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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

United Prayer

Dear family & friends in Christ,
Thank you for your valued support to all of you who have sent submissions to the government in response to the several emails we and others have sent over the last few months regarding the proposed Bill of Rights.
I have had a few people ask me how we can pray against the Bill of Rights. Following are my thoughts and suggested prayer points. 


 1) Pray that the bill will not get through Parliament when it gets to that stage

2) Pray for the masses (wider Australian community) to rise up against the bill, not just Christians

3) Pray for the removal of the veil of deception from those who mistakenly support this bill

4) Pray against complacency in the Body of Christ – especially the leaders, who should rise up and motivate their flock to protest and pray about all the current issues that are effecting the Church and the Nation

5) Pray for churches to unite the prayer of agreement to see the Bill completely defeated

6) Pray that Christian leaders will not strike a compromised deal with the government behind closed doors, similar to what some of them did with the Abortion and Homosexual laws

7) Pray that  the church will stand strong in the Word and Spirit of the Lord to protect Australia’s Christian heritage

8) Pray against and bind the spirit of the antichrist who is trying to change the times and laws

9) Pray that the Media will rise up against it, particularly people like Andrew Bolt

10) Pray that people will actively lobby against the bill with their local federal member of parliament

11) Pray for Christian believers to cry out and repent for those who were deceived and voted Labour in the last federal election

12) Pray that God will speak to those politicians who support this bill and change their hearts
Your Brother in Christ,
Pr Danny Nalliah

7 Responses to “Prayer Assault Against The Bill of Rights”

  1. 1 Larry

    Thank you for these updates. We will also lift these up in prayers.


  2. 2 Robyn

    Thank you Danny for giving the opportunity to release our fears and frustrations. Changing of the Constitution through creating a Bill of Rights demeans everything I have come to know of my loving God who cares for all mankind including the marginalised who are yet to understand the Truth of the Freedom that comes from the Living God. (The mandate of the Gospel is the underpinning of our great Australian Constitution it was a forefathers who fought for justice and righteousness and had the Fear of God in their lives, Fear of God, being the Beginning of Wisdom).

    If we allow injustice to arise by acceptance of tolerance for those who consider themselves marginalised or persecuted we are missing the Gospel message. The Woman with the alabaster box went about her daily business with no care or concern of the consequence until she came face to face with the Love of God and the Power of the Almighty. There is only one God who can forgive our sin who can release us from captivity. Every man and every woman is captive to the God of this world until lthe Light and the LOVE of Jesus shines brightly into their heart and mind.

    I do not want to lose the Freedom I have found in my Saviour, King and Lord, I do not want to lose the Power of the Glory of God over my life, I do not want to lose the illuminating Light of the Holy Spirit in and over my heart and mind.

    I pray for wisom for all who are deceived that includes those in the KINGDOM and those who are yet to come to the Kingdom.

    God (Father, Spirit, Jesus) is the Only One who can change our destiny and He waits with a Loving Heart and Hand for us to surrender to His Grace and Mercy.

    I pray for my brothers and sisters of different cultures and religions that the Freedom that took the weight of the World upon His Shoulders would be the knowledge that is revealed to them at this time. That they will know the Truth, and they will be free and they will be free indeed.

    Greater Love is the Cross of Jesus Christ but more than that is the empty tomb of Resurrection Glory. May our legislators search their hearts to find the Truth so that we will remain a country that is Born Again by the Spirit of the Triune God. Amen

    Canberra ACT

  3. 3 Anne

    I was quite grieved by what I read in the email that I received from Catch the Fire there is a lot that is told to the congreation in the Churches here, I love the church I attend but to be truthful nothing seems to be mentioned about what is happening on the ouside of our four walls. I use to send the Catch the Fire emails to my pastor but a couple of months ago he said to me that I dont need to seen these emails to him. I dont know if our Pastor receives these emails or not but at that time I was only doing what the Lord lead me to do. I also think that the churches (widespread acoss the nation) could be burying their heads in the sand & that Im sure grieves the Holy Spirit.

    I pray that more & more peoples eyes will be open to these things and the truth of Gods Word and what His word is saying. I think also its time for all churches to “grow up” time to go deeper into the things of God I feel we are only scratching the surface in things and its not good enough.

    Ps Danny I love the way you hear from the Spirit of God and that you say how it is, I honour you for that I pray that the Spirit will move more Leaders to take the challenge that the Spirit is bringing their way. Time for all Gods people to rise up and make a stand and to make a difference God has called ALL HIS PEOPLE TO NOT COMPROMISE.

    I bless you and your ministry and I thank you for all the emails that I have been receiving as it has kept me up with what has been happening thank you and bless you

    Canberra ACT

  4. 4 Dr Allan Keller

    Mr Danny,

    Havent you read what Jesus said of the end times and the state of the world and church? Dont you understand that these things MUST happen, Jesus Himself said so.

    You may as well pray against the tide coming in or the sun coming up in the morning.

    “bind the spirit of the antichrist” – good strategy, and lets pray that he changes his mind about setting himself up as god in the temple too.

    “repenting for those who voted labor” sorry, I’ll get right onto that as soon as I finish tearing down the stronghold of the mosque and the masonic temple and the naughty book shop down the road – I think Im almost done but its so hard to be sure.

    Rom 13:1 tells me that the Rudd government is established by God himself, not by deceived Christians or Rudd cunning. Rudd is the right man to usher us into the antichrist world government system that Jesus said would rule before His return.

    When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray He did, and what He taught doesnt resemble any of the nonsense you promote.

    Dr Al

  5. 5 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Danny, Thank you for the lead you are taking in this matter. We will join together with you and pass this onto our Pastors.
    God bless.

    Audrey & Maurice.

  6. 6 Trevor


    The Bill of Rights is designed to take away the freedom we have in the Constitution right now. It will also give the judiciary, which is not elected, oversight over the Bill if it was introduced. We need to pray fervently that it is never introduced.

    Even the way they are trying to circumvent the Constitution and not taking the matter to the people in a Referendum is enough to know that it is a devious action. Say NO, NO, NO,NO,NO to the infamous bill.



  7. 7 Nina

    Nina L wrote:

    Australian christians have already started their campaign to vote against lesbian Penny Wong and the labour party at the next election.


    Also our weather and climate are controlled by almighty God and wont be changed by lesbian Penny Wongs new ETS trading tax.

    This tax will hurt families deeply and will not make any difference to our weather/climate.

    Only repentance and prayer can change our weather/climate.



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