All Praise, Honor, and Glory to the Lord God of Israel

Dear family & friends in Christ,

This weekend gone by saw the Holy Spirit of God move mightily in Hallam (Melbourne), Victoria and on the Gold Coast, Queensland where Pas Daniel ministered the prophetic Word of the Lord!

In Hallam we celebrated Rosh HaShana, the Jewish New Year and the Feast of Trumpets, time to awake and repent! It was absolutely amazing as the Spirit of the Lord of Israel moved most powerfully as prophetic people of God packed the church hall to learn more about the importance of such a biblical feast according to the Jewish calendar of the prophetic Word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Following is an exciting report from Sister Jill of Catch The Fire Ministries who led the interdenominational and messianic service.

“On Friday night at Hallam an enthusiastic congregation gathered to celebrate the Feast of Trumpets with dancing and singing to lively foot-tapping Israeli music.  Many spontaneously grabbed the palm branches and started waving them before the Lord in worship to welcome the King, whose presence was very evident.  The hall was decorated with glorious banners made by Nieves and Luis Santana and on the stage a Succah (temporary shelter as directed in Lev 23:39-43) had been erected and decorated with harvest fruits.  An awesome sense of warning went forth as about 10 shofars were sounded to the north, the south, the east and the west.
Many came to understand the amazing way that God has fulfilled through Christ the early feasts of Leviticus 23 ON THE EXACT DAY in this prophetic calendar.  They became excited as they saw that the later feasts, beginning with the Feast of Trumpets, speak about the Bridegroom’s return for His bride and His coming to reign over all the earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords”. 

On the Gold Coast many were mightily touched through the manifest presence of God on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th September. Many new people attended the revival meetings hungry for a radical encounter with Jesus.  Glory to God as many who desperately needed a healing touch were wonderfully healed, delivered and set free by the miracle working power of God!

The anointing of the Holy Spirit was so strong that as Pastor Daniel went to pray for people at one end of the prayer line that people started falling at the other end of the prayer line! One lady who had cancer was so mightily touched that her body could not stop shaking for more than 24 hours. She said, “When I came to the altar suddenly I just got thrown under the power of the Holy Ghost. I started shaking and heat waves started running through my body over and over again. I went home and all night my room just lit up like daylight. I know Jesus has touched me. I need to go for  therapy next week but I will ask my doctor to check me out first, because I believe something has happened inside my body.” 

Many children came to the altar for prayer and were tremendously blessed through impartation of the presence of God. Pas Daniel said, ‘I was so moved when I saw little children weeping at the altar under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.”

One lady who was demon possessed received deliverance as the anointing broke the yoke of the enemy, setting the captive free! The Pastor’s wife stated, “I have not felt the presence of God so strong for a long time. This is the first time I went down on the ground under the anointing.”

Pas Daniel stated, “I thank God for the remnant of Pastors and lay people who are genuinely hungry for a move of God in our nation. They are not after USER friendly and SEEKER friendly stuff. They are genuinely Holy Ghost friendly. This remnant I believe with all my heart will cause a REVOLUTION through LOVE for a REFORMATION to see Australia come back to Jesus!”    

Rising Up Australia, the Nations and Israel for Jesus,

Jason Golden

5 Responses to “Holy Spirit Fire Falls On The Gold Coast And At The Feast Of Trumpets In Melbourne”

  1. 1 Diana Smal

    I was in attendance at the Gold Coast and was deeply touched. I was given Pas Danny’s book “Worship Under The Sword”.
    This was a amazing read, so much in this book. Powerful reading. Thankyou Pas Danny for comming to the coast. Pas Phil and Chris are doing an amazing job up here. It was so touching seeing the people being touched by the weekend.

