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End Times - Pr DannyDear family & friends in Christ,

I’ve been praying that the church in Australia will be proactive and move into revival through a season of increasing prosperity and favor with God.  However, unfortunately I believe that most part of the church has sadly chosen to be reactive and will now experience revival only through persecution. Why should we the church wait until something goes wrong to wake up and put it right, after having paid a heavy price? Well, the sad truth is that most of the church is not hearing the voice of God, nor willing to obey even if they do hear His voice!

There is a big difference between believing (passive) and obedience (faith in action). Just simply believing will not bring revival. We must ACT on what we believe in faith to see revival. I think we in Australia chose to go with persecution when we made the choice to elect a government in 2007 with more than 80% anti-Christian politicians and dumped a government with more than 70% Christians, including some great morally sound Christians at the top of its leadership.

Before the 2007 election the Lord gave me a clear prophetic word, “If my people UNITE, PRAY & ACT,  John Howard would be re-elected and Peter Costello will take on the leadership.” When John Howard (former Prime Minister) was not re-elected, I was criticized by many Christian leaders who praised Kevin Rudd (current Prime Minister) as the man of God for the hour. In particular one very well known prayer ministry leader even mocked me through his national email database, praising Kevin Rudd as one of the godliest Christian Prime Ministers in Australia’s history.

Strangely enough this same Christian leader now sends emails calling on Christians to lobby against the unrighteous laws that have been introduced and supported  by the Rudd government. In some emails he states, we cannot let these laws get through as it is against God’s will. We desperately need to stop the Rudd government from doing so.

Another prominent Christian leader who promoted Rudd as a very good alternative to Howard is now pleading with people to write to the government to STOP homosexual laws, abortion laws, Bill of rights and the list goes on and on. Sorry sirs, the horse has already bolted out into the field. Now we must repent, pray, and ask God to prepare us to be strong in the Lord as we face increasing persecution. It would have been better to put the fence around the top of the mountain rather than an ambulance at the bottom.

Some Christian leaders told me, “Danny, we prayed for the election but Howard did not get re-elected.” I then asked them, “if you genuinely lay down your political loyalties, which government had better Christian values??” Most of them answered, “definitely the Howard government.”  So I asked them, “did you ACT on what you believed by telling your congregation how to vote?” The answer was very sad as they replied, “we cannot upset the congregation.” This is a major problem in the church today. Most church leaders want to keep everyone happy. Political correctness has taken over much of the church. Although many Christian leaders prayed for the election, most did not ACT on what they knew was right deep inside of their heart.

Unfortunately we will be most likely stuck with the current government for some time as Satan (the god of this world) has free reign to bring in more ANTI-CHRISTIAN laws. This will result in the church being terribly affected and severe restrictions placed on the church.  Even if the opposition in government comes into power, I do not see much hope with its current leadership.

Soon many churches will have spies sitting in the congregation (Like what the ICV & EOC did to CTFM in 2002)waiting to complain against Pastors who preach against sin, wickedness, and evil such as homosexuality, abortion etc.  Then churches will have to decide whether they will preach the gospel according to the government or stand for the truth and go to jail, very similar to what happened in Russia, China, and many other nations facing persecution by the government. Oh Lord, please have mercy on us!

Many have asked me, “aren’t Rudd and Obama God’s choice?” The answer I believe is a BIG NO! Would God choose leaders who approve the killing of babies in the womb, legalise homosexuality, and destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage? No! No! NO! God would not choose such leaders. How did they get into office then? It was man’s choice, not God’s! What you ask is what you get.  What you sow is what you reap, just like the biblical history of the nation of Israel.

In Mathew Chapter 24 we read the signs of the end times and of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ! One sentence in this chapter sums it all up, “these are the beginnings of birth pains.” In Hebrew this means ‘contractions’.  I believe the world is in deep contractions never ever as before. The volume of disasters has rapidly increased. Some describe not as 2 fold, nor 3 fold, but a 100 fold!

