Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Pastor Daniel Nalliah anointing a Christian brother Dear friends and family in Christ,

Truly, Jesus is Lord of Australia, the Heavens and the Earth! Click on the following link to read the front page and front line media report with some of the photos that appeared in the hard copy edition of the Canberra times on Sunday 18th October:

Following are some additional media reports of the recent Christian Prayer Offensive on Mount Ainslie in Canberra.  Please note that some of the photos in the newspaper reports are quite graphic.

Stay tuned later today for a personal comprehensive report from Pastor Daniel of the great and mighty things the Spirit of the Lord accomplished when several hundred prayer warriors from across the body of Christ in Australia united to ‘Take the High Places for Jesus’!!!

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden

13 Responses to “Exciting Media Reports of Christian Prayer Offensive on Mount Ainslie in Canberra on 17th October 2009”

  1. 1 David & Dawn

    Bless God! the devil is angry…

    God bless you

    David & Dawn

    Living Hope Christian Fellowship, Blaxland, Australia

  2. 2 Kingdom Mother Serenity

    Hello Pastor Danny and Catch the Fire Ministeries,

    Your response means a lot to me thankyou. I have been concerned about Mount Ainsley after I have felt all these forces rising up and coming out, Lord Jesus Christ has calmed these forces and they will remain calm. I have been made aware of other people going to be attending Mount Ainsley this Saturday other than Christians and it could have been much trouble etc…. I surrendered unto Him and Lord Jesus Christ told me that this Christian Offensive is going to provoke a defensive that will bring many out into His light, but He will use this all for His Glory amen.

    He has given it to me, that it pleases Him to use this moment and all this attention from all these different people, groups etc…
    on Mount Ainsley that this is going to be a mighty move of Him of flowing forth to many people, not just to all in our nation etc…
    but to all our nations and those that are going to turn up. It pleases us that this be used to save many people and set them free that will be their on Saturday, but all those that are sensitve to His Spirit in the Spiritual. I have also been given that a lady who I was able to finally deliver the gospel to her and her family today, along with His Kingdom and being born again and who the body of Christ, life giving water etc….
    etc…..said she has felt something coming in the Spirit.

    What we do here also affects the other parts of the world, so Australia is important that it be the nation it is meant to be in Christ. The biggest problem that we have faced along with the occult is unbelief. Not just from people that are unbelievers but Christians also that have unbelief in their heart, in error, the ones caught up in Christian Cults that need to be rescued here. But also to those that don’t know the Gospel of His Grace, let alone His Peace and Kingdom, the people that don’t know about being born again, nor who the body of Christ are nor about His anointing nor anointed life, Holy Comforter etc. When they find out, they love it, they love His Grace through Faith along with His peaceful Kingdom. He exposes the unbelief brings to light so many see, and then He removes it in His life giving water and way.

    What many people don’t realise about our nation, that people in rural areas, reaching out to them is like living in a mission field. And where we live is the mission field that He brought us into, which is Christian communities that don’t know about His Gospel of Grace, let alone the body of Christ. We have spent time preparing this area as well as other areas for this end time harvest. And Canberra is going to be our new field where we will be able to reach out to the people as well as other areas down there. He told me that He will prepare this field for me as well and now I am seeing Him do this, praise Lord Jesus Christ amen. So I am very grateful to Him and those that have stepped in to help clear out our nation. Our nation will also be cleansed at this time and all will be brought into His rest, because He lays all the earth to rest.

    We have our part to do in this as well and when we have been done and we can share our witness of what He has done in our nation as well which will have a huge impact.

    Have a beautiful day in Christ, one day many people will realise we are all family in Christ, and we all have our places and spaces in Him along with our parts in Him, to do and rest in.

