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By Pastor Danny Nalliah

Barack ObamaDear family & friends in Christ around the world,

In the past 10 days we have seen the highest hypocrisy in US politics. Who is President Barrack Hussein Obama trying to deceive?  A question well worth asking. Do Bible-believing God-fearing Christians still believe that he is a fair dinkum (real) Christian??

We all know that Obama declared the month of June as ‘Gay Pride Month’ and called on all Americans to celebrate the abomination of Homosexuality.


Then he cancelled the US Government’s official participation in the National Day of Prayer, refusing access into the White House for Christians to pray.  Two African American Pastors who prayed outside the White House were arrested.

Is this crazy political correctness or what? Does this sound like a true Christian President???  Why are so many Christians so terribly deceived? Have we lost our fundamental values and forgotten the tenants of our Christian faith?

What is most interesting is that when President Obama was recently in Turkey, he declared that America was a secular nation.

See  Perhaps with America’s moral, biblical, and Christian decline, this is somewhat true.  However, when also recently in the Muslim countries of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, he went on to praise Islam, calling it a great religion which has helped to shape society in America and around the world.  I wonder, can he say in what way?????

Interestingly enough, he would not bow to the respected Queen of England, but did bow to the Muslim king of Saudi Arabia. See

Of course, just after that he received a very generous hand shake worth a few billion dollars.  Both of these Islamic countries – Saudi Arabia and Egypt – are at the very top of the US State Department and Amnesty International’s list of human rights violators.

I lived in Saudi Arabia as a Christian missionary. According to the Islamic law of the Government, we could not legally have a Bible, nor could we have Christian meetings in the privacy of our homes, as all religions other than Islam are completely banned from being practiced in Saudi Arabia. Christians are constantly arrested, tortured, put in prison and deported. Muslim converts have to flee the country or face death.  Buddhists, Hindus and Catholics are considered like dirt because they are condemned for worshipping idols by the Saudi government and secret service police(Muttawa).  Currently in Saudi Arabia, people’s hands are cut off and beheadings are common in the public square in front of thousands of cheering Muslims after Friday prayer. How do I know? I personally witnessed the horrific beheading of 3 people under the Islamic law of the Saudi Arabian Government and was shocked to see the 2000+ Muslims celebrate by shouting, “Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.”  When I asked them why are they celebrating, they said, “because now the man will go to heaven.”  I quietly prayed, “Oh dear Lord, please have mercy on them.” These dear Muslim people need to see the light. We need to love and pray for them.

Is Obama insane to favour this country in his support of Islam???

President Obama’s next stop on the Islamic bandwagon was Egypt. No question, Obama is a great speaker and possibly one of the cleverest politicians America has ever had, but do you know what really goes on in Egypt? Christians who submit to the rules set by the Egyptian Government are free to carry out their worship rituals, but born again Christians are persecuted by both the Law Enforcement Agency and hostile Muslims. Many Muslim converts are killed or tortured and put in prison. Many of them have to flee the country. I ministered the Word of God on a garbage dump in Egypt, where around 50-60 families were living on garbage. They were all Christian families. I asked them why they lived there. They told me that if they accept Islam, the Government will give them free education for their children, housing and employment. However, because they refused to convert to Islam, they were dumped on a garbage dump to suffer. These persecuted Christians would wait for the garbage truck to come so they could run to find some food that was thrown out of the truck. The horrific smell and sight of fellow men, women, and children was unbearable. I wept every day for 3 days when I went there to minister in Egypt.

Many who oppose the current Government in Egypt are put in prison. So why did Obama choose Egypt to deliver his speech, praising Islam to the entire world??? Why not a more moderate Muslim country such as Indonesia??? Does this say something about Obama??? Click here to read the transcript of his speech on the White House website.  Click here to watch the entire speech which is around 54 minutes.

I implore you to pay attention during President Obama’s time in office, as he will try his very best to divide Jerusalem. I pray that PM Benjamin Netanyahu would stand strong and not let this happen.  Pray for Israel. I also believe that Obama will de-Christianize America and make it an Interfaith nation, furthering the Antichrist’s diabolical agenda of a One World Government, Religion, and Economy.

