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Blood found on concrete slab on Mount Ainsley in CanberraDear family & friends in Christ,Praying and Worshipping the Lord
A few weeks ago a Pastor friend of mine who works as a chaplain for a state school in Victoria took his Year 6 class on an excursion to Canberra. There they went up to Mount Ainsley which overlooks the Federal Parliament building. Right on top of this mountain is some sort of a communication tower.
One of the students, who was not a Christian, came up to my Pastor friend and said, “there is blood all over the concrete slab under the tower”. This got the attention of many students and when they looked further, it was indeed fresh blood splattered all over the slab. The students were absolutely shocked as was my friend, who explained that it was some sort of sacrifice.
My friend who was very disturbed by what he had seen started praying but did not let the students know.  As they left for another place, my friend found out that the tour guide was a born-again Christian and he told her what they had seen on the mountain. She responded, “oh, we know about it as the witchcraft covens offer sacrifices all the time on that mountain”. My friend could not believe what he was hearing and he brought this to my attention as soon as he returned from Canberra.
A month ago I was with my wife and two other ladies in the car, including one who was formerly a witch but now a full on born-again Christian. In fact I have personally cast out many demonic spirits out of her. She told us that one of her friend’s (who also was a witch) father was a high priest in the coven. When she was a small girl, he told her that he had a surprise for her birthday. He blind folded her and told her to cut the cake. After cutting, her blind fold was removed and she was horrified to see that she had cut through the neck of a baby.
Could this be happening in Australia?? Yes, it is. Unfortunately the church has turned a blind eye towads this wickedness through ignorance, unbelief, or fear of repercussion. Well, it’s time to confront the devil head on. Someone needs to do it and we at Catch The Fire with your help and God’s grace are totally committed to seeing Australia turn back to worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ in Spirit and Truth.

Even just this week in my office, I had a lady who was formerly a high priestess in the coven and now a born-again Christian.  She was delivered from many demonic spirits at the Holy Spirit meetings in Hallam and recently shared some shocking information on how the witch covens operate in the satanic realm of darkness.
Another Pastor friend of mine spent 4-6 months counselling and casting demonic spirits out of a women who had offered her child as a sacrifice to satan. This happened in Melbourne, Australia, not overseas.
I believe God has given us a strategic spiritual warfare assignment to take back the high places in our nation. As I have been prayerfully seeking the Lord, the Spirit of God has been revealing to me that the whole nation is under a curse because the witchcraft covens from Mount Ainsley in Canberra are cursing the Federal Parliament, which is the heartbeat of Australia where decisions are being made that effect the whole nation.
On Saturday 17th October 2009 we are calling on all Christians to mount an offensive spiritual warfare attack on the demonic strongholds over the nation. Christians from all over the nation will gather on top of Mount Ainsley in Canberra from 2pm to 5pm.  We are calling a special afternoon of United Spiritual Warfare Prayer, Repentance, and Prophetic Worship.
I wish to challenge you to get to Canberra, our nation’s capital and hold up the hands of the body of Christ, Pastors and Christians leaders living there who seem very tired of fighting this battle alone, as I have spoken to some of them. If the Muslims can go all the way to Mecca, are we willing to sacrifice a bit to save our nation?
Alternatively, if you cannot get to Canberra, please rally a group of Christians together and go up to any high place the Lord leads you to and spend the afternoon of the 17th Oct 2009 from 2pm to 5pm in United Spiritual Warfare Prayer, Repentance and Prophetic Worship. Please make sure that you do not do this alone.

We will give you more details closer to the date, but please make the 17th October a very high priority day in your calendar. I am not giving all the details of the operation out right now due to obvious reasons, but stay tuned to our website and future emails. Make sure to start preparing for this assignment in fasting and prayer from now.
The Weather Bureau has declared that this coming bushfire season is going to be worse than the last one (Black Saturday), but I believe that we as the Church can turn this around through united prayer and repentance. May there be no deaths at all during this upcoming bushfire season.