    Many blessings in His Sovereign Day,

    Go in peace your faith have made you well,

    Kingdom MotherSerenity
    Homeheart Ministeries

    His eternal loving heart is in our home and our home is in His eternal loving heart….John 14:20-1

    Manifesting His greatest love through Christ…1 John 4:9

  3. 3 Ewan

    And BTW, these idiot protesters who say “keep religion out of politics” really mean “keep Christianity out of politics” because religion and politics cannot be separated. If Christians do not get involved in politics then guess what? The secular/evolutionary humanists get to impose their false religion on society through political involvement. Secularism as some kind of religiously neutral realm is a myth. There are no non-religious people or worldviews. Everyone is religious even atheists because they have to adopt the presupposition that God does not exist and there is no way of proving this. It is an article of faith for them.

  4. 4 John R

    I would like to express our support for what you are doing.

    A group of us are on an outreach in China and are very concerned for our nation.

    John R

  5. 5 Jo

    I am praying for you in Montana, USA!


  6. 6 Jeanne

    Dear Danny and Catch the Fire Ministries,

    This is an account of our amazing prayer gathering in Parliament House, Darwin between 1.00pm and 4.30pm Saturday 17th October 2009 – roughly the same time you all gathered on Mount Ainslie. Someone took photos which we hope to send you.

    It was an afternoon the eleven Prayer Warriors who gathered to praise and worship The Lord in tongues and song will never forget.

    It is lucky a very kind Christian politician up here sponsored us to have a private room on the secure area of the third floor of Parliament House, (which was locked to the general public and no politicians were present, since it was a Saturday), because we were proclaiming the Scriptures and other declarations you sent us and singing and prayinging VERY loudly and we would have been kicked out if we were on the lower floors where the library, art exhibitions, etc, are.

    The “upper room” we were in had a huge window which looked out over Darwin Harbour and due South – we felt as if we were praying over the whole of The Great South Land of The Holy Spirit!!!

    We followed the Prayer Strategy you kindly sent us letter for letter – all 7 pages – as we felt it was very important that we were completely united with the other Prayer Warriors across our nation.

    When we got to the “Untimely bloodshed” and recited the words together:… “sacrifices made of humans”, I suddenly couldn’t go on and started crying and choking very loudly – it was the most horrible feeling and felt as if there was something huge in my throat which wouldn’t come out. I had an image in my mind which was so clear of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, doubled over in the most terrible, terrible pain and anguish because of the sin of abortion, which He knew then was going to reach the diabolical proportions that it has today. It was as if He wanted to vomit having to carry this sin for us out of His mouth but couldn’t.

    I then saw the HUGEST, HUGEST red rock, the colour of the blood red soil in the centre, or heart, of Australia and knew this was the size of this sin which Jesus was having to carry for us – but I started to cry out loud as everyone else was praying in tongues: “It’s too big!!! It’s too big!!! I couldn’t stop crying and others were crying too, and then I saw where this huge rock was – it was sitting right on the Australian continent which I could see from way, way up high. The height of this huge, round, red rock was almost as high as the whole of the Australian continent was wide – I was veiwing Australia from the North looking towards the South and the huge rock was sitting in the middle and slightly towards the Eastern coast of Australia and it looked as if the great weight of this rock was going to sink Australia into the sea – the whole continent was starting to tip into the ocean towards the east. I was afraid Australia was going to sink into oblivion.

    I shared this terrible vision with veryone and they all began to pray loudly in tongues for Australia. Someone urged us to sing “Shine Jesus Shine” for Australia, and afterwards three people witnessed seeing very similar things.

    Denis saw a huge, round, dark- red shape sitting on Australia, almost covering the whole continent, but described it more as a mighty tumour growing on Australia. Then he saw a Hand holding a knife coming from an unseen source and slicing a peice off the tumour, which cut like soft damper, and then another slice and then another until the tumour had completely disappeared.

    Michelle saw the rock starting to crumble when the whole of Australia was almost sinking, and very quickly it just crumbled away to nothing and disappeared.

    I saw big black clouds coming over Australia and a bolt of lightning – a very fierce one – struck the rock and it split in two, and then more bolts of lightening came thick and fast and kept striking the rock until it disintegrated into little peices and disappeared into some low-lying foliage and a carpet of bright flowers of many different colours which covered the whole of the Australian continent, which I hadn’t seen before.

