Dear friends and family in Christ,

We’re posting the following email from Salt Shakers for your urgent prayer and action regarding the Acts 4:12 united Christian strategic meetings to counter the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne.

Dear Pastor/Leaders

We invite you to join us at one of three locations in Melbourne for a Pastors briefing and consultation. In December this year Melbourne will host the ‘Parliament of the World’s Religions’ – a gathering of ‘faith’ groups from around the world.

The two Men organising this event suggested to the Australian Government a few years ago that our Federal Parliament should stop being opened with an exclusively Christian prayer. They argued that this should be replaced by a rotation of prayers by the 17 ‘top’ faiths including ‘no religion’.  Some Local Councils have already adopted a roster of prayers at their suggestion and formed ‘Multi-faith Networks’ in their area.
This PWR gathering in December is but a small part of a much larger plan to change Australia into a multi-faith nation where all religions are seen as equal and each is required to tolerate each other and work together – the aim is that no religion would try to proselytise from any other religion.
These Briefings are being organised by the Acts 4:12 committee to alert the Christian community to the dangers of the PWR and to seek the best action to counter its activities by proclaiming that Jesus is the only way to God.

To this end I invite you to read the attached flyer which also has the dates and places of the three briefing sessions to be held next week.
We look forward to seeing you at one of the venues listed in the attached flyer.
Peter P Stokes
Co Founder & Executive Officer
Salt Shakers Inc
Ph: 03 9800 2855
Click the following link to access the brochure produced by the Acts 4:12 committee:

2 Responses to “Acts 4:12 United Christian Strategic Meetings to counter the ‘Parliament of the World’s Religions’ in Melbourne”

  1. 1 Anne

    Dear Friends in Christ,

    As the World Religion Gathering in Melbourne approaches in December this year, I believe it is a time to pray for God’s sovereign protection over the City and Nation.

    We could particularly pray for Indigenous Christian delegates to know how they should speak and carry the authority of Christ Jesus in this land during the Conference. They have divine authority as Godly seed of the First People God placed in this land to caretake it in every way – environmentally, socially and spiritually. They certainly need and deserve our prayers as they speak and act on behalf of God’s people in this land.

    Combining in prayer across the body of Christ, and praying together with His authority, we can ask for a banishing of every spirit that is contrary to the Spirit of God and an invitation to the Holy Spirit to bring His sweet influence in the hearts and lives of delegates from every religion and every part of the world. God only knows what influences can come about in the lives of those who attend. This is, after all, the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit. This is now the time to for us to rise up together under the banner of faith in Christ and claim a Godly inheritance in this land.

    The Christian Church could be encouraged to use this Conference as a time of blessing and authoritatively lifting up the name of Jesus over this City and before the religious leaders of the World instead of cringing at the thought of the influences they will bring.

    Christ is Lord indeed!

    May His precious blood be our protection and covering. Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

    With His unfailing love,


  2. 2 Kay

    Dear friends in Christ,

    I shall certainly be praying about this! What a dreadful thought – Satan is always trying to destroy our Christian heritage in this land of Australia and the world, but we know our Lord wins the victory over Satan any day!! but we have to be willing to do our part in correcting this and not allowing Satan even to get a foot in!!!


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