“When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people,  if My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:13-14
Sorry for this long email, but I believe that this strategy could be the turn around in our nation to see a mighty harvest of souls saved and the nation bow down to worship Jesus as King of kings and LORD of lords!  I believe with all my heart that we the body of Christ will posses the land!
Many blessings and keep up the good fight of faith in the Lord!
Your brother in Christ,
Pastor Danny Nalliah

30 Responses to “TOP URGENT From Ps Danny – Please Take Time To Read/ Fresh Blood Found From Sacrifice”

  1. 1 Cora

    Thank you Pastor…. we will make sure our church will support this. To God be the glory!

    it’s me, Cora

  2. 2 Donna

    Dear Danny and team

    We are from Albany, Western Australia and Denmark is the next town. Unfortunately we have the same problems with witchcraft and Denmark is suppose to be end of one of world wide hexes. Denmark is full of witches and covens and overflows to Albany. I will pray for Canberra.


  3. 3 Richard

    Dear Danny,

    I am a Baptist pastor in Adelaide (part of a ministry team) and appreciate very much your ministry and the read with interest your emails. This one included. It certainly is disturbing.For many years I have cried to the Lord for revival in the Church across the nation and always believed 2 Chronicles 7:14 to be a key scripture. It speaks of humbling ourselves, praying, seeking His faceand turning from our wicked ways. My conviction is that unity across the body is critical and that part of the humbling process is working alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ. We all know from experience that this is not an easy path. It is the way of the Cross. But it is a path that leads to blessings and breakthrough. Danny,I sense there has been a break with the Australian Prayer Network in recent times, although I dont know the details of all that and dont need to. What an amazing testimony to the power of Jesus, and what a rebuke to the schemes of Satan, would be a truly united prayer event on Mt Ainslie when pastrs and intercessors from all over were to stand hand in hand declaring the Lordship of Jesus over both Canberra and the nation of Australia.I leave those thoughts with you. God bless you. Your brother in Christ Richard – Prayer pastor

  4. 4 Maria


  5. 5 Judy

    Thank you pastor Danny for continuing to make a stand and bring Christians together to pray for our nation.

    Unfortunately I am unable to personally attend as I am hosting a worship event here in Melbourne on the 17th and I think that is timely that we will join in prayer with you. However the worship meeting is from 7.30pm to 9.30pm Praise God there’s no distance in the Spirit and we will pray with you and as we worship believe God the Glory will fall on our nation.

    Bless you again and heartfelt thanks.


  6. 6 Donny

    Hi Guys

    And Jason- thanks for the email

    I have alerted the Genfire team in Canberra about the issue.

    Can you please make people aware – that we are already doing this- on the 24th-27th September


  7. 7 Lorna

    Hi Danny oz challenge have been ministering in this area of witchcraft for years. connect with them if you would like to really know what’s going on. Lorna

  8. 8 Peter

    Hi Pastor Danny, thanks for this informative, but unfortunately true, email. I live in Brisbane but will be travelling to Canberra from Sept 26 until 10th October in our caravan as support crew to about 30 cyclists who are cycling this distance to raise money for an orphanage in Zambia. I will stay the extra week to be present at Mt Ainslie with thousands of others and the Holy Spirit to bind these demonic forces. From the very next day we must expect to see some immediate changes coming out of our Federal Govt, that will begin to honour God!!

    Looking forward to seeing you there, Love in Jesus name, Peter

  9. 9 Peter

    Dear Danny, back in the eighties under Noel and Barbara Bell’s ministry there was frequent Spiritual warfare on the 3 high places around Canberra re this Satanic stuff. Some of the local intercessors could give you a head start on the Spiritual mapping aspects. Glad to see the Lord is on the move. Well done. Father, glorify Your Name, as You have done before. God bless. Yr bro. Peter