Just take the explosion of the number of earthquakes around the world. According to a recent report on TV, from the first coming of Jesus to the year 1600, it was recorded that there was 1-2 earthquakes once in every 300 years. Then in the year 1600 there was 1. In 1800 it rose to 28, then to 128 in the year 1900, and then so many by the year 2000 that they have lost count. The Boxing Day Tsunami earthquake was the biggest ever recorded. The list of diseases, famines, natural disasters, wars and others have increased like never ever recorded in history.

Certainly the world is having contractions in very close succession just as a mother before she is about to deliver her baby. I believe Jesus is coming very, very soon. The BIG question is, “are you ready to meet Him face to face?” The Bible states that your very own will betray you and you will be persecuted because of your stand for Jesus and His return. By the way, this is before the rapture.

I believe God during this time of persecution will separate the true church (bride of Christ) from the false church. I want to challenge you to pray in the Holy Spirit, read the Word of God, and prepare to face the challenging season ahead of us. Do not wait till it happens, because it might be too late and you might deny Jesus. The Bible says, during this time even His very elect will grow cold and fall away from the faith.

God’s future plans will ultimately come to pass, but unfortunately I believe it will be through a season of severe persecution. ARE YOU READY???

Some might simply laugh this off. Some may mock, possibly because they are very worried about their own reputation, building their own empires, and seeking glory amongst man.  God have mercy on them. As for me, I do not look for reputation from man but rather for the crown that awaits me in heaven!

Many blessings,
Your brother in Christ,
Pr Danny Nalliah

20 Responses to “Revival Through Persecution”

  1. 1 Peter

    Dear Danny,

    brian Pickering reported that Kevin Rudd said after two elections ago, “unless we win the Christian vote, we cannot win the next election.” Kevin then re-invented himself. Brian also reports that a secular statistician stated that it was specifically the Christian vote – mainly amongst Pentecostals and Baptists that got the Rudd government across the line in the last election. Labor had claimed a land slide, but in fact it was only about 5,000 votes difference, if memory serves me correctly – 5,000 Christian votes?

    It is very disapointing that so many Christians were unable to see that Kevin is what my (nominal christian) father described as a “show pony.” As I have said before, it doesn’t matter what he and Obama do, the media in general, still sings their praises. Greg Blaxland said to me about 7 years ago, ” I think what the Australian church needs is a good persecution to wake us up.”

    I am ready to suffer dear brother, and to lose whatever, for His sake.

  2. 2 Paul

    Fantastic truth Danny This I confirm as a word from God & what I am also saying exactly!


    Right with you!!!


  3. 3 Kevin

    Thank you paster Danny for this message. Much appreciated.



  4. 4 Kathy

    Thank you for your warning about persecution and revival of the church Ps Danny.

    Early this week it was announced over the news that an Islamic school for 800 students was approved for Huxton Park, NSW (near Liverpool). Below is a link from local newspaper:

    It is a sad day to realise that the muslims have “invaded” part of Australia with their success in getting approval for a muslim school. How else will the children be integrated into the Australian society and be spared being radical in their faith. This is NOT multiculturism. They are intent on being different.

    This infiltration into western society has already happened in USA and Europe. With government welfare to support children with tax payers money, they have many children and increase their power in numbers to vote in a democratic country. It is okay in their religion to take up to 4 wives. Imagine, how many children can be born to one man alone, and who needs to look for work when they can claim unemployment benefits.

    Well, we need to pray for God’s divine intervention.

    Best Regards,

  5. 5 Ian

    God be good to you Pastor Danny! You have the guts to tell it like it is, as so few have these days in this land. You are spot-on. You read the times very accurately in my estimation.

    What if we upset the congregation? What if we dare let God out of the box we have Him in at the moment? What might He do? Tough – leave that up to Him – it’s his blood-bought Church after all.

    Go for it Pastor Danny – God is with you indeed.


