Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear friends and family in Christ,

1. Click here to listen to Pastor Daniel’s post Mount Ainslie interview with 2CC Canberra radio.

2. For those of you living in the Melbourne area, Murray Dixon, a renowned prophetic bible teacher on the significance of the nation of Israel and the end-times before the 2nd Coming of Christ, will be ministering at the Holy Spirit Fire and Healing Meeting at 6:30pm this Sunday 25th October at the Fountain Gate Christian Centre at 23 Melverton Drive in Hallam.  Melway ref: 96 G 2

Murray, who now devotes his time to speaking and writing, ministered in parish work for the New Zealand Anglican Church before serving as a chaplain in the Air Force. For many years he led study tours to Israel, which culminated in his taking up the position of Rector at Christ Church Jerusalem for over a decade. He only stepped down earlier last year.

Dixon’s interpretation of modern events draws heavily on his reading of the Bible. In response to questions about whether more literal readings of Bible versus are relevant for today’s world, he said: “We’ve got to be very, very cautious. When we look at Psalm 83 and we see the list of ancient nations, it seems to me that you transpose that map onto a modern map and you’ve got virtually the Muslim heartlands.”

According to Dixon, the Islamic challenge to Israel today does indeed seem to represent a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. He sees continuing Arab rejections of offers of a state – “from the creation of Transjordan onwards – the White Paper of 1939, the Partition Plan itself, even the 2000 Camp David II process between Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat” – as evidence of an uncompromising determination to destroy Israel. “The picture throughout this has been to take the land back – that the two state solution is not really a solution; it’s just a step towards the ultimate of retaking that land.” In this he hears sharp echoes of the prophecy of Psalm 83.

Nevertheless, biblical prophecy can also work in favour of the Arab peoples, says Dixon: “…the Lord plans, not to liquidate the Palestinian people, but to integrate them into Israel. There are a couple of scriptures in Zechariah and Zephaniah that suggest that there will be a move of God among the Palestinians who will come to know the Lord and this will bring integration. In faith in Jesus and the renewed understanding of the greater things there will come peace. The source will be through Jesus, the Prince of Peace.”

Taken from an interview with the Melbourne Anglican in 2009

At 7:30pm this Friday 23rd October at the Holy Spirit Fire and Healing Meeting in Melbourne (Hallam) Pastor Daniel will be ministering regarding the highlights of Mount Ainslie and ‘Taking the High Places for Jesus’.

Everyone will be personally prayed for, so come trusting the Lord for your supernatural breakthrough! It’s time for Miracles! Don’t miss this hour of Visitation and Habitation!  We serve a God that heals, delivers and sets free! Come join the Revolution for a Reformation, to see the Five-Fold Ministry, particularly the Apostolic and Prophetic restored back to the Body of Christ!

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden

17 Responses to “2CC Canberra Radio Interview with Pastor Daniel after Mount Ainslie and Prophetic Bible Teacher Murray Dixon at Holy Spirit Revival in Melbourne this Sunday 25th October”

  1. 1 Deannemarie

    Dear Jason,

    Thank you for informing us the great and exciting news about event in Mount Ainslie last week, truely God reigns forever !

    Hope you have a wonderful and blessed birthday, the Lord would reward you heaps and abundantly as you serve Him faithfully.

    Thank you once again !

    God Bless!


  2. 2 Warren

    well done!


  3. 3 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks so much for this. I listened to the radio interview. I thought Danny spoke very well. We Christians have to realise tht Greater is He that is with us than he that is in the world. FEAR only comes about when we Forget Everything About Redemption. Praise the Lord. Recently read a book on Fasting by Jentezen Franklin and was challenged. We have Christian TV in our home and have been so blessed by hearing so many men of God preaching the Word. Wishing you every blessing. Audrey & Maurice.

  4. 4 Elwyn

    Well said, Daniel! That was a good interview for the KoG. I wonder if the interviewer took in the authority you have from personal experience apart from the Spirit of God.

    Thank you for adopting Australia and being here to give us a prod.

    Yours OHMS,
    Proverbs 3:5-7

  5. 5 Malcolm

    Hi, Pastor Danny-

    this is very interesting (the Murray Dixon teaching)- have you heard Peter Tsukahiro preach on Is.60? Those names there- Kedar, Nebaioth etc- are apparently the descendents of Abraham through his second wife, and down the line of Ishmael. Peter Tsukahiro- now an Israeli citizen (of Japanese/American descent) is saying that God desires to bring numbers of the Arab peoples into Christ much as many Israeli Jews are now coming in. Exciting, eh?

