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Pastor Daniel preaching at church on Gold Coast where woman was healed of cancerDear family & friends in Christ,

What a mighty God we serve! All glory and honour belongs to Jesus our soon coming King of kings and Lord of lords!

On the weekend of 19th & 20th September, I ministered on the Gold Coast in an AOG church led by Pastors Philip & Christine Whiting. On Saturday night Pas Phil introduced me to a lady by the name of Diana who wanted prayer for healing of cancer. I was told that 8 years ago she was diagnosed with cancer, having the affected part removed, but it had now returned to the other side of her chest.

Diana told me that many of her family members had died from cancer over the past 35 years. When the alter call was given she came up for prayer.  I started praying from one end of the line as she was standing at the other end.  Suddenly I heard a big noise, and when I turned Diana had fallen flat on the ground under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. There was no one standing behind her to catch her as no one was praying for her. Thank the Lord she was not hurt when she fell under the power of God!

About 20 minutes later I came up to her to pray and commanded the demonic spirit of cancer to leave in the name of Jesus!  She started manifesting, swinging her head from left to right as the demon refused to leave. Just then the Spirit of God prompted me to tell her, “you need to forgive those who have hurt you and get rid of any offence and bitterness in your heart.”  Diana was weeping and asked forgiveness from the Lord for those who had hurt her.  Just then she fell back on the ground and was delivered from the demonic spirit of cancer as the power of God set her free!

When she got up she did not know most of what had happened to her. She told me, “I feel heat waves running through my body.” Diana was shaking a lot under the power of God. This is an email we received from Diana today.
“19th September Saturday Night meeting. I went to the meeting that pastor Danny was preaching at. I had heard he was a healer and actually was praying/sometimes begging for God to heal me. That night I did not feel that anything would happen, I felt inside that maybe I was hoping to much. When  Pastor Danny called out everyone for healing, I was jolted out of my seat and went forward. I was at the end of a line of people and was silently standing. I felt an tension in my stomach (like a fluttering ). I remember feeling light, then I woke on the floor .I was so hot shaking and did not know what was happening. I Have since asked what happened and I will leave it to Pastor to describe what happened when he prayed over me. I was very hot for the rest of the service. I left to return home in a state of what I describe as hot/floating. I live approx 1 1/4 kilometres from the church and took 45mins to get home. That night my bedroom was so bright all night it seemed like full sunlight, I was not scared but found this quite astounding as I was so hot. I was bathed in sweat. I showered and returned to my bedroom. This went on all night. Sunday I went to go outside and opened the front door, I can’t describe the brightness around me. Everything was 60 times brighter, it was like taking the darkest pair of sunglasses off. I spoke with Pastor Phil, about what had happened. He was excited as I was but still I was careful with what I was feeling.

Reason being I have been having three monthly checks because I have had four lots of cancer. I have had a mastectomy, 4 melanoma’s removed,1of these was quite serious it required treatment and skin grafting.  Hence I was on three monthly checks. On the 20/08/09 it was discovered that the other breast had a tumour. I had tests, scans, etc and I was set to start treatment on the 22/09/09. I after what happened was still somewhat in limbo, but was quite excited, I requested, being retested before treatment. After much ado it was granted and I went for mammogram/ultra sound on the 23/9/09. Confusion is the only way I can describe the appointment, they thought they were looking in the wrong area. During this appointment I was burning hot and left the bed quite damp. Finally I knew it was gone.

Speaking with my team of doctors I agreed to be retested on the 25/09/09. This was done and again nothing. I have a special doctor who hugged me and said ( IT’S done ) he is a Christian and I had told him what had happened. ALL TREATMENT HAS BEEN STOPPED AND I HAVE AGREED TO GO THROUGH ALL THE TESTS AGAIN IN THREE MONTHS. This past week I have been having times when praying and giving thanks, I still get very hot and my nerve ends seem to be tingling.
My gosh I never thought that I would be writing this but you know what even after praying/ begging and actually telling off god he never gave up on me. I feel humble that he in his wisdom has given me the freedom to continue on my journey. I continue to talk with him many times during the day and I am now waiting for his direction for me.

All praise goes to Him.  Diana”

In the past 10 days Diana went through 2 ultrasounds, 2 mammograms and a 6 needle biopsy.  All tests came clear. There is no cancer.  The doctors cannot believe how this happened, except the Christian doctor who told Diana, “You and I know Who did it, but my medical profession will not let me say it” and then said, “Can I send 2 ladies to you?” Meaning, can you pray for them as they have cancer.

Last Saturday 26th September, a Jewish lady came to Pastor Phil’s church on the Gold Coast.  She was supposed to come for the meeting where I ministered, but her husband did not let her come. She too had cancer. Diana shared her testimony with her and prayed for her healing. Glory to God this Jewish lady went for a biopsy on 30th September and found that the cancer has disappeared! What a mighty God we serve!

As the demonic spirit of HIV was defeated over Uganda through united prayer and fasting with thousands healed and millions turning to Jesus, I believe we have defeated the demonic spirit of cancer over Australia! This could be the KEY to see our nation turn around, a Supernatural Healing, Deliverance, Salvation Revival with Mighty Miracles, Signs, and Wonders!

