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Pastor DannyDear family & friends in Christ,
The Federal Government plans to introduce a Bill of Rights, which at face value seems to be very good, in particular the way it’s packaged and promoted by clever agents of the Rudd Government. I heard one such agent say on TV last week, ‘there are 40,000 submissions and I guess most of them support the bill.” However, this is not true. According to information I have received from a person within the Government who does not agree with this bill, most submissions are against it.
Currently across Australia, there are many one-track minded forums promoting how good this bill is.  It seems we are reliving the introduction of the Racial & Religious Vilification Laws all over again. The Government held similar forums across Victoria where many people were in opposition to them. Although there was around 80% of submissions against, the Government passed the Racial & Religious Vilification Laws anyway.
I wonder why the Government calls for submissions and conducts forums, because it seems their bills will pass anyway. Is it all a big farce to make the public think they are a free and democratic Government run by the people.? In reality the Left-Wing secular agendas (also promoted by the United Nations) will be carried out anyway, whether the rest of us Aussies like it or not.

So how will this so called Bill of Rights help Australians? It seems this Bill will help all minority groups while taking away the rights of the majority law abiding citizens in the country. White Australians and Christians in particular will possibly be the biggest victims, similar to the Vilification Laws in Victoria. Almost all complaints accepted by the Equal Opportunity Commission were from minority groups against the majority in the nation. I know of at least 3 Christians who lodged complaints with the EOC, but the EOC refused to entertain the complaints.
I guess that additional groups of people who will most likely be advantaged from a Bill of Rights are the Pedophiles, Rapists, Murderers, Islamic Terrorists, etc. Click on the link below to read Andrew Bolt’s article in the Herald Sun on 3rd July regarding a convicted serial killer who killed 7 people and is already fighting for his rights from inside prison.
Should these people actually have any rights at all when they have destroyed or taken away (in some cases) the rights of others forever. Why should the Australian tax payer pay for their legal expenses?
So, will the Bill of Rights go through?? Unfortunately the answer may be ‘YES’.  We are reaping the harvest right now from what we sowed in the last federal election, with much more to come. Before the last federal election at the National Press Club in Canberra, in response to a question Kevin Rudd clearly stated to the Christians gathered that he had plans to introduce the Bill of Rights if elected. I was present at this Forum.  John Howard  rejected such an idea. John Howard personally told me when I met him in Parliament that he would not touch such a bill because of what happened in Victoria.

If the Bill of Rights get through, you will possibly find homosexuals, atheists, witches, Satanists, and  people from other religions sitting in the Sunday Church services, and then complaining against the Pastor, taking him to court because something he said violated their rights. The Pastor would then have a choice in court to apologize and stop preaching the true Word of God or stand his ground and go to jail.

Well you might just laugh and say, “this will not happen in Australia.” I have news for you. That’s exactly what happened to us when we were taken to court by the Islamic Council of Victoria assisted by the Equal Opportunity Commission.  The Victorian Vilification Laws will look like a puppy dog if the Bill of Rights gets through.

Christian schools, Bible colleges, and Churches could be forced to recruit people who do not believe or hold the same moral and ethical values. It was reported to me by some students that some Christian schools and at least one Bible college are fervently praying against this bill as they realize there could be severe consequences if this bill gets through. 

What amazes me is when a church wants to get local council approval to buy a building in an industrial area for the purpose of having services (mainly on weekends and after hours), in most cases their applications are rejected. I know of at least 4 such cases in the area where we live. The churches now have to fight a court case to get approval through VCAT (Tribunal) and spend tens of thousands of dollars. However the Islamic school for 800 students in a highly residential area in Sydney was given approval by the Council. In spite of severe opposition by the local residents in the areas, as it would cause severe traffic congestion, as there are 4 schools already in the area.

I have been told that in many forums across Australia our court case has been used to oppose the Bill of Rights. Interestingly, one of the key players in promoting the Bill of Rights is a young Muslim Lawyer by the name of Waleed Ali. He was the spokesman for the Islamic Council of Victoria during my court case. A clever promoter of Islam spoke on how good the Bill of Rights is on TV. Unfortunately, most people would not see the underlying goal of Islam to spread its message to the West.  Like us Christians they to have the right to do so, but we must not give away our rights to embrace laws which will destroy our Christian heritage and destiny.
I pray in this hour of trial that you would not lose heart but will grow stronger in the Lord and get ready to meet Him face to face. Jesus is coming back very, very soon. ARE YOU READY???
Your brother in Christ,
Pr Danny Nalliah

14 Responses to “Bill Of Rights Attack On Majority Law Abiding Citizens?”

  1. 1 Merryl

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Will this new law (if passed) also affect practising Jews and their Synagogues? I sent the message to a Jewish friend, and added (in blue) where you mention Pastors and Christian Schools, etc. (synagogue, or Rabbi). I hope this is permitted.Thanks for your comment and/or correction.