I am shocked that thousands (perhaps millions) of Christians are spiritually deceived. Thank God for the nameless and faceless remnant who will rise up and take a stand for the soon coming King of kings and the Lord of lords! These Kingdom warriors will prepare the way for the second coming of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, while many so-called church leaders compromise the Word of God, selling their birthright for a bowl of porridge!

We must remember that where there is darkness, the light shines even brighter. So let your light shine!

Jesus is coming back very soon!!! ARE YOU READY TO MEET HIM?????? Please pray for the nations!!!

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Danny Nalliah

33 Responses to “Mr Obama, Are We Crazy Or Are You?”

  1. 1 Warwick

    Dear Danny

    As you know we have our disagreements but Mr Obama, are we crazy or are you? is a very well articulated wake up call for the USA, Australia and the world. Welcome the beast. God forbid but that is what is happening. You are well able to speak. Congratulations!!!!!!!!



  2. 2 David & Dawn

    Pastor Danny,

    Thanks for the update.
    ” O foolish Americans, who has so easily bewitched you…?…”

    God bless you

    David & Dawn

  3. 3 Julie

    thankyou Pastor Danny, What a deception, but we are told in the Word that all this will come arn’t we. Thank the Lord Jesus, He is coming soon for us who are truly His. What a time to set ourselves to pray and believe for loved ones to come in to Him. Blessings


  4. 4 Frank

    Thank you for raising this matter of the US President so clearly. It deserves a wider audience. And our prayers for his enlightenment, and ours.

    You’re NOT wrong! But only half-right:

    You say, in part: No question, Obama is a great speaker and possibly one of the cleverest politicians . . !

    A letter writer to The Australian recently correctly disputed the former – see below (my emphases):

    YOUR glowing editorial nominating Barack Obama as the “orator of our age” (“Obama sets the terms for debates to come”, 6-7/6) was just too much for me; I had to respond, even if all I achieve is to get it off my chest.

    In Cairo, Obama did not give a speech, he delivered a paper with the help of two teleprompters. He read every word. If Obama can be described as an orator, then the word has lost its meaning. Move to the later scene in Dresden, where “orator” Obama was required to answer questions off the cuff from the crowd, without his teleprompters. His ability to speak fluently was so bad, I would describe his performance as worse than any I have heard from any politician anywhere, anytime. His inarticulate delivery was pockmarked with so many “ums” and “ahs” and long pauses, searching for that right word, even I was embarrassed for him.

    My idea of an orator is someone who is able to speak fluently for 30 minutes on a subject with which they are familiar, either without notes or with the help of a small piece of paper containing about four words as prompts.

  5. 5 Rev Barry

    Dear Pastor Danny

    Greetings in the name of Jesus.

    Sadly, I think that you are correct in what you say about Obama. We need to be praying for a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of God!

    Rev Barry

  6. 6 Michael

    Again it would seem to me that you people have it wrong. Remember the great commission? going into all the world and……. ext ext. How about doing that? The great apostle Paul had Nero to put up with, yet he hardly spoke about him but rather cocentrated on preaching the gospel and instructing his congreation on how to live. Even if Adolph Hitler was in charge of this nation, I would still get on with the job and preach the gospel like I have been told to, just like you.

  7. 7 Cheryl

    Dear folks at “Catch the Fire”

    I would appreciate you viewing the following link for your interest and

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!



  8. 8 Tony

    Hey Danny and Team

    Thanks for bringing this information to our attention ie the human rights and American style judiciary planned for Australia. We are usually the last ones to find out.

    I noticed that on the same day that the abortion bill was being introduced a bill was going through they were also putting through a bill that broardened the scope of gay people to have access to embreyos. It was called the ART bill Assistant reproductive Therapies bill. Of course it didn’t aim it blatantly at Gays but basically with a police check anyone can arrange their own pregnancy as a sole parent.

    The point though is that while we are focussing our efforts on one thing wickedness moves in our flanks. I am not trying to take from the tremendouse unity that the issue bought forth it was great to be a part of it.