  2. 2 Robert

    wow wow

    is there ministry in SYDNEY

    I heard AUSTRALIA will be for God in end times like Israel

  3. 3 David

    Thank you brother

    PLease don’t forget about On the Edge on the Gold Coast starting RISE UP Australia prayer meetings on Thursday the 8 October

  4. 4 Norman

    Dear Jason/CTF,

    I am writing to you from the UK (Newcastle upon Tyne). My brother in law lives in Perth (WA) and has been fwding these emails to me for a month or so. I have been SO encouraged! I have been travelling to the nations for about 10 years now teaching the prophetic significance of the Appointments (“Feasts”), our Hebraic roots and the place of Israel and the Jewish people in the End Times. I absolutely love what the Lord is doing thru CTF in Toronto and have prayed for them often that they wd come into the full revelation of these things as the combination of the two would be nothing short of full on revival! How wonderful that it is happening thru CTF Australia – and I hope soon it will spread to Canada! God has surely remembered the sacrifices made by the Anzac troops in liberating the Biblical Land from the enemy all those years ago. To celebrate the Feast of Trumpets in this way in the local churches is what I have dreamed of for years so I am v encouraged to say the least!

    Have an even more awesome time with the Father during Yom Kippur and Succot!
    Come thy Kingdom!

    Gateshead UK

  5. 5 Serenity Grace

    Hello Catch the Fire Minsiteries,

    Peace be with you in Lord Jesus Christ’s name amen.

    This is the message that came to me while I was looking at your site.

    This is the commandment that I give unto you, that you will love one another
    as I have loved you.

    Too many have been suffering from lack of love. Too many christians still are not
    getting their needs met. And many are still suffering and being persectued, being abused by the wolves in
    sheep’s clothing. The worst persecution is the persecution that came through Judas, and that persecution is still
    happening in this world today under the guise of Christian fellowship and ministery. But Lord Jesus Christ is laying all things to rest amen.

    For far too long, there have many have had the abundance while there are those that
    suffer in the lack and the abundance refuses to share with those that are lacking. From our own experience we have been helping
    Lord Jesus Christ with lifting our babies out of the dirt, they were eating on the floor, and sleeping on a dirt floor in Kenya totally unloved
    and very unsupported, while we have had to endure many think that the blessings of God and prosperity is about having an abundance of money,
    having nice cars, homes to live in, or even have planes to fly under the guise of being supplied by grace, through faith.

    Many little ministeries that Lord Jesus Christ is bringing forth have suffered because they did not have the support of the bigger
    ministeries. So our aim and mission was to support the unsupported.

    We will rejoice in the day when Christians embrace each other in Truth and in Love, stand alongside
    each other and help each other instead of looking the other way and John 17 is finally fulfilled and they be one in Him. They will also finally share as they should be sharing.

    I am glad that you are harvesting and finally our fields are starting to get harvested. But I hope
    you realise, that He is sending you into fields that others have laboured in, while the many were
    too busy going astray. And it was done by the remenant few, His quiet achievers who did as He asked and when He spoke done, they cried
    out to Him to harvest and send the harvesters out. And the reason they cried out to Him, because their cries fell on
    deaf ears.

    Ministers are meant to be willing to communicate, but there are those that still will not communicate
    as they should. And by not communicating as they should, the body in this earth does not work as it should. So our hope and direction
    is His loving communication in fellowship, where people are finally caring and sharing in His brand new perfect day.

    I hope all this move of Lord Jesus Christ results in our neighbours finally being loving and kind, and also come and offer
    to us a helping hand. We have stood in our mission field, our home still lies in ruins and we have not been able to get
    the help through the earth that we needed to and totally relied upon Lord Jesus Christ, who will give to us
    the resources so we can rebuild our home,sell it and then be in our place and space in this earth.

    I also look forward to the day, that women finally get the helping hands that they need.

    We look forward to the day that Australia knows not only HIs Gospel of Kingdom Peace, but also His Gospel of Grace
    and who the body of Christ are. We also look forward to the day, when we see His people out of the churches doing
    His ministery where it needs to be done. And we look forward to the day when people understand the rejected witness that was
    sent, was the most important of all. amen.

    We will look forward to the day that the ones that have been abused while doing ministery,seeking fellowship and the lambs/sheep that ran away
    because of the evil and were scattered are finally gathered and come into a place of loving acceptance and eternal healing.

    Kingdom Mother Serenity Grace
    Homeheart Ministeries
    His eternal loving heart is in our home and our home is in His eternal loving heart….John 14:20-1
    Manifesting HIs greatest love through Christ….1 John 4:9

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