  2. 2 Shirleen

    good afternoon

    i wld like 2 inform u re people eg obama appearing as christians but showing muslim practices. I attend uni and have teachers living nxt 2 me who take bucket 2 shower and slap water many times on face as muslim practice and r collected by christians 2 attend church on sundays. I guess i cld compare this with sunday christians but i am concerned re this situation. I am praying 4 protection of christians in australia and worldwide and salvation 4 all as the lord requires.

    God bless Shirleen

  3. 3 Irene

    Dear Danny

    During World War II there was an A.O.G. Pastor who did not believe in going to war. He went to gaol rather than enter the Army. Some Australians have known gaol because of a Christian stance.


  4. 4 Pastor Barry

    Dear Danny

    Thank you for the article. I am on holidays at the moment but will reproduce it for my church when I return. Also, I will have it placed in my Christian Schools newsletter – we have 640 students.

    Pastor Barry

  5. 5 David

    Dear Family and Friends,

    In exercise of my democratic ‘freedom of expression’, after considerable time and effort, a new website ‘CitizensForRightsAgainstThe’ is now ‘up and running’.

    Apart from the brief articles I have contributed, there are many articles for link and download from very knowledgeable people.

    I wish to thank all who have assisted me in so many ways.

    As always, there is room for improvement. I would appreciate feedback; for my challenge is to develop the content to a standard suitable as recommended reading for ALL Australian citizens.

    So if you have time to read it and notice some opportunity for improvement on the way, even re-working or deleting any part, any comment and suggestion you may have will be most welcome.

    I will be mostly ‘out of range’ in the North West from 11th to 31st July and will look at any messages after my return.

    When you have made up your mind to oppose any bill, record your NO on the Make a Stand website (either through this website or
    otherwise) to be added to the petition to the Australian Senate – and lobby all your local Members of Parliament, even by simply asking them to look at the material in the website. Thats all up to you.

    Kind regards and blessings


  6. 6 Peter

    The Honorable Julie Owens:

    Dear Julie,

    I write to you concerning the proposed bill of rights. One government spokesperson said on tv last week that “of the 40,000 submissions made regarding the bill of rights, that I guess most of them support the bill.” But one reliable source I know states that he has received information from a person within the government who has stated the exact opposit is true. Namely that the majority of submissions are opposing this bill……. A clear case of misinformation or in plain language, lies.

    You need to know that people like me will do everything possible to make sure this bill of rights is not rammed down our throats. White Australians and Christians will possibly be the biggest victims. My ancestors shed their blood for the freedom of our country. And yes, every minority group is entitled to all the protections and dignities the rest of the community enjoys, but not at the expense of the greater community and not through government legislation that allows them to trample down the freedoms that we have hither to, enjoyed. Why does your government want to throw that freedom away? Honestly Julie, such plans leave me to surmise that the Rudd government is either just plain stupid, or…. sinister. Have you seriously looked into the proposed bill of rights? Have you? Really? Correct me if you believe me to be wrong, but you will need to present a very intelligent, water tight arguement, to convince me. As I and many thousands of others, (including well known people on both sides of the political fence,) read this bill, it is designed to promote minority groups but take away the rights of of the majority law abiding citizens of this country.

    I would really like to know that you have read this e-mail and am urging you to make a serious repy. The government is going to have an enormous fight on their hands, if we continue to be fed such lies. You will see an army of activists raised up to combat this bill. We can wage war through talk back radio and many other means, which will surely cost your government the next election.

    Yours very sincerely,


    A member of your constituency who really does care about the preservation of freedom in this country.

  7. 7 Ewan

    Well said.

    Keep up the good work.

    Regards, Ewan.

  8. 8 Andrew

    Dear CTF Ministries

    I am opposed to a bill of rights for the following reasons.

    The presentation of the issue is, in itself, a deception.

    The issue is not about regaining some long lost human rights that were accidentally misplaced by our founding fathers. We currently have full access to all of our human rights. The issue is actually a contest over who should be allowed to limit our human rights.

    The key question in the debate is this –

    Should it be parliament or judges that limit our human rights?