    Other things I have noticed is the recent visit from the Iraqi Prime minister Nuri al-Maliki. When our leaders weigh into world affairs we only entrap ourselves more and more in the effected outcome.

    I sometimes believe that all these so called rights we call democracy is the precurser to the peace that the antichrist is supposed to bring in the end times. This is not the peace we are searching for

    True peace is only in Jesus and I have found the more I speak to others of this true peace that is not built on fear but a hope of a future in him, the more hatred is directed at me.

    Oh did you notice the abundance of rain since a couple of weeks ago. The rain we got was not forecast till much later in the week and it has not stopped really. Praise God

    Thanks again I have really neede to praise God with others lately and your meetings are full of the Spirit and a welcome change.

    In Peace


  9. 9 Donna

    Dear Danny

    I am from Albany, I noticed something is really wrong as well, with obama too. I am feeling so uneasy.

    I have just been to Israel, they shouldn’t divide the land– for a start there isn’t enough of it. When you are there and see the disputed territorys it is really obvious they should keep their land. for the benefit of security and safety of the people and the protection of the religious sites.

    God Bless Donna

  10. 10 Ken


    Re your just received item on Obama. I know we all tend to get a little stressed at the terrible possibilities of people like Obama and Rudd in power. But did not the Lord PUT THEM IN POWER through stupid placebo Christians?

    Dont worry about our friend Benjamin in Israel, his very name means that he is God’s man for the times and the task in hand. He will not bow to Obama or any one else believe me.

    We have our own problems here in Australia as Satan runs amok in these last days unopposed by the so-called Church. Please read what I have written to Pike. She and her kind are the greatest threat to our land.

    Blessings, Ken

  11. 11 Jon

    Praise God Danny,

    A well composed, well-weighted wake up call. I am going to forward this email on to many people. May God continue to give you Wisdom and Boldness, and may He continue to stir up his Church across the world. May He prepare us for chains and persecution, even while we are not bound in the physical sense by such. May He give us the strength, and the understanding of the Truth of what He has done for us and what He deserves from us that we will sacrifice everything for His name sake.

    May you and your family and colleagues be drenched in the Love, Joy and Peace of the HOly Spirit.


  12. 12 Andrew

    Yes Danny, i had similar thoughts as you , as i watch closely what transpires with Obama / i feel Rudd has been selected for a purpose in Australia, to follow suit, to continue to de-christianise Australia, we seem to follow he usa very closely on some of these matters.

    Thank you for the email, we shall continue to pray for eyes to open to the truth.



  13. 13 Noel & Ros

    Dear Danny ~ an excellent article ! thank you for sharing your insights – we’ll pass this along to other friends. We agree 100% with you.

    We have the Christian satellite channels including God TV and Trinity etc., ~ and America is certainly in a mess ! Many pastors are saying that God has lifted his blessings and favour from them – particularly with the financial crisis.

    Some Pastors also report on the huge and unusual catastrophes that hit America, every time they force Israel to give up land – or go against what the Word of God says for Israel.

    Now here in Australia we have the Human Rights Bill to fight against … the days are certainly getting darker – but Praise God, Jesus is coming back !

    much love ~ Noel and Ros

  14. 14 Ian

    Obama surely is the devil’s right-hand man – very charismatic, very popular, very smooth in speech, but a great deceiver and trickster. Dr James Dobson warned the Christians before the election. I printed out his warnings of what Obama would do in office, citing his prior record. The good Dr is spot-on so far.

    God bless you and yours Pastor Danny.


  15. 15 Carl

    “Jesus is coming back very soon!!!”

    -Cool, when was that exactly, just so I can pop it in my calendar and get my party gear ready?

    Like or loath his policies, at least Obama is actually here, now, making meaningful decisions to change the world. You’ve waited 2009 years, what makes you think Jesus’ arrival is any closer now?

  16. 16 Andrew

    Crazy are the people who preach the word of god. What would happen if the leaders of every country did not believe in a god or a religion? Easy. Millions upon Millions of people would not have died in every war fought since time began.

    Religion has killed and destroyed more lives than any plague or disease in the history of the world. Some people, like myself, believe religion is a plague.