It is only the beginning, the best is yet to be! Bring it on Lord, for Your kingdom come and will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Daniel Nalliah

20 Responses to “Amazing Miraculous Healing From Cancer/ A Must Read By Pastor Daniel Of CTFM”

  1. 1 Jennie

    I have just read the wonderful healing of Diana’s cancer. What a testimony. As I read about the spirit of cancer being broken over Australia, the Holy Spirit came upon me and I certainly witnessed that that was true. It was such an encouragement. I can’t wait to see what our Father has in store after the fasting period. Thank you for the wonderful news you have passed on. Jennie.

  2. 2 Michael

    A great testimony!


  3. 3 The Whitinngs - Stephen and Jeanette

    Just opened this email. Praise the Lord. Really great. Thrilled for New Life Worship Centre and your ministry. SJW

    The Whitings
    Stephen and Jeanette
    Goal Ministries

  4. 4 Pam

    Hello, I was at the meeting on the Gold coast when the woman with cancer was healed. She was standing next to me when she fell.

    Can you please let me know when Pastor Danny will next be at the Gold Coast as I have a friend who is dying from cancer and I would like to bring her.

    Thank you,


  5. 5 Sharon

    PTL Thank you Danny!

    This is amazing. This news is just what I need to share with others. Healing and evidence!

    Praise God.


  6. 6 agreirson

    Amen! Praise the Lord. It’s only the beginning of a massive harvest of souls for the Lord. We haven’t even scratched the surface of what is going to happen, what the Lord will do. We serve an all mighty and all powerful God. Praise the Lord.

  7. 7 Michael


    Good to hear such exciting news


  8. 8 Dot


  9. 9 Helen

    Praise the Lord for his great goodness to Diana and to all men He trruly loves us all absolutely so wonderful. Helen

  10. 10 Julie

    Am so moved by this powerful testimony, so much, it moved me to tears. It gives us christians alot of encouragement to keep laying hands on the sick, and believe for healing and miracles! I sent this to as many people as I could. Bless you, Julie.

  11. 11 Robert

    wow wow

    man this is power of God

    Jesus bless you

  12. 12 bdo10269

    My brother-in-law, Mick is dying from lung cancer in an Ipswich hospice…Could you please pray for the healing of the lung cancer that is the size of a large rock melon in his left side please. In Jesus’ name…PS I regularly pray for the blessing and protection of God for you and your team.

  13. 13 Ben

    Dear Bro. Danny,

    Praise God for the wonderful healing, please continue to pray for my wife Kumari who is suffering from end stage kidney disease, doctors have taken her out of the kidney transplant list because she has very high blood pressure and she will not be able to under go an operation for kidney transplant. Kumari has been waiting for the last 4 years for a kidney transplant, she is on dialysis, we are holding on to God, because of this long period of waiting, I feel difficult to hold on, I feel Ia m back sliding, please pray for me that I will not doubt God, and also will not give room for the enemy to take control of my life, it is hard, we have never had a holiday ever since Kumari went on dialysis, even for the last 1 year Kumari has never been out other than going 5 times a week for the dialysis, we really needthe touch of Jesus healing hand, I have to repent of my attitudes, and my wrong thinking, please pray that I will be delivered from what ever spirits which is trying to take control of my mind, I need deliverence from these spirits to pray earnestly for Kumari.

    Is it possible for you to come on Skype and pray for Kumari, we can arrange a date and time to do this, it will be great if we can meet through skype, you can see us and pray together.



  14. 14 Trevor


    Jesus is alive and healing and showing that there is hope if we will only repent and trust Him. All praise to our risen Lord.



  15. 15 Thelsnell

    This is the Good News. Praise be our Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. How Great Is Our God! Thank you Jesus our Deliverer from Evil. Thelsnell

  16. 16 Elizabeth

    A similar thing happened to my boyfriend’s mother. She got breast cancer, and she went to church where she was prayed for and healed. Medical tests confirmed her healing.

    A year later she had terrible pain and went to the doctor, and found that her breast cancer (which a year before had been very small and would have been treatable by surgery) had grown so large that it would not be able to be removed cleanly – and cancer had got into her body – not just in her breast. There was little that the doctors could do. She prayed and fasted and beged for healing but she died six months later.

    When she found out that she had cancer the second time she told us that she had suspected that the cancer had returned but she did not go to the doctor because she trusted God that he had healed her. But she really needed to have gone back to the doctor as soon as she suspected the cancer might have returned. It is a miracle to be healed but it doesn’t stop the cancer potentially returning.

    That is why I beg you to make very sure that even though she is healed – make sure you keep checking that the cancer does not return. I urge you – please don’t put off going to the doctor even though she is healed. If she has any feeling that the cancer might be there in the future. Even though she is healed now – it might return.

  17. 17 Brian

    Jan Crouch of TBN in USA had cancer all through her bodya few years ago even went to her liver and lungs but thru prayers was completely healed of it . God is still in the healing business and many others can give testimony of it .Praise Our Wonderful God (Jesus)

  18. 18 sl

    PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thankyou Jesus for healing this beautiful child of God. God is still healing people! What a MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!! Hallelujah!!!!

  19. 19 Temi

    Cancer’s too small for Jesus! Cancer has to bow at the Name of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The annointing of the Holy Spirit breaks the yoke of cancer Haleluyah!!!!

  20. 20 Rizza

    “God heals those who have faith in him.” This strengthens my faith in him^^i’m 22, and had a big chance of having a breast cancer, yes, i cried, and yes i begged! No one knows ’bout it in my family except me! I am battling all by myself, oh~i’m with GOD! I know GOD will heal me ’cause he loves me so much=) please pray for my healing and my family.

    Love Rizza^^

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