Pr Danny NalliahDear Friends and Family in Christ,

Following is a link to a very good article from the Saturday 1st August edition of the Geelong Advertiser in Victoria, Australia regarding anti-discrimination legislation as discriminatory and Pastor Danny’s court case fought for freedom of speech and religion.

Attorney General Rob Hulls from the State Government of Victoria wants the exemptions removed from the Racial & Religious Tolerance Act presently given to religious organisations.  This will lead to Christian schools being forced to recruit non-Christian teachers, such as Homosexuals, Secular Humanists, Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, New Agers, etc.  Furthermore, the proposed Bill of Rights will gag Pastors, Leaders, and all followers of Christ from speaking openly against practices and lifestyles such as Homosexuality, Abortion, Witchcraft, other Religions, and the list goes on and on!

Keep praying in the Holy Spirit and lobbying the Government against the proposed Bill of Rights!

Anti Discrimination Legislation Discriminatory Equality Mess – From The Geelong Advertiser

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2 Responses to “Equality Mess: Newspaper Report Regarding Pastor Danny And Court Case”

  1. 1 Peter

    Hear, Hear!!

    I sent an email to the ACT Chief Minister and stated ” your law is discriminatory. Your law has only worsened the situation”.

    The news article attached to your email seems to hold the same opinion…..good on ya!

    As a wise old elder from my Church many years ago said (when referring to the initial push for a Bill of Rights)….”once you prescribe something, you proscribe it” meaning, once you say what something is, you say what it isn’t.

    We all (should) know what the agenda is here, the politicians & legal people are willing (or maybe unwilling) pawns in Satans’ attempt to make this country “heathen” or “hedonistic” using the “fair play” routine.

    Evil abounds while good (godly) men do nothing, well you guys are doing something, so keep it up!


    Dalby, Qld

  2. 2 Daphne

    Yay Go Danny!! Go for Our Lord Jesus Christ!! We do not want a repeat of what is happening in The U.S.A to happen here.

    Whenever someone says ‘rights’ I cringe, because i know that when people announce that everyone has rights, though it may sound good, it usually means that someone else’s rights are forfeited, and in the world as it is, it is the Christians rights that are the target.

    I agree with Peter (Dalby), I will not be a pawn in Satan’s plans, or be a slave to what a few mega richs’s lust for power.

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