    At this point Michelle opened the Bible at random and received the Scripture: Isaiah 35:1-10. We read this out as felt it was very appropriate for what we had just seen……and then when we got further through the pages you sent we discovered that you had included this exact scripture on page 6!

    The praying in tongues was extremely loud after the final Scripture was proclaimed: Isaiah 60:7 “All the flocks of Kedar shall be gathered together to you.” All of a sudden, in the same instant , everyone stopped involuntarily and went completely silent. The silence was impossible to break as we felt completely in awe of a Mighty Presence in the room and one by one people dropped to the floor and lay prostrate with their heads to the ground- it was impossible to remain standing in this Presence – we felt as if we were in the Throne- Room of The King.

    The silence continued for a long, long time and afterwards we found we had all been saying the same things to Jesus, Whom we knew was truly present, in our hearts, as we lay on the floor :- “Thankyou Jesus, Praise You Jesus, we love You Jesus”.

    We all felt that He was Present dressed as our Shepherd King, and Peta saw Him in her spirit as having a Kingly Crown on His Head, a Robe of Royalty around His Shoulders and a Sceptre of Authority in His Hand.

    One of our Prayer Warriors, Denis, received a strong, very clear and distinct word at this time :

    Then I received clearly the words : “TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES, YOU ARE ON HOLY GROUND.” (Everyone did instantly).

    Lynde then heard the words: “WHERE MY SON IS, I AM IN YOUR MIDST.”

    The silence continued and we felt so much awe, love, reverence that we didn’t want the silence to ever end. Then Dennis proclaimed some more words in a very regal voice which didn’t sound like his: “MY PEOPLE, I AM WELL PLEASED WITH YOUR PRAYERS. THERE IS MUCH POWER IN YOU PRAYERS, AND YOU WILL SEE THE BENEFITS AND EFFECTS OF THESE PRAYERS.

    We all felt so humbled by these Words from our King – we felt so insignificant – like dust and ashes- in this awesome Presence that I just cannot find the words to describe, and yet it semed our King was thanking us!

    The silence was finally broken with the melodious tune of Peta’s mobile. After looking at the message, she excitedly called out that a child had just been born to a young couple in her family! She then left the room to call her family.

    Previously we had shared the Scripture and Prophetic Word that one of the Prayer Warriors who has written to you had received: Isaiah 66:7-9 “Before she was in labor she gave birth; before her pain came she was delivered of a son. Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall a land be born in one day? Shall a nation be brought forth in one moment?…”

    Of course, when Peta returned, she shouted “It’s a boy!!!”

    We finished as we had begun, with a rousing rendition of the song “Great South Land of The Holy Spirit.”

    When we came out of Parliament House we were astonished to see many fire- trucks, police cars and ambulances, all with lights flashing, right up and down the street outside Parliament House. All the traffic had been blocked and firemen and policemen and ambulance personnel were running around everywhere. We smelt smoke and discovered that the National Headquarters of Paspaley Pearls, which is across the street from Parliament House and is a huge building several stories high which takes up a whole block, had smoke billowing out of it’s windows all afternoon but noone could find the fire – they suspected the wiring in the ceilings but didn’t know which level and the whole building was evacuated because there were many gas bottles in danger of blowing up.

    It was on the front page of the paper the next day, and fortunately noone was hurt, but I had felt all along that The Lord was going to show us some sign in the natural world when we left Parliament House that our prayers were really going to start some fires in our own community and beyond.

    There were a lot more Scriptures, words and visions received, but I feel I have already written too much. I did receive a Scripture the following morning, Sunday 18th Oct, and felt it was for all of us, but particularly for Pastor Danny: Psalm 2:1-11.

    We are so excited that we were able to have this opportunity to pray in unison with our brothers and sisters across this mighty and blessed nation of ours and just know that something which had an evil grip on our nation has been BROKEN! PRAISE GOD!!!

    We look forward to hearing from other Prayer Warriors who gathered at the same time to Take The High Places for Jesus Christ Our King.