    Religion is commercialised drivel. Someone started receiving benefits from it at its inception, that’s why people jumped on the bandwagon.

    Religion is history’s biggest hoax.

    There is sooooooo much BAD related to religion. Tell me the truth, what would Jesus say if he came back, according to you, real soon.

    He would be devastated. He would say I can’t believe I died so you miserable, selfish, murderous, pathetic excuse for human kind could live.

    I bet if Jesus (hypothetically he did exist), did come back he would wish he could turn back time.

    I don’t need faith to know I am alive. When I’m dead, that’s what I’ll be, dead.

    Why is it when something good happens, religious people say, it was god’s will. When something bad happens, religious people say it’s god’s will. Do you really think it would be god’s will for people to kill each other in his name? Thou shalt not kill, but wait a minute Jesus, I’m doing it for you?

    Religion plays on the fact people are sheep. It’s a billion dollar business that has been feeding of gullable people for hundreds of years.

    And do we assume we’re alone in the universe. Mathematical equations suggest we are not. So do reports of UFO’s and things like that. Did Jesus, or God, make those people as well.

    If Adam and Eve did exist, how were they made?, did the chicken or the egg come first?

    The only proof we have in regards to christianity is a book. A book that people sumerised into the bible. The opinion of a hand few of people is contained in. I wonder what was left out, or wasn’t deemed worthy enough.

    Did he really part the red sea? Turn water into wine? Walk on Water? Rise from the dead. Was Mary really a virgin when she fell pregnant? Is that possible? All these questions have simple answers, NO.

    Evdience of civilisations that formed thousands of years before Jesus was born exists. yet there is no evidence at all to suggest anything in the bible is truth. If a man was so popular and godly, why wouldn’t anyone keep something as evidence, or find something solid to back up the bible’s claims.

    Now after saying all that. People to their own. If people want to believe that’s fine. I am not insulting you personally, I just wanted to note my views.

    I’m sorry for burdening you with them. And if you are and blieve who you say you are, you would forgive me anyway right?

    Yours Sincerely, Andrew

    Good Luck

  17. 17 Ruth & Alex

    Thank you Ps Danny, we too have been watching the unbelievable things Obama is doing. It is disturbing to see this happening. His administration is also pushing for reproductive rights in the US and UN. I watched an interview with Henry Kissinger, where he said the under the Obama admin, the New world order was achievable!

    Blessings In Christ

    Ruth and Alex

  18. 18 Ross

    Praise God, someone in Australia is finally waking up to the deception of Obama. Every policy he said he would initiate that Bush had put in place he has continued. America is fast becoming a police state under his policies.

    I am from Melbourne, Australia and serving the Lord in Israel. I have done a lot of research on Obama and have been following him for the past couple of years. He is no friend of Israel and I believe is dangerous for America. There is no transparency about him at all but as we know he is charismatic, has great charm and has been trained for many years for this position. He is a polished speaker, always speaking from a teleprompter so it looks like he is talking off the cuff, so to speak. Having undertaken a couple of Dale Carnegie courses I can see directly the reason why his delivery has effect.

    Also please remember he did not grow up in America, his roots are Muslim so this is where his leanings lie. He has refused to openly allow people to see any of his credentials regarding his birth certificate, schooling, health records etc. Many eminent lawyers in the US have tired to take these issue to court, even during his campaigning, and they were thrown out. He has spent thousands of dollars on lawyers refusing to release this information. You may know that according to the Constitution of US the President has to be a natural born citizen, this is still in dispute today. Joseph Farah of Worldnet Daily has now raised enough funds to organise billboards to be put across America stating “Wheres the Birth Certificate”. There is growing unrest in America because of his policies.

    The list goes on and on. I am not into conspiracy theories but I watched a video put out by Alex Jones a few months ago called the Obama Deception. It is available on utube. I pray for this young man a lot, he is vocal and passionate and totally against the New World Order. I know his life is on the line and he is being watched because of what he continues to expose about the Wall Street Bankers and the theft of monies from the ordinary people to prop up the Federal Reserve which is a privately owned banking cartel. The sale of GM to Russia, China, Brazil and parts of Europe was forced by Obama. Most of those 300,000 employees will lose their pensions and of course unemployment will continue to go up. Its called breaking up the sovereignty of a country.

