Pastor DannyBy Jono Pech – Sunrayasia Daily – Saturday, August 15, 2009

PASTOR Danny Nalliah knows some people will not like what he has to say, but he is not afraid to speak up for what he believes is right for Australia. Known for his healings and controversial views on multi-culturalism and free speech, Pastor Nalliah will speake at the Mildura Living Waters Church tonight and tomorrow night at 7.30pm. The 2007 Australian of the Year nominee was at the centre of a five-year legal battle for the freedom of religion and speech when the Islamic Council of Victoria took his group, Catch The Fire Ministries, to court on vilification charges in 2002. The case was eventually thrown out by the Supreme Court of Appeal and Pastor Nalliah has continued to speak out against issues opposing Australia’s heritage and traditional values. The Catch The Fire president said the main focus this weekend would be prayer ministry and bringing churches of all denominations together. “In the last year I have seen more than 40 deaf people healed in Melbourne and other places I’ve spoken,” he said. “Arthritis, diabetes, cancer, asthma, tendonitis, chronic fatigue syndrome – we have seen a mighty wave of healing across the country. “Many people with depression have gone off their medications with success after our healing, to the point that one doctor was referring patients to the meetings we were having.”

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4 Responses to “Crusader For Christian Way – Pastor Danny Delivers Fiery Message”

  1. 1 Iris

    Noble message from noble pastor – Sunraysia Daily 19th August 2009

    Pastor Danny Nalliah (“Crusader for Christian way, Sunraysia Daily August 15), you are a noble man who has most obviously been given a mission, which you have accepted responsibly.

    It is essential that all churches be united, as Christians are not perfect,and need the guidance of the Holy Spirit, with support to each other. There are so many of the rules which were given to us, to have a stable civilisation, which are forgotten, and as a consequence, there is the turmoil of today.

    Wealth and greed has been created as the only way to live, forgetting the rules, which, would create stability.

    We were given sex for reproduction of man, not to be used irresponsibly, causing several lethal diseases.

    Abortion pills are a lethal way of encouraging misuse of sex.

    May God bless you and others join you to make Australia a better country.

    Iris from Merbein

  2. 2 Jacob

    HI my name is jacob. plz pray for americans and australians who are coverting to hindusim so many of them are converted

  3. 3 Anne

    I receive emails from Catch the Fire Ministries all the time & I want to thank you for sending them to me so regularly & I sure love hearing what the Lord has & is doing & how the Lord is using Ps Danny. Why Im sending an email is to say I admire Ps Danny for the stand he makes for the nations & australia Ps Danny does not compromise & he will say how it is especially when He receives a word from the Lord & that He speaks it out. Keep it up Im praying that more & more Pastors in Australia will rise up & make a stand & also to stop watering down theword as there is a whole Gospel to be preached not just bits & pieces of it. My spirit is grieved by what it sees but the Lord will have His way I believe that there will come a “shaking” up within the Churches across the nations & believers will be surprised but the others who have expected it wont be. God is getting sick & tired of churches being a “bless me club” time to move forward & rise up, time to get REAL HUNGRY for the Lord and time to stop “sucking our thumbs”.
    So Ps DANNY yr a gem & the Lord is using you in such a profound way & Im so happy to know that your speaking up & saying how it is we need more like you thats what my spirit desires & that is my prayer too.

    Bless you all there at Catch the Fire & I pray that this message will be passed onto Ps Danny too

    Im from Canberra too.


  4. 4 AMY GAYE

    Hello pastor Danny you are a real men of GOD keep the good work.Iam ex muslim women whom love trust and believe in JESUS my LORD and SAVIOR i am the outcast of my familly because they all muslims pray for them brother Danny specialy for my yonger son is name is Baba for salvation i pray GOD to change ther soul,mind and heart and make them accept JESUS to be their LORD and SAVIOR GOD Bless You Amy from spain

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