    Nice work on Mt Ainslie, by the way; keep lifting up the Name of Jesus, buddy, and all the opposition will have to bow the knee eventually!


  6. 6 Peta

    Hi you mighty men and women of God. Jan has asked me to forward to you the picture of her painting that she saw of the Angelic forces defeating the powers of darkness. She said that she has sent you an email explaining the vision.


  7. 7 Susanna

    Last Saturday a prayer offensive took place in Canberra which has not been seen before. Daniel Nalliah from Catch the Fire Ministries, his team and intercessors, took prayer all around the nation of Australia and into every capital city. Canberra is the nation’s capital. Undercover prayer had been previously untaken but this was a worship and prayer stand on the high places.

    I acknowledge all the faithful Christians who also heard from the Holy Spirit to go to the high places in previous times. I have attended many prayer gatherings that all have a vision for the nation and are covering this nation with prayer that is needed to bring about a true revolution for Jesus, a new Jesus Movement of which there is no previous model. We are the containers of this new day in church. There has been an abundance of prayer poured into this capital as it is has been a difficult place for breakthrough.

    Without going into enormous detail, it is enough to say that we have a large number of active covens in this city. They are child sacrifices that have been carried out on altars in the high places for many years, but in the last short time, fresh blood has been seen on these ancient altars. There are parliamentary bills going before our Parliament on many moral issues that will effect every Australian and new Australian.

    Many “cultures” as the trendiest word would label the groups, came to Ainslie Mountain last Saturday – sex workers (there were prostitutes in suspenders actively confessing their trade), satanists (also self confessed), pagans, atheists, witches, gay rights activists and some curious onlookers with what was reported as 100 christians. The body of Christ was represented at its peak by a crowd of 200 people by mid afternoon; some had made a special trip from interstate to be there.

    I attended this prayer offensive and I was so impressed by the character of many Christians who were at odd times confronted. Reports of “people” removing their clothes to express their sexuality, came down to one young man who removed his jeans, socks and shoes and stood very close to one Christian man who was near Daniel Nalliah in an attempt to confront him and provoke an altercation. No words were exchanged or physical actions engaged. This Christian man was photographed and his response was to worship and pray. The face-to-face encounters were expressed by the youth who represented the Sex Party, the satanist followers and various other groups on the mountain. At very infrequent moments, some people who did not identify which group that represented, yelled out at Daniel Nalliah and across the Christian group, but this was again, very infrequent.
    Mainly the Christians worshipped, some expressed their worship with the use of flags, one or two used a prayer shawl and a few others held a Bible. There was prayer on the lower ground, prayer on the high hill on the grass at the highest place of the mountain and prayer near and on the flag pole which was on the highest ground. Daniel Nalliah used a loudspeaker so that the large group of Christians could be heard. The rain threatened later in the afternoon but resulted in just a few drops, even though Canberra has experienced much rain in the last few weeks after many dry months.

    I can report that not one of the Christians whether they were one of the very few who were confronted or one in the group praying and worshipping, were aggressive towards any other Christian or any other person from another group on that mountain. When the young man stripped down to his underpants, the Christians continued to worship and pray. No one spoke to him or confronted his expression. At one brief moment, two homosexual men kissed near the flag pole and wanted their display to be seen. Again not one of the Christians responded in any disrespectful way. It was a credit to all involved.

    I remained on the lower level and can report some wonderful testimonies which the paper did not record. At one point in the early afternoon, the Christian man near me who I shall call John, noticed a young man who was his gym trainer. He was unaware that he was a practicing homosexual. He prayed and approached the young man who recognised him from his training sessions with the group. The encounter was very rich and genuine and was witnessed by me as non-confrontational and an expression of genuine connection.

    In another encounter later in the afternoon, a young man I have related to for 3yrs walked into the middle of the Christian group. He is a practicing homosexual. He hugged me and told me that he knew that I loved him and cared for him but that “they” didn’t and pointed to the remaining Christian group praying at that time. At that moment the loudspeaker was put before me and I was asked to speak. I introduced this young man and challenged the group with his own words – that he believed that I loved him but that “they” did not. The response was overwhelmingly genuine, especially when it is a fact that many of these Christians had never met each other before, but came as a group to pray and bless the nation’s capital. After this group recognition, many came individually not to confront this young homosexual, but to display acceptance and most of all, the love of our God towards all people who have not yet been introduced to Him. It there was a “clash” of cultures, it was one of insecurity and fear – v – genuine concern and God’s love.