    Every thing I have said can be checked and vertified. As you would know the New World Order is about breaking up the sovereignty of the nations coming under one huge global elite system – this is what Obama beleives in and is all about. Unfortunately I am sad to say so is Rudd. You will gradually see a lot of erosion of people rights under him eg take the internet situation in Australia (supposedly for the protection of people). He is bad news for Australia, as he is part of the same system. The current swine flu is a hoax and was manufactured in a laboratory and released in Mexico as a test trial to create fear in people – part of the control grid. 25,000 people die of natural flu in the US and there are a large number is Australia who die of the flu also. Please check this out and do not take any vaccines which they are trying to bring this in the US (compulsory vaccinations). This can also be verified.

    The list goes on and on. I believe in being informed not alarmed. My purposes are eternal and we know what the Bible has to say about the last days. We are definitely living in those as I see evil increasing. Initially I found it difficult to understand evil but living in Israel I have seen this first hand with Arafat and what Hamas is doing to its people in Gaza. Christians are being killed all the time in Gaza under their rule but again the hypocrisy of the west continue to condemn Israel not the Arabs.

    People need to wake up from their slumber, the world is changing rapidly and under Obama, I believe you will see civil unrest in America like no other time in recent history, because of his policies.

    I pray blessings upon your ministry and that you will continue to spread the word of the lies and deception of Obama and what his true intentions are. What I have just written will became part of the “hate speech” bill that he is currently trying to introduce into Congress. You know all about this hate speech bill because its about total erosion of people’s rights of freedom of speech.

    Many blessings, Ross

  19. 19 Barbara

    Thank you for your email. I, too, have been so frustrated that so many Christians seem to be blind to the truth of what Obama is doing.

    I am grateful for your message.

    Thank you again, Barbara

  20. 20 John

    Hi All at Catch the Fire,

    Isn’t it interesting in the “Left Behind” series of DVD’s depicting the rapture, the President at the time is a black American?

    Maybe we are all closer than we think, Halleluiah, Glory to GOD

    God Bless, In Christ, John

  21. 21 Ryan

    Excellent article, Ryan

  22. 22 S Cooper

    Far to often, American Christians pass their fears and insecuries along as if they are doing the will of God, but in reality they are only seeking faithless insecurities. I’ve watched how over the past few years how pastors have stood behind presidents and other polititians, in office and seeking office, but there was not much concern how Christafied these politians were. I do believe there is a peculiar fear some have of President Obama that definitely isn’t wrought of God. It was this irrational fear that drove me away from the poles all together. I really believe, today’s recognized church is not at all the Church of Christ. First of all thank God my citizenship is of Heaven and not of this world. This distinguishes my perception from those who claim to be the church Christ. I’m not in the businsess of declaring who’s more Christian than another, but I don’t believe the president to be any less of a Christian than President Bush, John McCain, or Rush or Rush Limbaugh whom so many “Christians” rely upon for guidance. It sours my stomach, not that Christians disagree or oppose any policy of the president, but how far some are willing to go in their attacks, and how much they are willing to spew out, not sure if accusations are accarate or not. There is definitely a hatred, disdain, and direspect towards our nations first Black president that deserve just as much attention as all the accusations about the president. There are some who are willing to say and believe anything that paints him as evil. I don’t know if this post will make it throught the filters, but it’s my opinion. The Isrealites were never meant to make Goshen their home.

  23. 23 Brigitte

    An Open Letter to President Obama

    by Brigitte Gabriel

    Dear Mr. President,

    You face difficult challenges in matters such as achieving peace in the Middle East and protecting America from the threat of radical Islam and terrorism. These are challenges that have vexed past presidents, going as far back as our second president, John Adams. I have no doubt you appreciate both the gravity of these challenges and the enormous obstacles that exist to solving them.

    I also have no doubt that you and your staff understood that, no matter what you said in your speech last Thursday in Cairo, there would be those who would take issue with you. That is always the case when attempting to solve problems that are as deep and emotionally-laden as these challenges are.