  10. 10 Amanda

    Dear Pastor Danny,
    As a family we recently (june) went to Canberra for a brief holiday break. My husband decided on the last day of our trip to drive to Mt Ainsley. We arrived as the sun was setting in spectacular glory to the west. We have amazing photos of it! I went to the lookout which is located at the top of the carpark at Mt Ainsley, i knew the Lord had sent us there. When i got to the lookout up a few steps, i was very aware of the spiritual significance of it’s location, as it looks directly down Anzac Avenue and on to Parliament house.Whilst up there in the top lookout i prayed knowing the Lord had sent me there to do just that. I also noticed that someone had left a Bible on the concrete which supports the light beacon up there. It was as if the LORD WANTED THE SOURCE OF THE LIGHT TO BE GODS WORD! I am really excited and encouraged to know that God is following up not just on my prayers but i believe many who have prayed over Canberra from that same place. The prayers i prayed from that place, as the Lord drew my attention to the alignments in the physical, which you can see from there, were for the people of our Nation to be brought back into right alignment with the purposes of the LORD. Bless you as you make preparations for this time… I for one will be praying
    blessings Amanda

  11. 11 Alyse

    Pastor Danny i know what you are talking about, i have been to africa recently and child sacrifice and witchcraft are very real. I will be seeking God for direction from here.

    In Geraldton WA at the beginning of the year the Lord lead me to start to pray against the Weather Bureau and scientific wisdom as they were speaking about elnino and a dry year, i was to cast down the thoughts and imaginings and every thing that raises up against the knowledge of God, our farming community in the midwest have been ministered too over the last two years and are beginning to look with new eyes that God may be an alternative, i could see them all turning into the radio stations and listening to doom and gloom from the weather reports that are from man. I felt tthe media, and weather forcasters were casting doubt on the faithfulness of our God and His goodness, there must have been others praying for God to send rain on the unrighteousness and the righteous for we have a good season this year, i know that God will move if we pray and declare His sovereignty and goodness over our nation. Thanks for leading in the good fight of faith.

    Blessings Brother Alyse A

  12. 12 Leigh

    Hello brother!
    I have uploaded this email via my website, – 27 August 2009.htm
    I have also “tweeted” this via Twitter to all to read for their prayerful action.

    God has broken my heart with such issue!
    We need to face Satan head on, and this is spiritual warfare!

    In Christ,

  13. 13 Dorothy

    This comes as no surprise and I agree it needs to confronted corporately I will be there!
    Dorothy from Moss Vale

  14. 14 Andrew

    Thanks Danny for the email. It is defiantly something the church needs to be aware of. Witch craft is something that the church needs to wake up about and realize that even some of their own youth are being led into it through a deception which is at hand. I had a dream revealing about this. You can check it out at God is moving through this nation and the church needs to get ready for this. There is a sweeping cleansing fire that will happen and it will be best for the church to be already ready to take back the ground which the enemy has taken. It has already started. Now is the time to take back the ground which is rightfully ours in Christ Jesus and win our cities for Christ.

    God bless.
    Your brother in Christ,

  15. 15 Cheryl

    hi no doubt you will get a few replies, i live in miles im a full time carer for my husband, i have a very interesting prayer life one of my areas i hit is the pagan satanic lot have a book with lots of stuff i write in and pray over ,while researching last year celebrants came up on my radar they are collecting young ones into the pagan realm , my niece has been caught up in a coven also in child care and schools,uni s of course ,shops . i could go on a lot more. please keep mal and i in prayer . as the father keeps me busy with prayer stuff.

  16. 16 Don

    G’day Jason/Danny

    Thanks for this article.

    Apparently the highest place is Dandenong is roughly where the Taxation Office is or opposite the Taxation Office where the council put up a heap of concrete blocks to help reduce the wind down Mason street. The blocks were covered by local artists with some strange looking ‘artwork’ that some consider satanic.

    I was working at the Taxation Office when the building manager told me engineers investigating the wind had recommended putting the blocks in. I didn’t expect them to be covered with artwork though.

    I lived in Canberra from 97-2001 and proposed to my wife at the Mt Ainslie lookout. It’s a beautiful place overlooking Canberra but it’s very dark and cold late at night.

    Please let me know of any groups around Dandenong who are meeting for prayer on this day.