    The link to view the front page article from the Canberra Times on Sunday is below:

    (the story is featured on the front page and page 4 of the Canberra Times Sunday 18 October 2009)

    For those who may be unaware of the controversy with the court case over the Bill passed in Melbourne’s Parliament several years back, to prevent evangelism by Christians in the freedom we have had to express the Gospel, here is the link:

    May the Gospel be freely preached as it is the only way to knowing the true living God and may we all, as believers stand for truth where an attempt is made to water it down. Every human being has the right to hear the Gospel in its true beauty and to make their personal decision.


  8. 8 Paul

    Amen!! We also distinctively felt a breakthrough in our prayer meeting as well. Diep-Thanh will be emailing you shortly with a brief report.

    Thank you for standing for Jesus, and rallying believers across our nation for His name sake!



  9. 9 Dianne

    Personally I found the weekend to be extremely demanding overall, but exhilarating at the same time. I would not have missed it – it was an experience like none other and I count it a privilege to have been there, part of some unassuming Kingdom work and some that was more obvious.

    We arrived 2pm Friday and immediately began prayer assignments that the Lord had shown us needed to be completed prior to the main team arriving on Saturday at 2pm. We were kept busy doing this until 8pm Friday night. We willingly missed our scheduled evening meal to complete what needed to happen. This included a trip up Mount Ainslie and a cleansing of the area. The weather was cold with a wind blowing that had me wishing that I had put my scarf on, but much to our amazement the Lord gave us an incredible double rainbow as we finished what had to be done!

    Saturday saw a warm sunny day and the wind had stopped entirely. We ventured out and continued in prayer assignments until 12.30pm when we went to Mount Ainslie once more. Here we met Pastor Daniel and completed the spiritual activity that needed to happen prior to the main group coming. The bus crew of 45 arrived about 1.30pm.

    Many from far away places were arriving and about 150-200 Christians gathered. We were also joined by quite a number of provocative sex activists, political objectors, witches & warlocks (some dressed in their costumes and some not), homosexuals & lesbians – a real array of ‘anti’ Christian moral standards were represented.

    Unfortunately a lot of jostling followed, as we were assailed by words, placards and confrontation as we carried out the agenda the Lord had given us to achieve in the midst of the constant bombardment of taunts, mocking and “in-your-face” encounters. God gave Pastor Daniel wisdom and he kept us on the move and that made it hard for those purposing to interfere. I found myself being part of a ‘wall’ (stopping their jumping bodies trying to move through) many times with no fear rising at any time. I guess we did not know what to expect but it was certainly not a quiet, serene, affair!

    The 3 hours did pass quickly, with a lot of activity to make decisions on, it was almost over-whelming at times. I personally was kept busy & alert, so was very ready for sleep at the close of the day. I was extremely grateful for the prayer support from those in agreement prayer across the nation.

    The following day dawned sunny and warm and peaceful…another treat from the Lord – after the hectic eruption of the afternoon before. This was a day to finish prayer assignments and a service of celebration prior to an extra-long drive home. I honestly had not noticed the drive up at all, but the return home seemed a long way.

    I was so encouraged to know that the Lord had faithfully wrought change as we did what was required in obedience to His direction. I know the spiritual climate has changed and Australia will reap from this. I also know some of the local prayer contingent have been encouraged to continue strongly and I am sure, have become united even more.

    A highlight for me was getting to know those I travelled up and back with and the many laughs we shared together plus the greater appreciation of relationship. I came home full of a sense of accomplishment and of the privilege of being used by the Lord in this small, but powerful way, to see our nation begin to walk more clearly in her destiny.

    Was the 21 days of prayer & fasting (and preparation on many fronts), the 3 full days, the ‘after-math’ worth it all? I can only say a big, “Yes!” May the Lord continue to get all the glory…great things He has done.