    I am assuming it is your sincere hope that the approach you have chosen to take, as evidenced by what I’m sure was a carefully crafted speech, will ultimately prove successful. However, it pains me to say this sir, but, while you said in your speech that you are a “student of history,” it is abundantly clear that, in these matters, you do not know history and thus, as Santayana noted, you are doomed to repeat it. In doing so your efforts, however well-intentioned they may be, will not produce what you profess to hope they will produce.

    A wise man once said that if you start with the wrong assumptions, no matter how logical your reasoning is, you will end up with the wrong conclusion. With all due respect Mr. President, you are starting with certain assumptions that are unsupported by history and an objective study of the ideology of political Islam.

    You began in your speech by asserting that “tensions” exist between the United States and Muslims around the world, which, of course, is correct. Unfortunately, you then proceeded, incorrectly, to lay virtually all the blame for these tensions at the feet of America and the West. You blamed western colonialism, the Cold War, and even modernity and globalism.

    A student of American history, who is not trying to reconstruct it to fit a modern politically correct narrative, would state that tensions between America and Muslims began with the unprovoked, four-decades long assault by the Muslim Barbary pirates against American shipping in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. I find it telling that you mentioned the Treaty of Tripoli in your speech but ignored the circumstances that led to it. That treaty was but one of numerous attempts by the United States to achieve peace with the jihadists of the Barbary Coast who were attacking our shipping and killing and enslaving our citizens and our soldiers – and who by their own admission were doing so to fulfill the call to jihad.

    These jihadists were not acting to protest American foreign policy, which was decidedly isolationist, and there was no state of Israel to scapegoat. They were doing what countless Islamic jihadists have done throughout history – acting upon the hundreds of passages in the Qur’an and the Hadith that call upon faithful Muslims to kill, conquer or subjugate the infidel.

    A student of world history would know that, for all the acknowledged evils of Western colonialism, these evils pale in comparison to the nearly 14 centuries of Islamic colonialism that began in Arabia under the leadership of Mohammed. The student of history would know that Islamic forces eradicated all Jewish and Christian presence from Arabia after Mohammed’s death, and then succeeded in conquering all of North Africa, most of the Middle East, much of Asia Minor, and significant portions of Europe and India – eventually creating an empire larger than Rome’s was at its peak.

    The number of dead and enslaved during these many centuries of Islamic imperial conquest and colonialism have been estimated to total more than 300 million. What’s more, the wealth of many of the conquered nations and cultures was plundered by the Islamic conquerors, and millions of millions of non-Muslims who did survive were forced to pay onerous taxes, such as the “jizya,” a humiliation tax to the Islamic caliphs. Indeed, in some areas Christians and Jews were made to wear a receipt for the jizya around their neck as a mark of their dishonor.

    These facts have not been invented by Christian or Jewish historical revisionists, but were chronicled by Muslim eyewitnesses throughout the past 14 centuries and are available to be researched by any person seeking an objective understanding of how Islam spread throughout the world.

    You say in your speech that we must squarely face the tensions that exist between America and the Muslim world. That is a laudable notion with which I agree, but by casting Islam as the historical victim and the West (and by implication, America) as the aggressor, you do not face these tensions squarely, but alleviate the Muslim world from coming to grips with the jihadist ideology embedded in its holy books and acted upon for 1,400 years.

    Even worse, you empower and embolden militant Islamists who regard your gestures as signs of weakness and capitulation.

    The issue is not that all Muslims are terrorists or radicals or extremists. We all know that the majority of Muslims are not. We also know that many peace-loving Muslims are victims of Islamist violence.

    The issue is this: what drives hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide to call for the death of Jews?

    What drives millions of Muslims to riot, destroy property, and take innocent lives in reaction to the Danish cartoons?

    What drives tens of thousands of Muslims to demand the execution of a British teacher whose only “crime” was allowing her students to name their teddy bears “Mohammed”?

    What drives countless Muslims worldwide to actively participate in, or fund, or provide nurture to, terrorist organizations?

    What drives Muslims in mosques in America to proclaim and distribute materials that call for hatred of and the destruction of infidels?