    Don C

  17. 17 Ben

    I think Danny that its time that for a demonstration of the power of Gods blood sacrifice on top of that mount (mount Ainsley) to take possession under a blood covenant that we have with our God. Your God said that he would give you this land for an inheritance did he not . Well in the name of Jesus (The name above all names) Im throwing my faith in with yours and taking Possession of whats ours.( this entire country). In the begining God gave the land to a man in Gods very image Crowned with His Glory( anointed). And the way it started out is the way its going to end (Ecclesiastes 1.9) The thing that hath been , it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done. Jesus has given us the keys to the kingdom and what EVER WE BIND (PARALYSE) ON EARTH SHALL BE BOUND IN HEAVEN AND WHATEVER WE LOOSE ( break the grip of) ON EARTH SHALL BE LOOSED IN HEAVEN. Its our call not the witches, nor the government or satans. But we must take possession! The end o! If my book Revelations 12.11 says that they overcame him by the Blood of the lamb and the WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY

    Yours in Him

  18. 18 Debra

    Hi Danny,
    I became aware of the sacrifices being made in Canberra and the surrounding mountains in the late 1990’s when I lived in the Snowy Mountains. I was told by a christian woman who councilled women who came out of covens. I also believe that these types of sacrifices have been made at other high points throughout the country.We will be joining you in prayer from here in Victoria on the mountains at Kinglake overlooking Melbourne on the 17th of October at 2pm. We would like to ask those who can not make it to pray in Canberra to join us here as this is the highest point of the ridge and you can see all of Melbourne to the sea. I have prayed here before and believe that this is a stategic point for breakthrough over Melbourne. I had a vision quite a few years back of warriors of the Lord gathering here and taking the city of Melbourne in the spiritual for Jesus. Use the link below for directions.
    Yours in Christ, Debra, Flowerdale.

  19. 19 Pia

    Pia Justine Cruz wrote:
    First a funny story – a guy from my parents’ Canberra Bible study was walking around the hills of Canberra and saw some people praying so he innocently joined them and said – what are we praying for?! (assuming Christians) And then he realized… oops, they’re not Christians… Secondly… 1 year before Vic’s full-term abortion law, I dreamt I was in a town hall. I thought they were Christians until one asked me if I was wiccan? Then they were cutting up paper babies to burn them in a fire. Ive also met a girl who came out from the occult – when she was pregnant her occultist friends said they would only be there for her if she aborted the baby – but they would NOT be there for her if she kept it. She thought then – they are not real friends… and went back to the Christian church. It is horrible and thank-you for standing up for the children

  20. 20 Di

    Good afternoon – I have been sent a copy of ‘TOP URGENT from Ps Danny – Please take time to read/ Fresh blood found from sacrifice”
    I am concerned for those who ‘get caught in the moment’ tread in dangerous places – where they do not have authority….and bring ‘wounding’ on themselves..

    We will Praise HIM – HE IS THE KING OF THE WHOLE EARTH. Trust HIS Name Praise HIM – we PRAISE HIM and HE will take care of the demonic activity.

    Thank you, di

  21. 21 Ruth

    This morning I prayed about your call to Canberra. I asked God specifically to confirm the date and received a scripture that strongly confirmed your event, both the dates and the nature of it – II Kings 17: 10 (read from verse 7 onwards, but look at verse 10 in particular) II Kings 17: 10. “They set up asherah poles on every high hill and under every spreading tree.” I had opened to this randomly, without looking for anything. Note the numbers 17 and 10.

    Next I received Matt 17:21 through today’s God Calling. ( Very interesting that this verse is only in foot notes in the NIV! ) “This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.” Matt. 17:21. I sense it is a call for 21 days of fasting beforehand in order to ensure success. (Note the 17 and the 21 in this one). Do you agree? This is serious business you are embarking on. I notice you mention prayer and fasting as preparation.

    Many have dealt with these issues for a long time already and have prepared the ground. In fact there is serious work being done on the occult forces in Canberra at present.

    See how you feel about the above,
    Praying with you,

  22. 22 Gordon

    Hello Danny

    I have been receiving your emails since you spoke at in the Great Hall of Parliament House a few years ago and have been encouraged by your ministry.