    Many blessings,

    Prayer Warrior

  10. 10 Maureen

    Thank you. Ps Danny you are amighty man of God . I was there and i pray that all our prayers are answered for I know our God is faithful Praise God for your insight and obedience, May God bless and protect you always Yours Sincerely Maureen

  11. 11 Sister in Christ

    Dear Bro.Jason, It appears that either this new Rudd Government is revealing exactly what ‘socialism’& ‘atheism’ is about – human rights – that new world order is pushing.what a mess!God is not the God of confusion.This will certainly part the Sheep from the Goats.According to prophecy a falling away will take place.Whatever the world is doing:However according to scripture:it remains the responsability of parents to teach their children the Word. These are the perillous times!
    Your sister in Christ.

  12. 12 Amy

    Hello brothers in CHRIST we love you Pastor Danny u are blessing for the christians keep on the good work in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST Amen. your sister Amy in Spain GOD bless you

  13. 13 Valencia

    Dear Brothers n Sisters in Christ

    On 16/10/09 the Lord impressed me to pray against fires in Australia.
    The Lord showed me a big sign with the words FIRE, written big and then He showed me a very small flame. The Lord impressed to me that we MUST really interceed to douse this fire NOW and it will be done, because the Lord is in control. Since He has shown us, we now should obey and pray. The battle belongs to the Lord and the victory is ours.

    Just like me, we are already praying against fires this coming season – so you would think, we are already doing it. I believe that we, as people of God, should FAST N PRAY and God will give us the victory as He has done on 2 other occassions this year.

    Please encourage your friends, prayer groups, churches etc to FAST N PRAY. We will see the victory and ALL honor, glory,praise and thanksgiving be unto God.

    On 25/10/09 God impressed to pray this over our pastors/elders n brothers n sisters, community etc – Lord, please block and destroy all plans of the enemy over us. In Jesus Name, Amen.


  14. 14 Maree

    Thank you Danny for been so gutsy in The Lord to confidently to stand in His authority at Mount Ainslie.

    You were representing Him and those who couldn’t make it. Thank you.

    I believe it is very difficult to stand in the very face of opposition. I have personally had to face hostile situations with my very abusive and violent brother on many occasions, who has verbally abuse my husband and I and hates the fact that we are Christians. He threatens my father that he will have no mercy on him as he kills him and 2 years ago he went and smashed up his house.

    Many Christians have not experienced hostility in their faith before, and it helps us to understand slightly what it must be like for persecuted Christians overseas, and also what it must have been like for Paul and the other disciples in Jesus’ day who were persecuted and killed for His name.

    It is truly a humbling position where The Lord has put you, may you continue to walk in His love, faith and strength.

    God bless you,

    Maree – aged 31 (10 years in The Lord)

  15. 15 Wendy

    Oh, Jason, that’s so heartening and inspiring.

    I guess we can overlook a lot of things we might not agree with regarding Pastor’s Daniel’s Ministry, when we can see his heart and soul are definitely in the right place. I admire his gun-ho gustiness, too. Well, there’s a lot to be admired about Pastor Daniel.

    Enjoy these newsletters. Thanks!


  16. 16 Samwel

    Thank you for the greatful and encouraging words you have delivered to me,thus may the almighty God bless you abundantly with the ministry too.Also i strongly emphasise thank you for the good work that you’re doing surely God will reward you secretly and i believe you’re winning more souls to christ and this is what you will be accountable for preaching and reaching unreached people with God’s gospel by fulfiling and obeying his command according to the scripture.Therefore,i gonna tell you that you’re highly welcomed and invited and i assure you every arrangement will be done and this is what i have been expectant and longing for,i pray God to protect,guide you as i’m looking forward to see you,rejoice and worship together and receive empowerment and impartation of the holy spirit beyond anything else and make my dream and vision come true.I’m ready to hear every preparation you may need me to do,God’s bless as you plan,prepare,pray and come to accomplish the purpose God intended for you,i love you and respect you,hoping to hear from you soon.


  17. 17 Debbie

    Dear Danny and team,

    There were 13 of us, 11 from Living Waters, and Pastor Helen Beard from Vinelife CRC, and Edna from AOG.

    We met at our high place of the World Sculptures for the harmonic convergeance of the universe to pray down the world spirit of peace. We are one of 10 sites in the world. Also there is the rainbow serpent tiled footpath.

    We were there from 2pm – 4:40pm and we followed your strategy – reading it out right through!

    Des was able to give a brief report at a conference in Adelaide Hills with Jenny and the 200 people present. Suzette Hattingh from Germany was our speaker(Reinhardt Bonnke’s former intercessor)
    Ok, bless you.

    We have continued to pray for you all since!

    All love in Jesus,


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