    What drives entire Islamic countries to prohibit the building of a Christian church or synagogue?

    To assume, as you apparently do, that what drives these actions is not an ideology embedded in the holy books of Islam, but rather other “root causes,” most of which you lay at the feet of America and the West, is at best naïve and at worst dangerous.

    Lastly, I must address your statement that “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” Unfortunately, the examples you gave are the exception rather than the rule.

    Historically speaking, I seriously doubt the Egyptian Copts, the Lebanese Maronites, the Christians in Bethlehem, the Assyrians, the Hindus, the Jews, and many others who have been persecuted by Islamic violence and supremacism, would agree with your assertion.

    For instance, Christians and Jews became “Dhimmis,” a second class group under Islam. Dhimmis were forced to wear distinctive clothing; it was Baghdad’s Caliph Al-Mutawakkil, in the ninth century, who designated a yellow badge for Jews under Islam, which Hitler copied and duplicated in Nazi Germany nearly a thousand years later.

    I witnessed first-hand the “tolerance” of Islam when Islamists ravaged my country of birth, Lebanon, in the 1970’s, leaving widespread death and destruction in their wake. I saw how they re-paid the tolerance that Lebanese Christians extended toward them. My experience is not an isolated one. When you make an unfounded assertion about the “proud tradition” of tolerance in Islam, you do a great disservice to the hundreds of millions of non-Muslims who have been killed, maimed, enslaved, conquered, subjugated or displaced – in the cause of Islamic jihad.

    Mr. President, those of us like me who are ringing the alarm in America about the threat of radical Islam would like nothing better than to peacefully co-exist with the Muslim world. Most Americans would like nothing better than to peacefully co-exist with the Muslim world. The obstacle to achieving this does not lie with us in America and the West. It lies with the hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide, including many of their spiritual leaders, who take seriously the repeated calls to jihad in the Qur’an and the Hadith. Who regard “infidels” as inferior and worthy of conquering, subjugating and forcibly converting. Who support “cultural jihad” as a means to subvert non-Muslim societies from within. Who take seriously the admonitions throughout the Qur’an and the Hadith to convert the world to Islam – by force if necessary – and bring it under the rule of Allah.

    Unless you are willing to courageously and honestly accept this, your aspirations for worldwide comity and peace in the Middle East are doomed to fail.


    Brigitte Gabriel

    Brigitte Gabriel is the New York Times bestselling author of They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It. She is the founder and president of ACT! for America,

  24. 24 Constantinos

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Here is a question I would like you to answer:

    Do you think Obama is the Antichrist?

    The reason I ask is that ever since the election he seems to be involving himself in world politics and bringing back respect to the U.S. Okay this isn’t such a bad thing especially after the disastrous reign of George W., but it begs the question what or perhaps who is really behind it?

    Another thing I noticed was that in the past American elections were generally a local event or in other words the rest of the world wasn’t that interested in U.S. politics but for some reason this time around the world took a great interest. It was as if the elections were a primer for other world changing events yet to come. I think it goes far beyond Obama being the so called first African- American black president.

    Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t prophecy predict that the Antichrist will suffer a mortal wound to the head from which he will miraculously recover and he will use that as his tool to fool the people into following him. Wouldn’t it be more than coincidental if Obama was mortally wounded and recovered? It is not as fanciful as it seems as America has so many racist groups that would be only too happy to attempt to assassinate Obama.

    Perhaps Obama is just another tool and is not aware of his fate.

    As for our local politics I am sick and tired of the way the federal and state governments are ruining everything. We cannot stand by and trust the so called conservative parties because they are not much better than the current incompetent fools. Australia needs a new political force and I am trying to gather like minded people to form a party that will be for all the people and to restore our Christian beliefs. The U.S. was once great because of it’s Christian values and it’s leaders cannot grasp the fact that the only way to stop the slide to destruction is to re-instate those Christian values. I want to stop Australia heading down the same track and if we don’t do something we will end up in the cesspool with all the other decadent nations.

    As I have said like minded people need to make a stand so please let me know your thoughts on setting up a new party.

    As the Chinese would say ” We live in interesting times”.

    May God help us all.