  6. 6 Dallas

    Dear `Danny,

    Your latest letter is absolutely correct. How tragic that so many Christians were blind to the real character of both Obama and Rudd.
    Botyh gave enough signals before their election to warn discerning Christians NOT to vote for them.

    Obama is, I believe the most dangerous man in the whole world! More so that any Muslim leader – we know they are anti-Christs, but Hussein
    Obama seems good and is rotten. Rudd is ,likewise a dangerous man.

    However, those points aside, our greatest need is revival, a real heaven sent effusion of the Holy Spirit on a church which is asleep. Where are
    the preachers urging their people to pray with ceasing? Where are the preachers, who are preaching the truth about the Holy Spirit, in the
    average church? I do not know – and as I do, I find many people are very cautious about these things.

    Persecution may be the way God is going to waken up His church here, but it is sad it must come to that. The great need today is for the church
    to be humbled – a time of humiliation rather than false joy is our need.

    God be with you,


  7. 7 Noa

    Thank you Pastor Danny for bringing forth truth. I received the same re. the church in 2004. God will visit Australia NOT in a pretty way that most christian expect or even praying for, He will visit in a way that will WAKE UP the sleeping church, YES, through seasons of persecutions. Lord have mercy upon us. Australia let us return to Him!!
    His uncommon favour is upon you brother Ps. Danny.

  8. 8 Steve

    Danny, what web sites are there that keep the public informed as to federal and state legislation that is to be introduced into the respective parliaments

    So often we only find out after the passing of legislation

    I too was disgusted by the number of Christians who couldn’t see in 2007 that voting for Mr Rudds candidates would be destructive for Australia.

    Yours in prayer
    Steve from Gold Coast

  9. 9 Ray

    God bless you Pastor Danny,

    like you,my brother, my family and I did the ‘research’ before voting, thank you for those facts on the earthquake stats as I had been waiting for that information for years. I agree that we are in the very end times and it doesn’t hurt anyone to read ‘the Foxes book of matyrs’ as desparate times are ahead.

    John Howard is a godly man and it saddened me to the core when I heard my brothers and sisters jeer at John Howard when Kevin Rudd came in as P.M. Truth is brother, there is nothing to ‘laugh off ‘. God will not be mocked. The current situation reminds me of when Israel wanted a king, they didn’t want a prophet anymore and Samuel told them the type of king that they would get. The people ‘disagreed with Samuel and ,sure enough, they got a ‘peoples choice’ instead. Praise the Lord that Samuel was patient and endured his time and duties. Oh Lord may we endure!

    Thank you once again and God bless you

    in christ service Ray

  10. 10 Dorothy

    Dear Pastor Danny

    Thank you for your courageous, strong word. It is very refreshing and inspiring to read your emails. You are clearly one who fears God but not man – may we not be found wanting in the time of trouble.
    Daniel 11:35, 12:10.

    May His Name be glorified in our midst


  11. 11 Solomon

    Dear Ps Danny,

    So GOOD to hear you putting the facts and figures about politics and the coming disasters-God sends disasters too, by the way! We’re always praying for you and the RUA and the Catch the fire ministry. May Gods favour and blessings be on yours always!!!

    By the way, we’re standing in prayers to have RUA set up here, LORDs timing is very soon…will keep you informed

    Love and best regards,

    Solomon from Goulburn

  12. 12 Michael

    Hi Pastor Danny,
    A Pastor friend of mine in the Philippines told me not so long ago that a member of his congregation saw a vision of members of a church beating up there pastor because the rapture had already taken place and they were left behind.They were beating him up because he hadn’t prepared his congregation for the Lord’s return.

    I for one can’t say the last time I heard a message about getting ready for the Lord’s return except in your meetings.

    Thank you for being a faithful shepherd and speaking the truth.

    God will not be mocked by anyone in the body of Christ or outside.



  13. 13 Zeitgeber

    Luke 21:8 “Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not follow them.”