    God Bless you always,

    Much love, Jeanne

  7. 7 David

    Glory to God for all that He did during the event

    Remain blessed


  8. 8 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason,

    PTL you did something for the Lord and He will bless your efforts I am sure. We had a good time at our seminar.

    We only had a few over 70 but lives were touched and Audrey has a lot of counselling ahead of her in helping people who are hurting from the past. One of our young people, who we were praying for for some time came and was really blessed for which we praise the Lord. Wishing you and your service for Him every blessing. Audrey & Maurice.

  9. 9 Kingdom Mother

    Hello Catch the fire family,

    Peace be with you.

    Thanku so much, for being His confirming witness as well and for stepping in, because we truly need a rest amen.

    We are preparing for our journey down to Canberra and beyond, when we come back in the middle of November we will tell you what was done and why it was done.
    Because it needs to be done in quiet, peace and in the unseen, because we are dealing with unseen forces that affect the seen forces.

    Look at Rev 12:1 this is what will combat the witchcraft, masonary, the new age etc…..Rev 12…. the woman and her son…..

    and this is what they are seeking, the woman that sits on the throne with the 12 stars on her head and her feet with the moon underneath.

    His Kingdom and His priesthood…. but there time to come out is not for now, but can be felt.

    Also by the way, Kenya, which desperately needed rain, has been affected, it started to rain there on Sunday. Our message to our tribal family were given the reason it hadn’t rained, they believed, did as asked and they were promised it was going to rain, that Lord Jesus Christ would bring forth the Later rain for them, as a witness because He also cares for them and they cried when they heard. And now the blocks have been dealt with rains have come into Kenya and started to fall on Sunday, praise Lord Jesus Christ amen.

    Because we have also been dealing with Kenya and how the corruption is being exposed and dealt with. So we are also happy and praising him
    about this rain and witness. We are also wanting this evil of the demonic witchcraft forces, that worship the false god of forces to be dealt with as well and that we will have victory and overcome, that our family that are caught up into this, or affected by it, that it is impossible to reach out to others because of the blocking of the gospel etc….will be dealt with in all our Nations and beyond.

    Lord Jesus Christ’s Circle of life that He sits upon and Life giving water will overcome the demonic circle of false light and life, His eternal compass that covers all directions overcomes the false. Whatever Lord Jesus Christ has the demonic has its own poor version. But He overcomes and we have overcome and all our family in Christ will also overcome in Christ, because He has already overcome the world.

    Have a beautiful day in Christ, much blessings amen. Write to you when we get back from Canberra and Eden.

    Kingdom Mother
    Homeheart Ministeries
    His eternal loving heart is in our home and our home is in His eternal loving heart….John 14:20-1
    Manifesting His greatest love through Christ…1 John 4:9

  10. 10 Genie

    Hi there! We just wanted you to know there was a small group of three praying in west Dapto over the Illawarra region last Saturday. It was a beautiful time of repentance, praise & payer. God bless you all, Genie

  11. 11 Nick

    Praise the Lord for all that was achieved for His honour and glory! …others have eyes but they cannot see, ears but they cannot hear etc… because the god of this world has blinded them….

    We were with you in the Spirit at our prayer meeting in the Lower Hunter


  12. 12 Won

    Great to see you guys will stand up when no one else will. It takes real guts to do what you guys are doing and is a true testament to your faith.

  13. 13 Prayerground

    Hello World! See, Christian people can break the mould that makes us seem inactive. God Bless the CTFM Team, you really know how to give Australia what it needs, JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!!! We Prayed with you from the Three Sisters’ Precinct in Katoomba NSW. It was sensational!! We had rain there too right at the close of Prayer, Bless God’s Holy Spirit! He’s Everywhere! We specifically prayed for reports of Police findings of remains from witchcraft cult sacrifice and that God’s Justice would rule over this Great Southland of the Holy Spirit. I am so looking forward to the time when His Spirit falls upon all of the flesh right here in Australia, it is the release the world needs to see. We stand with your vision and dedication. GB.

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