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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family & friends in Christ,

Following are two links with very important information regarding a One World Government soon to be officially recognized by all nations in December of this year 2009!

These very alarming interviews are a MUST watch and listen for all who believe that end-time biblical prophecy is being fulfilled like never before! (Psalm 2, Revelation 13 & 17)

Pastor Daniel very clearly warned before the last political election against voting for a left-wing secular government in America and Australia.  Both nations, and many nations for that matter, are presently  reaping what they have sown, and sooner than most of us thought!  (Galatians 6:7-8)Click the following link to watch a 4 minute interview from Lord Monckton of the British House of Lords regarding the upcoming Global Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen in December where nations will cede away sovereignty to a global government body.
Click the following link to listen to Lord Monckton’s 15 minute radio interview with Allan Jones in Sydney, Australia regarding the ETS, Copenhagen Treaty, and a One World Government.

While a large part of the Christian church is in denial, much of the secular media is increasingly confirming what we proclaimed (and many other Christian prophetic ministries) several years ago regarding a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!  Is this the beginning of the end before the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem, Israel as the reigning King of kings and LORD of lords?

We at Catch the Fire Ministries and millions of Bible-believing God-fearing Christians around the world believe it is so! (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Revelation 19:11-21, Daniel 7:13-14, 18)

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden

21 Responses to “One World Government is almost here! Lord Monckton of British House of Lords on Youtube video and 2GB radio interview with Allan Jones”

  1. 1 Win

    Hi Jason,

    Do you know if Kevin Rudd is planning this a treaty – or is it just the beginning in Europe at this stage.

    Guess Jesus is coming back sooner than we thought – and with all the prayer things happening recently I’m not surprised.

    Yours in Christ,


  2. 2 LN

    He’s also on FOX at 8am Saturday … for an hour

    Must see


  3. 3 know

    Thanks for the post! We are so close to the end. We need to get busy. This will preach. Revelations is in effect. Glory to God!

  4. 4 sl

    More Christians need to know this-the Body of Christ must be ready-people need to be prepared. More souls need to be won-more people to be discipled. Wake up the Body of Christ!!!! Isaiah 60:1 ‘Arise and Shine, for the Glory of the Lord shines on you!’. Will keep praying for Christians to WAKE UP!!

  5. 5 Gwenda

    Thanks so much for this. I will spread it around. Keep up the good work, what would Australia do without Pastor Danny? Love Gwenda

  6. 6 Beth

    Thank you for keeping us posted of what is happening.

    Most appreciative and have shared with others.

    How we need to watch and pray constantly!

    Thanks for leading the way.

    Blessings, Beth

  7. 7 Jan

    Just the day before, I received this Message from a friend who recieves very special gifts from The Lord and whom I consider to be very reliable.

    We will certainly be continuing our intensive prayer in Parliament House in light of all this.

    Rise Up Australia! United We Stand!

    God Bless,


    “My children you are asked to be patient and persistent and I ask this because so many times many of you are tempted to give up in the face of opposition. I tell you that satan and the evil spirits are patient and do not give up easily. Their greatest victories have been to cause the faithful to lose hope and to fall into despair. My adored son, Jesus, will never leave you and His mercy will sustain you and His grace will carry you through the times when all may seem darkest and lost. Turn to Him in your time of need and listen to His words when your soul needs nourishment. Listen and learn and grow through His example and His love. I ask you to pray now as never before because a great darkness waits to descend upon all of God’s children. Satan has waited and planned and his instrument of destruction and control is ready to be unleashed. Do not look for calamities and pestilence and fire and wind even though they will come. The great disaster which awaits you in this coming month is borne of free will and of your decision to allow others to exercise your will on your behalf. I have warned you about the great deception and the dangers of compromise and the desire to follow the crowd even when the leaders of the crowd walk on uncharted and unsure ground. A movement waits now and it seeks complete control over all and the darkness which they will bring upon all will be unsurpassed in all of history. Nations will become slaves to popular ideals which have no basis in reality and the enslavement will be upon all who join and support the group who will, in effect, form a world government. It is not too late to turn back so pray and contemplate and pray and implore those who govern to be wise and sound in their thinking. Urge them to think and not be swayed by the rabid jeers of those they may oppose. Remain strong and steadfast in your beliefs for all who oppose will be seen as threats and will be treated with disdain and ridicule and contempt and even imprisonment of a kind. Trust and remain faithful and filled with hope for the new world which will rise from the ashes of the old.”

