Pastor Julius praying for apostolic prayer anointing Dear family & friends in Christ,Holy Spirit fire touches young girl

What a mighty God we serve in Australia, in this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit, and across the nations of the world!

This past weekend’s Nation Shaking Prayer Seminar in Melbourne (Hallam), with Pastor Julius Suubi from Kenya, was supercharged with a powerful anointing of the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ! Many God seeking Christians from many churches, denominations, and ethnicities received a great impartation of the apostolic prayer anointing to fervently intercede for our nation of Australia as never before.  Some said, “The seminar has completely changed our lifestyle as we certainly feel we have caught the fire and the burden of the Lord to pray for our nation, not just our own needs.”

On Sunday night the manifest presence of God was so awesome that the meeting which started at 6.30pm ended just after midnight! It was so exciting to see people at 12 midnight on the floor soaking in more of the Lord’s presence. Ps Daniel stated,  “I am so amazed to see people willing to be in the presence of God for 6 hours. You normally see this in Africa, but not in the West, nor in Australia. This tells me that there is a remnant in the body of Christ of Kingdom of God minded people who are not after the hype, nor user friendly seeker friendly stuff. They only want Jesus.”

 It was sYoung boy touched by the presence of the Lordo encouraging to see 3-8 year old children around 11pm still awake and joining in the worship with Worshiping the Father in Spirit and Truththeir parents. How amazing that families with young children stayed for so long in the presence of God!

Many who came for the meetings were healed, some were delivered and others set free from demonic spirits! Pastor Julius shared how God transformed Uganda through a mighty spiritual revival, once an Islamic nation plagued with the curses of HIV and witchcraft, to name just a few. Today, the nation of Uganda has more than 70% of the population claiming Christianity as their faith in addition to thousands who  have been healed of HIV. He also spoke of Kenya also on the road to national transformation, all through the power of Fasting and Prayer. These national testimonies gave tremendous hope to all who were at the meetings, that we can certainly see Australia turn around through Fasting and Prayer.

We at Catch The Fire Ministries give all the glory to our King of kings and Lord of lords!  Thank you Jesus!

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden

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