    The entire debate essentially revolves around this one question. There is a lot of hype and deception that tries to take our eyes off this key point. In fact, the only difference between the two sides of the debate is that one side believes parliament should limit our human rights and the other side believes judges should limit our human rights without parliamentary interference.

    This limiting of our human rights is a natural and healthy thing for society and is now done by parliament.

    One of the great functions of parliament at present could be viewed as the extinguishment of human rights for the common good. Legislation that prevents the purchase and consumption of alcohol until you reach a certain age, the age at which we can marry, drive a car, fly a plane, are all examples of where parliament has extinguished the human rights of people under a certain age. If there is a transgression, the case is brought before a judge who compares the behavior with the legislation and passes judgment based on the legislation provided to them by parliament (the people). This is clearly for the common good, as well as the good of the individuals concerned. However, it is also clear that in this example, until you reach a certain age, your ‘human rights’ are extinguished in certain areas by society.

    Now, under the proposed charter, all human rights would be declared by parliament as merely a shopping list of ‘rights’ without restraint, limits or context as to when, where and how these rights are extinguished (as mentioned, this task is currently a major function of parliament). Instead, the task of defining these limits and restraints will be taken away from parliament and given to judges. Not only that, judges will also retain the authority to judge cases. So, in other words, judges will be given the right both to write the law and punish according to the law they have just written.

    This is wrong in both principle and practice and will be a disaster for a free and open democratic society. It is important to note that limits will still be put on human rights. Human rights will continue to be limited or extinguished; the only question is whether it is parliament or judges who define these limits.

    In principle, the fox will be put in charge of the hen house. It takes incredible arrogance to believe that our human rights will be safer in the hands of a couple of lawyers, answerable to no-one, than in the hands of parliamentarians, answerable to the people. Anyone who thinks that this is a recipe for freedom, human rights and social order is deceived. It is a recipe for the wholesale redefinition and trampling of human rights by a few untouchables.

    We all have human rights now. A charter will not create any new rights. A CHARTER OF RIGHTS WILL NOT ADD ONE SINGLE RIGHT TO THOSE WE CURRENTLY ENJOY. Codifying human rights has no chance of capturing all of them. A human rights code will therefore become a subset of our human rights that are skewed to a particular agenda. This is wrong.

    The charter of human rights will be a quadruple disaster for our society. This is because

    1. the argument itself is based on a deception that says we are currently somehow missing out on human rights and that a charter will magically restore them to us and deliver us into a human rights utopia
    2. the wrong people will be put in charge of them
    3. any code of human rights will limit them by not including all of them.
    4. It will be used as a weapon to impose an agenda on society



  9. 9 Augusto

    Dear Friends,

    Below is an info about the new website ‘Citizens for Rights against the Charter’:

    I am happy to have contributed for the realisation of this project. The website contains excellent articles on the subject of bill of rights.


    Kind regards,

  10. 10 Jenny

    Jenny wrote:

    All freedom loving citizens need to move quickly and distribute letter box material,outling the evil outcome a bill of “rights” would bring to their families .

    Christian pastors need to inform their parishioners every Sundy of labours plans.

    Marginal election seats need to be targeted mostly,with simple straight forward messages of the KRUDD govs plans to introduce such a bill and all the freedoms that will be taken away from citizens.

    This needs to begin immediately .

    Please contact us with any appropriate material which could be distributed.

    Yours in christ

  11. 11 Meryl

    Dear Danny, Jason and all,

    I agree completely with what you are saying. However, it is not only the Federal Bill of Rights that we are contending with. Today was the last day for submissions about the proposed changes to the Victorian so called, ‘Equal Opportunities Bill’. Those changes, if passed, will also drastically reduce the rights of Christians (and people of other religions) in favour of the homosexual lobby, witchcraft, etc. Mark Durie has written a very helpful paper outlining the dangers of it.

    Sincerely in Christ,

  12. 12 Trevor

    If we remain complacent we will, reap devastating results. The Bill of Rights should be called by its correct name the Bill of Wrongs. It is evil and will if enacted take away many of our present rights. Minority negative evil groups will be the beneficiaries at our expense.

    Speak to your politician strongly and let them know they must support truth in our nation. Canada and New Zealand are already reeling from the effect of their Bill of Wrongs.


  13. 13 Phil

    Is anyone organising rallies against this bill in each State capital?
    Just a thought.

  14. 14 Bill Bartmann

    Excellent site, keep up the good work

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