    I have lived in Canberra for 24 years and have been involved in praying for the rulers and authorities over us in the land (1 Timothy 2:1-4) for 23 of the 24 years. We are called the 7:14 Group and each Wednesday morning about 10 men meet to pray for our leaders and for healing for our land, we commence praying at 7:14am, followed by breakfast. We also upheld you in prayer during the racial vilification trials. The 7:14 Group consists of men from various churches and has two rules; first time visitors are our guests and we start praying at 7:14am.

    On Friday mornings I meet with other prayer warriors on top of Mt Rogers which overlooks the Belconnen Valley on the north side of Canberra. We can see Mount Ainslie (please note correct spelling) from Mount Rogers. We worship God and pray for the Churches and Pastors in the Belconnen area and for healing for our land. We know others who meet on Mount Ainslie to pray for the same purpose, so please be assured that many prayers are being offered for our Nation from within the ACT. We also pray in Jesus name that Satan and his workers to be bound.

    Danny, I would like to extend an invitation to you to join us at the 7:14 group for prayer any Wed morning you may be in Canberra. Please contact me to arrange meeting.

    I am also interested in keeping up to date on preparation for the prayer meeting on Mt Ainslie on the 17th of Oct.



  23. 23 Caxton

    Hello Pastor Danny

    I had your email forwarded to me about the prayer meeting in Canberra. unfortunately i can’t make it because i will be in Kenya on a mission trip. I have once met you over a lunch organized with NCC leadership in Canberra and i came to know more about your ministry through Kim and Carlo Lewis (i fellowship in a different church now).

    Anyway i am writing to encourage you to do what the Lord has set you to do. We have been praying for Canberra city and this country now for some time. i can confirm that Mt. Enslie is a stronghold of the devil. Please see my story in italics as follows

    I was driving to work along Limestone Avenue in Canberra one morning and as i drove past Cambell High School that the Lord requested me to go up Mt. Ainslie. At that time, i had been looking for a place to organize some meetings to pray for the city, so I thought this was why the Lord was leading me.

    I obeyed and changed my route and drove to the peak of Mt. Ainslie where after walking around looking for a venue that would be suitable for a holding a meeting, the Lord requested me to go up the stairs to the highest point, where a beacon is mounted.

    On my way up, I started feeling very weak and could hardly walk. At that point I thought it was because of the altitude, but having grown up in the slopes of Mt. Kenya (about 4,000 meters above see level), I knew that I should not have problem with Mt. Ainslie. At that point I tried to call Milka (my wife) to request for prayer support, but there was no reception on my phone. I have been back many times since and my phone has always had excellent network reception.

    I struggled and made it to the top as i prayed for strength, where I met a man dressed in faded dirty jeans, with an old priestly collared shirt, unkempt hair, and beard. He had an old smooth walking stick similar to a traditional staff (walking stick used by elders in tribal settings).

    He stood right in front of me and blocked me from moving further up to the far end of the beacon base. At this point, I felt weaker and could only stand with support from the stair railing. I then realized that I was in the middle of spiritual warfare and starting speaking in tongues and called upon the name of Jesus. He likewise started speaking in some tongues but I got stronger and later could stand. He then pointed at the base of the beacon and I noticed that the place had blood-like-red paint that was poured out and dripped down like blood. I then understood that he was showing me his altar. He murmured while pointing to the “blood” and I understood that he was asking me what I would do about the altar. I told him that in the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, and i have been called to stand in the gap for this city and no kingdom can stand against the plan of God in this nation.

    At that point he stretched his hands and showed me city below us and laughed slightly. I responded by telling him that the city belongs to the Lord. I then made a prayer and pronounced the majesty of our Lord Jesus, inferiority of Saturn, released God’s Angels to take charge and walked down the stairs. While on my way down the stairs, he continued to speak in tongues and mockingly laugh at me. I experienced slight loss of strength again but was able to get to my car and drive off.

    Pastor i have since been praying for this nation and its good to know that others have had similar experiences. i believe that this is time to arise and take charge over the afairs of this nation. God has been preparing us for a time like this.

