up. A main road goes across it, and the Housing Commission built some very large blocks of units on it. Those units at present are deserted and fenced off by a chain wire barrier. They have been vandalised, graffitied, torched, smashed and trashed, all evidence of the one who comes to steal to kill and to destroy. We thought it was the appropriate place to be.

    We prayed until in the spirit we felt satisfied that we had ‘done the job’. We had no opposition.

    Yours OHMS,
    Proverbs 3:5-7

  23. 23 Richard from U.S.A.

    Fantastic brother!

    Wished I could have been there, but was there in prayer.

    Hope your family is all doing well.

    Richard from U.S.A.

  24. 24 Michael

    Thank you for your faithfullness. My wife and I bless you you all and pray for you. Do not lose heart. God is just and also incredibly faithful in spite of our faithlessness. I only pray this State and especially the churches wake up before it becomes increasingly difficult to worship freely. Regards, Michael

  25. 25 Jan

    Hi Pastor Daniel and Jason,

    Peta and I have been discussing contacting you as we wanted to send you by email a painting I have done of a vision I witnessed in the clouds in the sky above my home, of a multitude of beautiful, majestic Angels in battle formation, with The Holy Spirit depicted as a white sea-eagle soaring above them, defeating the powers of hell.

    These evil spirits were represented by nasty, evil looking black birds with hooked faces and spiky bat-like wings, and they were flying directly head on to the Angels. I was worried because I thought the horrible black clouds were going to break up my beautiful Angels when they made contact, but instead, the evil black birds just exploded and disappeared like puffs of smoke as soon as they hit the formation of Angels. The multitude of Angels continued to sail majestically through the sky, in perfect formation, towards the sunset. The battle-line of Angels stretched for as far as the eye could see – their number seemed to be endless.

    I was interested to note that one of your correspondents had a similar vision a few weeks ago, of evil black birds flying out of Parliament House, Canberra, at the time you were praying on Mount Ainslie.

    I received this vision on 1st Dec 2007, but Peta asked me to bring this painting to Parliament House last Saturday17th Oct., because we felt the fulfilment of this vision was more relevant for right now. Another Prayer Warrior, who writes books of her Messages from Jesus, received some words for this vision, (which is actually a continuation of another very similar vision I received in the same position 2 years previously). The essence of the message was as I thought – that what I had observed was the defeat of the evil menace which has been hanging over our Nation, by the Warrior Angels on the side of good, lead by St Michael the Archangel.

    The vision was seen above my street which was bright with Christmas lights, and this was significant as Jesus in His message to my friend said that The Light always overcomes the darkness. The Message she received was entitled: “Glory to God in The Highest and Peace to all Men of Good Will.”

    In fact there have been so many visions and prophecies on your website which are so similar to ones we have received. Our beautiful friend Marjorie Liddy, an aboriginal lady who was with us in Parliament House on Saturday 17th, brought her painting of The Holy Spirit which she saw as an enormous bird covering the entire sky above our country, The great South Land of The Holy Spirit, and made completely of white dots, the way aboriginal people paint. One wing touched one horizon and the other touched the opposite horizon and the Bird had a gold crown on it’s head which burst with a thousand golden sparks which fell to the ground, “like gold she had never seen before,” when she told her son, who also saw the Bird, that this was The Holy Spirit. (Marjorie’s Holy Spirit was chosen to adorn the Bishops and Cardinals garments and soar above the main Altar at World Youth Day in Sydney last year).

    We really look forward to speaking with you and in the mean time I will ask Peta to send the painting ot the Angels on her computer, as this is not one of my talents!!

    Bye for now and God Bless,

    Love in Jesus,


  26. 26 Pastor Nathan

    Dear brother Daniel,

    How was wonderful to read from you?may the lord bless you so much on what the had done.I have been much blessed with great things that the lord deed in your midst.

    Were just praying for that meeting since the very day that you declared the prayer meeting,and we just knew that what the lord will do gonna be great amazing to the entire world

    Although you were facing opposition, but remember that God was on your side as the word of God says that no any weapon that has been formed against you will prosper, Isaiah 54;17.

    Let all the Glory return to our almighty God that gave you power to overcome the satanic power on the mount canberra ainsly.

    On your news letter you mentioned about that woman who was a witchcraft before she got saved,and she gave some strategic how to attack the power of satan,plz can you tell her that i want to learn more from her,about the spiritual strategic in order for me to overcome the power of the devil?. I will love to hear from herself,what the lord deed to her.

    Otherwise the ministry of Christ here is fine and we are prospering in the things of our lord Jesus Christ,as we are looking forward for that great day of his coming back.

    My warm regards your wonderful family and the church also as i am looking forward with full of anticipation to read from you as the holy spirit will allow you.

    yours sincerely,
    Pastor Nathan

  27. 27 Christin

    Danny, I thank God for you and the way that you are leading us

    I pray blessing on you and your family.

    Christin from Hobart

  28. 28 Mary

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I wish to thank you for this wonderful crusade against evil in this country. Congratulations and thank you for all you do. You deserve to have a very happy birthday!! Much love, a fellow Christian, Mary


  29. 29 Richard

    Praise God for all that has happened over last weekend. What a great story!

    We are encouraged.

