By David Herzog

Sri Lankan FlagA historical move of God swept the capital of Sri Lanka that has not been seen in over 30 years! This was the first major evangelistic meeting during a time of peace that was declared only month ago. As we drove out of the airport huge billboards dominated the roads advertising the meetings with “Do you believe in Miracles” with the information. Everynight was packed out with thousands of people, at least 30% of them were unbelievers. Buddhism is the national religion as all the government officals are Buddhists and the stronghold of original Buddhism is based in Sri Lanka as Buddha set up his base in this nation before he died. Even Buddha’s tooth is enshrined in Sri Lanka.

The altars call were packed with buddhists, hindus, muslims and even catholics being saved!! Even a buddhist priest came and recieved prayer. This shook up the religious as well as some government authorities to such a degree that I cannot share in this email what ocurred but our host who also works in the government was on the phone working overtime to deal with it, but to such a point that everyone in the capital was talking about it as unbelievers especialliy buddhists don’t attend christian meetings much less receive Jesus as their Messiah. The miracles from the very first night sent shockwaves as many blind eyes opened, paralytics were healed as well as paralyed arms and limps, deaf ears opened, cancers and tumors vanished, instant weight loss miracles, teeth turned to gold and silver as new teeth re-appreared, even jewelry turned from silver to gold as the healings, miracles, signs and wonders abounded!!  These meetings touched the movers and shakers of the nation to government officials that work for the President, Buddhist priests, leaders of other religious groups, pastors, key businessmen of the city, even the owner of the hotel we stayed at. Also those that are key leaders in the mafia drug underworld of Sri Lanka also attended. Most of them said they had never been to such a meeting and were pleasantly surprised at the joy, love, miracles and the supernatural atmosphere. They loved the fact that there was not a “religious spirit” that occur in many even spirit filled ministries using “christianese” language and dressing like they are attending a funeral that actually turn people away from Jesus….It’s time for a new wineskin to reach a new harvest of souls not just abroad but right here in the USA that will draw the lost and the influencers of our nation and make them feel loved by God drawing them to a radical changed salvation experience and a ch anged life.
Also in Dubai, considered the “Switzerland” of the muslim world, about 1000 people filled the room, healings and miracles occurred, even people with only holes in their mouth had full grown teeth appear and other such miracles pointing the people to Jesus that he is still alive today.
We want to thank you so much for the many of you that covered us in prayer, intercession and fasting as it was greatly needed as we could feel the spiritual forces resisting but the breakthrough was undeniable by both believers and unbelievers alike.  Your prayers also allowed us to safely come in and leave those nations.

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