    May God bless you


  24. 24 Donna

    Dear Danny and team

    Can you pray for my daughter and son-in-law their little son got jiff cleaner in his eye and it has burnt the corneas he still got his eyes closed. after 24 hours. the doctor said it should be okay I am a bit uneasy. also they are taking the other son to have a brain scan for epilepsy. and Just before this the creche lady church said they can’t look after the little one. Once a fortnight lucy and lee sing and he is a deacon. He can’t look after 2 kids because he has a crooked arm. It devestated my daughter she was crying her heart out. she is a worship leader and he is really hurt. the leadership don’t realise how hurt they are their child is the only one they are not looking after . Can you pray this is sorted out I am worried my son-in-law is a young christian i want them to be happy in church not broken hearted and then they dealing with their sick children on top of it. I am really concerned about their faith and are allowed to serve God.
    I hope you don’t mind.I am really quite concerned. Also I have had a vision of witches and warlocks sacrificing an animal It looks like a child I hope not.


  25. 25 Ken

    Dear Ps Danny

    Thank you for the letter about blood sacrifices in Canberra. Do you mind if I ask, are you absolutely sure that the slab really was a sacrifice, and does not have some other explanation? I am assuming that animals are offered – surely not human babies? I certainly hope not. Could someone take a sample of the blood for DNA analysis?

    Of course, the main weapon against evil is good – prayer, proclamation of the truth, etc.

    However, I think it is likely that people doing these sacrifices are breaking the law. Certainly, the RSPCA should be told – I expect they’d be angry for different reasons than us, but just as determined to stop it. And they’d have the law on their side.

    I really appreciate getting your emails. I don’t think many of my fellow Anglicans get your emails, but I find your Church’s work inspiring and informative.

    Thanking you,

    (Revd) Ken

  26. 26 Amy

    Hello pastor Danny you are a real men of GOD keep the good work.Iam ex muslim women whom love trust and believe in JESUS my LORD and SAVIOR i am the outcast of my familly because they all muslims pray for them brother Danny specialy for my yonger son is name is Baba for salvation i pray GOD to change ther soul,mind and heart and make them accept JESUS to be their LORD and SAVIOR GOD Bless You Amy from spain

  27. 27 Joana

    Greetings to all at CTFM, I was forwarded your website by a friend of mine re the Urgent Prayer Request for the trip to Mt Ainsley…I’m originally form Melbourne and have been temporarily living up here in Brisbane since February for family reasons….can I just say I was so inspired, thankful and grateful to our God for calling out Kingdom minded people who are serious about making the life of the Kingdom of God more real here on earth…thank you for all that you’re doing, I will be forwarding the Mt Ainsley trip Prayer Request to our Hillsong Brisbane Campus so we can stand with you for this worthy course, Praise God….Please keep me in your Distribution List, I will be in Melbourne in October and would love to be there at “March for the Babies”, all glory and honor be unto our Lord and King Yeshua. Blessings unto you, Joana

  28. 28 Ruth

    Hi Pastor Danny,
    God gave me a message for you today from Ezra 7: I thought it was for me, until I started to journal and realised it was for you regarding Canberra (I try to focus on other things, and there it is again, further confirmation about the Canberra trip and that God is with you!):

    Now I decree that any of the Israelites in my kingdom, including priests and Levites, who wish to go to Jerusalem with you, may go. 14 You are sent by the king…

    V9b for the gracious hand of his God was on him. 10 For Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the LORD, and to teaching its decrees and laws in Israel.

    God Bless you Pastor Danny, May His gracious hand be on you!

  29. 29 Fungayi

    Toowoomba will never be the same Pastor. Thank you for your powerful testimony.Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us the authority to bring down and rebuke that which exalts itself above the knowledge and wisdom of God. The devil has been rebuked, he is always rebuked,I rebuke him now in the name of Jesus. I pray for the Blood of Jesus to cover that concrete slab. Amen

  30. 30 Denish

    Praise God

    Hello Pastor Danny, I will surly pray for this matter. Gods hand is upon you Pastor.

    God bless all the members of the CTFM ministries

    Denish Antony

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