  14. 14 Ben

    Thanks for the word you just gave… Oh wait! Did you say that because Christians didnt pray that this is why KRUDD got in? I prayed. MY church prayed. Many churches in our area prayed. So your little clause of getting you out from this is that the people you think should have prayed didnt thats why he got in? Hmm? You do know how to spin things if they dont work for you.

    Praise God by the way for K Rudd. More heart than the bitter old man John Howard was.

    At least Kevin knew how to apologise to our native Australians unlike Howard who screwed that all up.

  15. 15 Wendy

    Dear Ps Danny,

    The Lord told me many years ago that we would not have revival without persecution.

    Often on tv we see Mr Rudd coming out of church. I think, like George W. Bush, that this is all for show. What a hypocrite. I wonder what church he attends?

    I know someone who says you are a false prophet because you predicted Peter Costello would win the last election. But I think you are human too and we can all make mistakes.

    God bless you and keep giving us God’s Word for today.


  16. 16 Matthew

    Steve, I have no idea what Danny looks at, but I read SaltShakers which informs about upcoming legislation, legislation that has passed/been blocked and other issues of the day. For those in Victoria you have till 5pm on Friday the 10th July to send in a submission regarding the Review of the Exceptions in Victoria’s Equal Opportunity Act.

    We as a Church need to humble ourselves and pray. Without revival, I can only see things getting worse. If you don’t know what to pray, pray that the Lord will put his will on your heart.

    Ezekiel 22:30 I find very significant. “I looked for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found none.” (NIV) Ezekiel was living in a wicked generation. God looked for people who were both intercessors and acted on what they believed and found none, none. We are living in a generation no less wicked than in Ezekiel’s day. If we as God’s people will not humble themselves I believe we will face destruction also.

  17. 17 Dorian

    Hi Danny i really enjoyed this article thanks and keep going, may the Lord lead us all as we move forward to save souls and preserve this country in Jesus mighty name.

    love Dorian

  18. 18 Rose

    Thank you for your letter of Truth


  19. 19 Colleen

    Dear Pastor Danny and family, thankyou for your email.

    I have been receiving emails from CTFM for a little while and have over the last few years faced a little ‘frustration’ on the condition of the church. Some times it feels like I am the ‘odd one out’ and have found it really hard to connect with others who believe what the Lord is saying to His church at this time. The fellowship we attend however, speaks on issues such as you have discussed, so I am very grateful to God for them for that.

    Over the last year the Lord has impressed upon me Melbourne. My husband & I have been praying (along with my daughters) for the Lord to make it very clear to us, His will. You don’t know me, but would appreciate it if you could pray for our family at this time. I am currently studying at uni, doing a Bachelor of Justice & Legal Studies and have a very ‘unusual and keen’ interest in the law and politics. I am looking to change my degree to a Bachelor of Laws as the Lord impressed upon me in 2007 to study law. At the time I was not really sure as to why, but knew I needed to obey His leading.

    It is good to be kept up to date and in touch with those who are hearing and discerning the voice of the Holy Spirit, cause I know that the Lord is coming soon and I need to be ready. The Holy Spirit has been gently, yet firmly saying over the last 3 years at least that ‘He is coming soon’ and when I seek Him in prayer, He clearly says “I am coming soon” and ‘prepare’ and ‘get ready, for I am coming soon’. I am so glad that He speaks with us and trust that He will continue to do so, for without Him we can do nothing!!

    Well once again, God bless, and thankyou for your regular emails.

    Yours in Him, Colleen

  20. 20 Office 2

    So many don’t realize what’s been happening to this country.most people
    do not know the original background of pol.parties.most don’t know what
    socialism is about.Also it is notable that int. leaders being shunted
    to join the status quo of the rest of the’s only a matter of
    time-not much of that left for pandora’s box to open.Many will be taken
    by surprise;but “the wise will shine as the stars”.- In Himwe live and
    move and have our Being!

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