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Pastor Daniel Nalliah speaking out for Pro-LifeDear family & friends in Christ,
It is reported that Martin Luther once said something along the lines of, ‘Do not worry about what either people or the media says, both good and bad publicity is always good for the cause.’ 
Over the last few days, you have possibly read newspaper articles on many major media outlets across Australia regarding Pas Daniel winning the annual top gong at Ernie Awards for sexist comment of the year. Of course it’s not a surprise that when you stand for Jesus, His kingdom, righteousness, justice and truth, you be increasingly attacked by Satan and his cohorts. However, how you handle it is what’s most important. 

When Pas Daniel heard about the award on Thursday 1st October, he cracked up laughing in the office and shouted, “Glory to God, more publicity for the Kingdom of God. When God starts to move, He is setting the stage for His prophetic word of Healing, Deliverance and Salvation to spread like wild fire through these same media outlets. God is up to something very big, so I am very, very excited. Bring it on mate!!!”
Following are some links to some of the media reports.,27574,26149808-421,00.html
Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,
Jason Golden
Catch the Fire Ministries

16 Responses to “Pastor Daniel Nalliah Wins Annual Top Gong At Ernie Awards”

  1. 1 Paul

    Doesn’t anyone care about the thousands of babies that aren’t coming out of the mothers womb that would be happy children?

    If this man is uncaring why is he trying to save babies fom being aborted-thousands of human lives?

    Aren’t these precious human lives important?

    I hope the age newspaper allows free speech and prints my comments-instead of one side they want to promote!

    Paul noble park

  2. 2 Shahila

    If this man is uncaring why is he trying to stop thousands of precious babies from being aborted?

    Australia is killing thousands of unborn humans that would become people like us.

    Doesn’t anyone care about them?

    Who are the people without any compasion with cold hearts with no love?


  3. 3 Mick

    What a bunch of feminist clap-trap.

    Danny Nahliah’s words may have been poorly timed, but that does not make him worthy of such a pathetic award, especially for sexism.

    Holding an anti-abortion view does not make you sexist.

    For these women to award this for sexism merely shows their own foolish wicked hearts.

    Mick RWC | Adelaide

  4. 4 Mary

    Dear Pastor Danny,
    I just wish you to know that I fully support your comments including the manner you delivered them about the connection between the abortion laws in Victoria and the bush fires. God DOES turn his back and withdraw when and where he is rejected!!

    I deplore the fact that the press has decided to give publicity to 250 women who accuse you of being sexist. But along with you I pray for these misguided women, the aborted babies and all those involved in that evil industry of carnage. Many thanks for your work!! God bless, Mary

  5. 5 Ewan

    Excellent news! Well done Ps Danny. Although I don’t know what was supposed to be sexist about the abortion-bushfire comments?

    Regards, Ewan.

  6. 6 Dileeni & Shermal

    Dear Pas. Danny,

    May God protect you and guide you. We stand with you & applaud your courage to please God than men.

    God bless you abundantly.


    Dileeni & Shermal

  7. 7 Douglas

    After the meeting that sunday night , as i was driving up to brisbane the next morning, i didn’t seem to sleep well so turned on the little radio and the rev. bill cruise was on and he said about fred nile and a liberal m.p. and that ratbag danny nalliah going to have a meeting against the muslim people. this annoyed me to have him use that adjective about you so i got up and rang his talkback number and after hanging on for about 40 minutes i finally got to speak, and said how you had spoken at our church that very day, that you truthfully spoke out the message of Jesus Christ etc., he countered by saying that Jesus loved those people, but when i replied that they didn’t recognise Jesus as God’s son and that their god allah was a counterfeit religion, he cut me off annd put on some music. so i returned to bed and determined not to let him disturb my sleep, as i was leaving at 6a.m. next morning.


  8. 8 Ian

    I dont know if they did it deliberately but I couldnt think of a better promotion of your cause, sometimes being disliked by a group is a sign of endearment! I think those women must delude themselves to beleive they are powerful and important


  9. 9 Babette

    Dear Danny,

    CONGRATULATIONS! I was named as the most annoying person in Australia some years ago by Cleo magazine, and I take it as an achievement!


  10. 10 Kay

    I love Pastor Daniel remarks, “Glory to God, more publicity for the Kingdom of God”! Our Lord has the final say!! Praise God!


  11. 11 Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks for this. The Enemy only worried about those of us who are alive in Christ. He never worries about those who are dead. Praise the Lord Greater is He that is with us than he that is in the world. Wishing you every blessing. Maurice.

  12. 12 Brad

    G’Day Danny,

    Congratulations on your Ernie Award for boldly proclaiming the gospel even when it is not popular with the mainstream secular media. I appreciate your boldness and your stand for the kingdom.

    Have a great day,

  13. 13 Susie

    Jason, for those who do not know the bible and our relationship with God especially when His Only Begotten Son Jesus died on the cross for our sins and salvation, definately they will conclude otherwise, but for you and me in relation to worshiping the Most High God our Heaveanly Father, our Creator and through our obedience to him that kind of comment does not move us any bit, Honestly I must say it makes me stay stronger in my faith in Him and no matter what, no one will move US from OUR wanting to be with Him in “HEAVENLY PARADISE” . THE LAST DAYS IS ALREADY HERE!!!



  14. 14 Viney & Molly Joshi

    Dear Ps Danny

    Recently we were listening to a message titled ” Crazy Courage” by Ps Bill Johnson . He gives a fantastic description of the crazy yet stupendous courage of Jonathan and his armor bearer deciding to take on the entire philistine army simply trusting God in the face of sure anahilation. He describes how God would have said delightful words of appreciation as the two men dared in HIS NAME.
    Heaven’s applause will echo to eternity for you Ps Danny and we bless God For what HE enables you to do.

    With love and appreciation

    Viney & Molly Joshi

  15. 15 Reuben

    More nonsense from the ultra relativist postmodern liberal elite. I think labelling them satanic is something even the devil would be entitled to a degree of offence over. Evil can be depraved but can it this monotonous and banal.

    The people who call Pastor Danny sexist are of a similar ilk to that no brain Professor of waste-of-public-funds Germaine Greer who donned a burka in solidarity with her sisters in the Islamic world and the Taliban. So they support a regime which hides women from the sun under threat of extreme corporal punishment even execution but call an anti abortion stance sexist.

    At some point their level of absurdity will reach a critical mass and drag the western world into Hogarthian darkness – or maybe it will at last cause a retreat from the politics of identity and gender. Barack Obama’s being nominated for a Nobel Peace prize and the concommitant incredulous reaction from the mainstream media illustrate that with a person who has been elevated to a political messiah there is always a point at which the accolades are a step too far. Lets hope that the numerous culumnies thrown at Pastor Nalliah eventually cross this invisible line into the realm of absurdity and make a mockery of his accusers.

  16. 16 Ben

    I have a great deal of respect for Pastor Danny as one who speaks boldly and allows the Holy Ghost to move in power. However I ask this question when did Jesus ever stand up for the moral issues in society and challenge and oppose such laws. I believe you have been distracted from preaching the gospel winning souls and ministering the GOOD NEWS. I can’t help but wonder how many more souls you could reach if you focused as much on the task of preaching the GOOD NEWS of CHRIST as you do on standing against the moral issues and laws of a fallen world.

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