Agreement In The Spirit Of PrayerDear family & friends in Christ,

All glory to God. I pray and hope you all are keeping well by the grace of the Lord.

However, unfortunately our nation of Australia desperately needs a great spiritual awakening for Aussies to personally experience the love of Jesus and turn back to Him as the only Way, Truth, and the Life. We, the Church of Jesus Christ, the redeemed children of God, are totally responsible to lead this national spiritual breakthrough through united repentance, fasting, prayer, and power evangelism. No other religion or group of people, other than born-again Christians empowered by the Holy Spirit of God can transform our nation of Australia.

If you really love your nation, please join us as we call the body of Christ across Australia to a 21 day fast which officially started on Sunday 27th of September and finishes on Saturday 17th October when hundreds of Christian prayer warriors will converge on Mount Ainsley in Canberra with thousands more across the nation uniting in the Spirit of prayer to ‘Take the High Places for Jesus’.  We’re prayerfully trusting our Most High God for this to be a day of history making in the heavens, the church, government, and our nation of Australia.

We at Catch the Fire Ministries feel very strongly in the Lord that our nation of Australia will experience a major shift in the next bushfire season. We have heard media reports that the weather bureau is predicting that the coming bushfire season is going to be far worse than ‘Black Saturday’ during February of this past year.

However, let us agree in the Spirit of prayer and faith for NO LIVES to be lost  as a result of the bushfire season this summer.  However, the body of Christ must unite in repentance, fasting , and prayer. “13When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command the locust to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, 14if my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:13-14

So please join with us on this 21 day fast to cry out to God to heal our land. May the Lord lead you on your fast, whether it be water only, juice, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Look forward to seeing you on Mount Ainslie in Canberra on the 17th of October at 2pm. Please contact our office in Melbourne at (03) 9794 8211 or email if you are meeting to pray in your own location so that we can pass on some prayer points closer to the date.

If you live in the Melbourne area, please do join with us this Friday the 2nd of October at 7.30pm for our monthly first Friday ‘Rise Up Australia’ prayer meeting and then at our Holy Spirit Fire and Healing service on Sunday the 4th October at 6.30pm at the Fountain Gate Christian Centre at 23 Melverton Drive in Hallam.  Melway ref: 96 G 2

Your brother in Christ,

Pas Daniel Nalliah


14 Responses to “URGENT Call For 21 Days Of Fasting And Prayer For Assignment On MOUNT AINSLIE In Canberra”

  1. 1 Pastor James

    Dear God’s servant,me l am in kenya so l have informed pastors we are about 200 pastors,we will praying from here.Kindly stand with us in prayers God to provide transport thanks pst,James.

  2. 2 Donny

    We sent 40 firestarters to Mt Ainsley on the weekend and had a massive breakthru and witnessed the glory of God being manifested

    Donny of Generation Fire

  3. 3 Gerry & Angel

    Dear Pr Danny,

    We will be joining our nation in Oz from way up here in Manado, Nth Sulawesi Indonesia during this time of fasting & prayer. You will remember me Gerry Phipps from Magnetic Is formally Kyabram Living Waters AOG. I have been living up here with my blessed christian wife Angel since we married last Sept last yr at Grace AOG Kuta, Bali. Through my precious wife's translation we will lead our family here together with all Australians.

    GBU All Gerry & Angel Phipps Manado, Nth Sulawesi, Indonesia.

  4. 4 Pastor Wajeeh

    This is Pastor Wajeeh here, from India but in Germany on a Crusade. We now have many hundreds of pastors joining you in prayer and fasting that Canberra be affected like a mighty heart transplant for your nation! We are having the same visions of your government leaders leaping in celebration and joy as the devils leave them! We see others crying and repenting for being part of evil laws passing. We also see the picture of great waters flowing our of Canberra and through your nation washing the fires away, it is like women dancing with flags as it goes! We also see aboriginal people turning away from their snake god and being free from wine and petrol! We see the witches of Canberra’s hills turning from their cauldrons. I am trying to come to Canberra for this!

  5. 5 Andrea

    Hi Jason. Do u guys know that Rick Joiner had a vision from the LORD on a sailing ship with Jesus at the helm. Well Ric saw a HUUUGE wave coming and thought it was revival. Looked to the LORD who said “no it’s the tribulation”. Jesus didn’t flinch He stood FIRM. This is the message for the church to stand FIRM no matter what.


  6. 6 Pr. Charles

    Hello Pr. Danny,

    Hope you are fine at the moment!!

    Thanks for the ministerial information you have been sending. We as El-rhema Faith ministries are greatful for keeping us abreast about what is happening a round the globe. I am now planning my trip to Australia, can I come over to your place when I get to Australia?
    Hope to hear from you sir God bless you.

    Pr. Charles

  7. 7 Brother Andy

    Hi Danny its andy from CCC Blacktown just letting you know that I have my own prayer team praying for you every Tuesday night and the incidents in Canberra were quite disturbing. We pray against the occult activity in Australia. Hope to see you back at our church some day regards

    Brother Andy

  8. 8 Robert

    Wow, man thanks for this message.

    This ministry is good

    I Pray for this ministry

    May God use more and more people to get Australia to God and be Australia for God in end times


  9. 9 Wendy

    Pastor Danny and all,

    The words below, and intentions, are really beautiful and inspirational. I think God would be overjoyed with everyone involved for showing such faith and determinatioin to do something for others and also that you are wanting to please God, Himself. This kind of attitude, this focus on a spiritual realm reality, is so rare these days.

    All the best for the Canberra warfare campaign with the forces of darkness there. But you won’t need luck as you’ve got God’s help and blessing, the enemy is already defeated.


  10. 10 Joy

    I was given a vision last night so I will share it with you.

    There was a thick black dark cloud over Mount Ainslie. From out of nowhere came this huge, massive heart, it was pulsating normally then the pulsating became faster and faster. it beat so fast that it exploded, and sent what I believe to be the blood of JESUS all over the mountain not one centimeter was not touched.

    As the blood hit the mountain the fire of THE HOLY SPIRIT consumed every where the blood had touched cleansing the ground above and below. Those who had shofas blew them at given times. When they were blown fiery arrows of THE HOLY SPIRIT, were sent flying into the spirit realm, and the nasties did not like it one bit, if they did not how to run before they sure learnt real quick.


  11. 11 Kerrie

    Thank you so much for continuing to provide encouragement and expectation with your wonderful reports of what God is doing in Australia.
    All glory and praise to HIM,

    Awaiting His Kingdom come and His will be done throughout this nation.
    Bless you all
    Kerrie xx

  12. 12 Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks so much for this. Trust you are well and rejoicing in the Lord. God bless and continue to use you for His glory. Maurice.

  13. 13 Paul

    Dear Ps. Danny,

    As a church, we are supporting your call to prayer. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make it to Canberra. However, we shall be holding an open prayer meeting on Sat 17th Oct to stand in the gap for our local high places in South Yarra & Prahran & for our beloved Australia.

    Every blessing in Him as you & those assembled stand for Christ in Canberra!

    Paul Lee
    Senior Minister

    Hope of Glory

  14. 14 J through to the O

    I think it’s ironic that we are praying for the soul of Australia in a city that has no soul.

    But praise Jesus!!! I pray that we will prevail!!

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