    Richard (SA)

  30. 30 Kay

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour!
    How great is our High and Most Holy God! It must have been wonderful to have witnessed all these happenings last Saturday. Bless you all for that witnessing in the Lord. I am sure each one feels the nearness of his Holy Spirit and it is so reassuring to know that we all claim Australia for Jesus!!! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

    Happy birthday for today, Daniel! My son’s 50th birthday was last Sunday and I claim both my sons for Jesus!

    Praise God!

  31. 31 John and Merle

    Hi Danny,

    I just want to confirm that we are fasting with you and backing you in prayer for your time at Mt Ainsley in Canberra

    Merle and I are fasting and we have the church on partial fast because there are a lot of diabetics and I don’t want them to go with out meals so we have advised them to only take half meals for this week ending on Saturday 17th October. May God richly bless you in your walk with him and I urge you to keep up the good work, In Jesus Name

    Brother John and Sister Merle

    Murray Upper Nth Qld..

  32. 32 John

    Shalom Pastor Daniel and Catch the Fire team,

    Congratulations on a great effort in Canberra. I was in hospital on Saturday for day theatre that was booked months ago but on the way home we prayed from a high place, Anderson Hill roundabout just before Phillip Island, (Jehovah Jireh); for you and your team, our nation, our state and our small Island.

    God Bless,

    In Christ

    PS. My results were great; no malignancies or other major problems. Halleluiah. JMcD.

  33. 33 Vinojit and family

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    We take this moment to wish you a very Happy Birthday. May the blessings and guidance of the most High God we serve be upon you and your family as you continue to serve the Lord faithfully with boldness and courage.

    We are also thankful to God for the successful mission on Mount Ainslie and give praise to Him for leading you and the Team victorious.

    Awaiting to see you in one of the week end meetings in Hallam.
    God Bless.

    Vinojit and Annet and kids(Aaron,Enoch and Adriel) from Epping.

  34. 34 Koresh

    Ps Danny

    This is fantastic news & great article full of information. Praise God

    Love n Prayers

  35. 35 Deanne

    Dear Pastor Daniel,
    Thanks for this update. What a gift you are to the body of Christ here in Australia. I wish I could have been involved on that day. I hope to be next time.

    I wanted to let you know about a satanic event in Sydney. It’s a huge gothic/satanic festival right out in the open and they’re trying to lure the young of Sydney into it. Here’s one link that opens up about what it’s all about:

    This is not the first thing of its type in this area which is thick with covens and satanic rings. On the weekend before Kevin Rudd was elected into power, there was a huge gothic convention type gathering in the same region and a vast festival full of new age activities and stalls along with satanic sounding bands in the park in Newtown (which is right next to Enmore). I believe that it was no accident that Rudd rolled into power like greased lightning the following weekend.

    I have seen warlocks walking down the street there and personally encountered witches. Newtown/Enmore is absolutely full of so-called ‘alternative’ people as well as homosexuals and lesbians and their bars.

    My brother, Mark, a Foursquare pastor, went there years ago to set up a church and had quite a bad time there. I believe that this is because satan considers it his territory and because of the thick dense presence of the occult.

    I wonder if you and your team would prayerfully consider setting Sydney in your sights. If the Lord leads you here, I believe that it could be invading into the very heart of arguably the darkest spot on this continent. My daughter was physically touched by a witch in Newtown and ended up in hospital with asthma within days. My mother was woken up in the night and received the word ‘witchcraft’ in her spirit which confirmed what I had felt when this woman approached my daughter that day.

    God bless you and expand your ministry. I pray that many will be drawn into a closer and more obedient relationship with the Lord through you.

    In the fellowship and love of Christ,


  36. 36 Jill

    Dear Danny

    Just wanted to let you know we in Cootamundra were also praying at the same time you took the mountain in Canberra. We had an amazing outpouring of love as well with the 9 people who gathered in our congregation. During the week we had all experienced a great resistance and struggle in the spirit but as usual the Lord always comes out on top. My own daughter running through a glass door and not being badly hurt shows the protection of the Lord to His beloved. Thanking you once again for standing for our wonderful Nation and for The Lord’s people. We will continue to stand with you in all you endeavours. Enid is still praying for you each day.


  37. 37 Raeleen

    Dear Danny,

    I hope your birthday is a blessed one.

    You are a great ambassador for Christ may your ministry continue to be blessed.

    My husband and I tried to catch up with you in Hallam a couple of week-ends ago but we could not find you, hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

    Love and blessings


    The lady you stayed with when you visited the church in Griffith
    Griffith, NSW.

  38. 38 Win

    Dear Pastor Danny & Team,

    It was truly an amazing experience being a part of the team on Mt Ainslie on Saturday.

    Someone had lent me the blue banner that you may have noticed flying.
    The lady who lent it to me has quite a few banners and understands what each of them symbolizes and apparently the one I had symbolizes ‘the river of life’.

    I felt that appropriate. As I waved the banner high I prayed that the Lord would touch each of the protesters who passed under the banner or were physically touched by it (not that I tried to do that – I just kept it high as I could).

    But the amazing thing was, that as the afternoon progressed it was almost as though the protesters were drawn towards the banner. I would say that 90% of those present at some time walked straight towards me and passed through ‘the river of life’. One young lass (one of the ones very much in the forefront of things) literally jumped as though burned when the tip of the banner dipped and touched her.

    I really felt that somehow the Lord was doing something.

    Thank you Danny for the opportunity to be a part of such a vital prayer assault on behalf of our wonderful nation. Thank you.

    Yours in Christ,
    Tocumwal NSW

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