    God bless, Constantinos

  25. 25 Maurice

    Dear Pastor Danny, Thanks so much for the latest on President Obama. We have Christian Friends that think Obama is marvellous no matter what we say to the contrary. I will show them this email and perhaps they will finally be convinced. God bless. Maurice

  26. 26 Shirleen

    Good afternoon
    I read on utube that President Obama’s wife was holding the Koran in her hand whilst the President was sworn in in public and that he deliberately muffed the speech so that it was repeated in private again with the Koran. Lying to infidels is in the Koran so that is no surprise to those who have read it. I was shocked and horrified when I read this and apparently it is viewable somewhere on utube.
    This type of deceptive behaviour is now common where some are pretending to be Christian or accept Christian values to work in Christian schools or gain employment and many areas of life. The fruit is the evidence. This also applies to those who claim to be Christian. God Bless Shirleen

  27. 27 Peter

    Very, very well said Ps Danny!

    Ps Peter

  28. 28 Sujyanthie

    That means to me, God will come soon


  29. 29 Anthony McGregor

    Re: “Carl” June 11th 2009.

    I think you should recheck your history pal. The meaningful decisions that Jesus made 2009 years ago have truly changed the world from then until now. May you understand why he made those decisions.

  30. 30 Matthew

    John (Jun 11th 4:12pm), I wouldn’t read too much from the “Left Behind” series. It is a work of fiction, but an interesting one at that. I personally disagree with it’s interpretation of scripture, the modern idea of a pre-tribulation rapture in particular.

    We are too look to God’s word for predictions about the future and pray that God will give us understanding where necessary to recognise when the events predicted take place. We can trust the Lord to reveal all that we need to know.

    Having said that I find Obama to be a terrible President and agree with Danny Nalliah’s blog post.

    Constantinos, for the whole of the Church’s history people have tried to make predictions about who is the AntiChrist. Some thought the Roman Emperor was the Antichrist, others thought the Pope, Some thought Hitler and there are many others including American Presidents. It is important with this as with anything to turn to Scripture. Look at the scriptural passages. There is one clear sign that will convince beyond a shadow of a doubt, a world ruler who sets up in the Temple in Jerusalem the abomination that causes desolation and claims to be God. The abomination that causes desolation is spoken of in the book Daniel and referred to by Jesus in the New Testament.

    Read 1 John 2:18-27. In this passage John indicates that many antichrists had already come. They are foreshadowers of the AntiChrist who will arise at the end and bring forth the Great Tribulation (or Big Trouble). So one would argue that Emperors such as Nero and men such as Hitler are antichrists that foreshadow the AntiChrist. Anyone who substitutes himself for Jesus is an antichrist

    Obama has shown strong signs of being considered one of the antichrists. Personally I don’t believe that Obama is the AntiChrist, but I have an open mind. The antichrists further the agenda of the AntiChrist and prepare the way for his coming.

    Deuteronomy 29:29 (NIV) “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.”

    Just like I believe it is unhealthy to make predictions about the date of Jesus’ return, I believe it is also not a good idea to try and guess who is the AntiChrist. God will reveal it to us in his good time. He has kept the identity secret for a reason. But it is right to be guided by the revealed truth in Scripture in examining world events.

  31. 31 Ruth

    Pastor Danny.

    Keep sending out the truth…light has always overcome the darkness…’for lack of knowledge My people perish’!

    May the God of Israel continue to bless and keep you and make His face to shine upon you and give you His shalom.


  32. 32 Caitlyn






  33. 33 Thelma

    Did you know that the u.s. army General ordered the burning of a Bible shipment -crate of Bibles printed in the Pakistany language which was shipped for distribution by U.S.solders-which has been the vehicle for friendship for U.S.solders to do wherever they are sent -the reason given?

    To avoid OFFENCE to the people!

    I was thinking what.the the Bible crate is now became.. a stumbling block or a Corner Stone that cannot be moved?How will they know unless they hear the Good News that there is no more war!?&how will they unless hear unless someone goes to tell the Good News?&how can one go unless they are Sent?

    With Love in Him who Ever Lives-Christ Our Lord.

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