  8. 8 Bdo

    We (christians) have been trying to warn people for years that this will come.

    Most have just laughed at us….then again perhaps the bride of Christ has to be persecuted, because that is when the people turn to our Lord Jesus Christ most.

    Now is the time for the last harvest.

  9. 9 Janelle


    Just wanted to know if this hate speech laws etc that was over ruled when Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah went to court and defeated in Australia but now continue in other countries, why can’t the same be said of them of what is taught in their mosque’s. I know other countries don’t have the freedom that we do.

    Found Wondering


  10. 10 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason,

    We are not surprised about this. We have been hearing on Christian TV about this for some time. Henry Kissinger and many others have all been for world government for some time. It all points to the coming of the Lord for His people.

    Lord bless.

    Audrey & Maurice.

  11. 11 Coral

    Thank you for this valuable information. Have passed this on to quite a few people to date. However, I believe the church needs to be well informed about such matters and to be motivated to allow members to read and come to their own conclusions. Especially so they can be given the opportunity to take such a matter to the Lord in intercession. The result maybe they will be encouraged to inform others. With such a large and impacting subject this information could be placed before members of the Opposition so that questions can be asked. Even to send such to our local members, as when they receive quite a few requests they may be motivated to place pressure on government for an explanation for any truth or secrecy

  12. 12 Julie Owens MP

    Dear Pastor Daniel,

    Thank you for your email. As you’re not in my electorate I have forwarded your email to the office of Senator the Hon. Penny Wong, Minister for Climate Change and Water. You can expect to hear from the Minister’s office in due course.


    Julie Owens MP
    Federal Member for Parramatta

  13. 13 Sue Chambers on behalf of Julie Bishop MP

    Dear Pastor Daniel

    Thank you for your email to the Hon Julie Bishop MP, receipt of which is acknowledged.

    Kind regards


    Suzanne Chambers
    Office of the Hon Julie Bishop MP
    Federal Member for Curtin
    Deputy Leader of the Opposition
    Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs

  14. 14 Les Aldridge

    The machinations of the united nation and the plan to implement world government came as a surprise initially. However it is not so surprising, all the palaver about climate change had to have a sting in its tail. The bible does state that these things will happen.

    The bible also states that if good men do nothing evil will suceed. and this plan is evil for it desires the domination of all peoples by a godless regime. Fear not they are Godless and christians will suffer greatly, as will many people.

    I have not seen any statement by any australian politician on the issue. It is obvious the Kevin Rudd is is a committed proponent of the scheme and no one knows where M. Turnbull stands.

    I have laid my concerns before God on this issue and believe I should fight against the plan to cede Australias soverignty to anyone except God Almighty.

    Lord Monckton said in his speech that the plan was communist design and this is unsurprisiing, they have never resiled from their aim of world domination. Life under communism is slavery and certain misery. unless you join the lie. We must pray and ask God to thwart this plan and work to stop it.

    what do you think?

  15. 15 JANA



  16. 16 JohnC

    I strongly agree that we DO need to spread the word. However please remember folks that the Lord works THROUGH his chosen people. There are times when the strength we build inside ourselves through faith and prayer needs to be converted into action! Not just by spreading the word but by LIVING THE TRUTH that we all know. By showing your opposition to the lies. This can be done by WRITING to your members of parliament, SENDING out flyers, emails, blogs and other information to create AWARENESS. And of course that long forgotten course of action: PROTEST! We have forgotten just how powerful we are as a people and that Governments and other institutions are there to SERVE US, the people, not for us to serve them. We are not slaves but children of God, created in His likeness and image. Not put on this earth to serve corrupt, tyrannical leaders but to stand up against the same, so that our children can enjoy the freedoms, the same constitutional and God given rights that we have enjoyed and that our fathers have fought and died for.

  17. 17 Alexander

    1.Thanks to Alan Jones and his attention on my little orange cased CD. Otherwise who knows what will happen in Copenhagen.

    2. Thanks to Alex Jones who passed this information to me and made me able to inform Australian people through he2 GB Radio station.

    I will work harder to collect more information and pass it on to 2GB Alan Jones

    Hi Alex,

    I have some good news for you.

