Commissioner And Police Officers Welcome Bible In NTChristianity Today Australia – Thursday, 20 August 2009

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has welcomed the release of a new Police Bible, created especially for the State‘s serving police officers.

Commissioner Scipione met with Bible Society CEO Daniel Willis and Police Chaplains at Police Headquarters to receive his copy.

The Police Bible is compact, with a Police-blue, leather-look cover and Police Crest on the front. It contains the New and Old Testaments, as well as information on Police ethics, service, integrity and leadership. It also includes the police prayer, and photos of officers in the field.

It’s thought that eventually, the bulk of the State’s 20,000 officers will have a Police Bible in their possession.

Commissioner Scipione is grateful for his copy, which he says will replace the dog-eared Bible he currently owns.

“I believe the Police Bible will impact on generations of Police officers to come,” says Commissioner Scipione.

“Every officer who graduates from the Academy in Goulburn is offered a Bible and I would like to think an officer who receives one of these special Police Bibles will one day sit in my seat. The Police Bibles are sure to outlive the current administration.”

Commissioner Scipione says specialised Bibles are used worldwide in law-enforcement and the military.

“They are especially important in our line of work,” says the Commissioner. “Our officers have a great deal of respect for our Chaplains, and what better way to build on that relationship than to share the gospel?”

The Police Bible is the brainchild of Senior State Police Chaplain Rev Russel Avery, who felt it important Police feel a connection with the Bible.

“Coming from the Air Force I saw how popular the Defence Force Bible is, and wanted our law-enforcement officers to have a similar option available to them.

“I started talks in late January and already the Bibles are being shipped to the 107 Police Chaplains around the State, ready for distribution.”

The initial run of 3000 Bibles have been provided by NSW’s Bible Society, with plans already underway for a second run.

2 Responses to “Official Police Bible Given Thumbs Up By Commissioner”

  1. 1 Janet Winks

    How my heart so rejoices as I have read this article – true peace and mercy flows from the truth of the Gospel – I applaud your courage and commitment Commissioner Scipione.

  2. 2 Fayre

    This is a massive win and the words of the Pro. Margaret Thorton an expert on discrimination law show how powerful God’s people are when the stand together against ‘anything that raises itself again the knowledge of God.

    The Pro does not or will not accept that there is no ‘old fashioned’ when it comes to what He wants. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    We have to put the devil and his demons under Jesus’ feet. We use His word and we do not accept anything less.

    Saltshakers were happy, like Tim Costello to get Christmas cards from the forces of evil, i.e., casino’s and anyone in power. Basically it was a pat on the head demonstrating how much of a joke they saw them as.
    We must not be afraid in anyway of blackmail or intimidation of any kind because when we put on the Armour of God and break all curses from the past and there is nothing the devil can do to us whatsoever;unless we let sin into our lives as a port of entry.

    The devil now knows his time is at the last few grains of the egg-timer because we are now using the greatest tool God has ever given us to fight with: The Word of God because He is the Word. What more could we ask for than that. We must be ruthless and not compromise in any way. IF HIS WORD SAYS DON’T – THEN DO NOT. or we will suffer the same fate as Adam and Eve eternally.

    God’s Army is on the march. The Battle Cry has gone out. satan LOOK OUT!!!



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