    I have recorded the speech from Lord Monckton broadcasted by you on your radio. This information I burnt on CD and passed it to our talk back radio 2GB host Alan Jones in Sydney. I would advise you to contact him and share your incredible knowledge and opinions and expose underhanded dealings.

    Link is here:

    This is a copy of original e mail

    My next step is to inform Alan Jones and expose agendas in full regarding

    * Vaccine
    * Commission for foreign relations CFR
    * Deindustrialization and enslavement
    * Exterminations of 90% of human population (depopulation)
    * Microchip
    * Al Gore and his plan to tax every thing on the planet earth
    * Left and right side in Australian politics and who served people or NWO
    * Calling for abolish private owned reserve bank of Australia
    * Spying on our movement, CCTV, mobile conversations, sms and internet
    * Plans for national broadband network (in USA named internet two)

    Fighter for freedom

  18. 18 Bruno Deshayes

    Regards to Danny Naliah. We used to pray together when you visited Blacktown NSW in 2004

  19. 19 John

    How good it is to have people like Alan Jones, and Lord Monckton, to save us from the lies that the Rudd Government is using to perpetrate such a slavery for the Australian people, and indeed for all the people of the world. The poorer will become poorer and the bureaucrats more comfortable than ever before, while the churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples will face desecration, which is already happening in the US and in European countries, so that the ordinary people will have no idea where to go, who is right or who is not right, and little children will have no idea at all, which is a tragedy for all. Thank you catch the fire ministries for coming in with this opportunity for others to pass on the real message of Jesus Christ.

  20. 20 James Tom

    It is sooooooooooooo good that you are covering or exposing people in the general church populus regarding the FACTS on the global warming heresy. this is being pushed from various angles to give credence to OWG. Lord Monkton and Piers Corbyn should be given time to tell the world the truth regarding this Al Gore scam.
    Now the whole world is going to be contributing to a world Tax system to fund various “unknown projects”

    Well done by giving this topic air time within your congregation..


  21. 21 Noelle Lawson

    In the USA, Al Gore and friends are planning the biggest carbon con in history and I wonder if Kevin Rudd is expected to join the party.

    Mr Gore is long time friends with Richard Blum (co chairperson of TPG and owner of Blum capital who have just ripped off the Australian Tax Office owing them now $622 million. Mr Blum with Al Gore presiding has just opened the Blum Centre for Global Warming waiting for the pledged carbon credit money to roll in. Mr Blum’s wife US Senator Dianne Goldman Feinstein has just tried to give Goldman Sachs the right to be the carbon regulator. Goldman Sachs is also part owner in her husband’s firm CBRE. Senator Feinstein who is advocating the global warming theory is banning solar and wind farms in the Mojave Desert. If the money pledged by the various governments including Rudd’s $10 billion pledge, these people in control of the allocated money will be the new pharaohs of the world. Feinstein previously lobbied for the invasion of Iraq.and Afghanistan and gave the military contracts to her husband’s firms. One of CBRE’s directors is the last person to speak to Mr Mcgurk before he was professionally assassinated in September 2009.

    If Kevin Rudd is on the short list to be involved in this scheme, he would become extremely wealthy and powerful and would not want anything or anyone to stand in the way of the planned process. The Australian Farm Lands are possibly already earmarked for purchase by subsidiaries of this firm (CBRE) as they expand exponentially across the planet. They are already offering a fantastic service which included the Myer holdings and across China where they prepare companies for listing and flog off their assets under secrecy before selling the companies as IPO’s on the stock exchange. They possibly have a similar structure earmarked when they potentially start buying the farms as the farmers collapse under the financial strain. In Europe they have a system, when they hold farms for carbon credits, they pay the farmer the equivalent of his income for the inconvenience.
    CBRE was the Valuation/mortgage provider of choice by Fannie Mae just before the Financial collapse and who knows who else. CBRE are the chosen firm to dispose of Mortgagee in possession homes at up to 30% commission. The Senator has allocated $25 billion to the housing sector rapidly increasing the value of her husband’s shares.
    While the media has you frightened of the muslims, these people are taking over the world’s govenment and no one is paying attention. At least the Muslims recognise Jesus Christ and mention him regularly in their Koran. Jesus died for all of us and it is not up to a sector that ignores his existence to become the rulers of the earth.

    Noelle Lawson

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