Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear family & friends in Christ,

 1) We at Catch the Fire Ministries thank the Lord every day for His awesome presence at every single meeting where souls are being saved, people healed, delivered and set free in the name of Jesus!

 We are so thrilled and grateful to God for the continued outpouring

of the Holy Ghost that we have been experiencing for the past one year in Melbourne, Australia. Pastor Danny stated, “I have seen many

healings and miracles in many countries where I have ministered, but I have never seen a continued outpouring of the Holy Ghost like we have seen over the past year in Australia. Wherever we minister people are being healed, delivered and set free!”

 In Tongala last week a woman came with severe ankle problems and was immediately healed after prayer!  Many others received a mighty touch from God. A few people at the meeting who had never prayed in tongues were baptized with the Holy Spirit and prayed in tongues for the first time!

 Over the weekend in Pakenham, the Spirit of God once again ministered personally to many people present at the meeting, including a Buddhist man and a Catholic lady who gave their lives to Jesus!

 On Friday & Sunday in Hallam (Melbourne) once again we saw a mighty move of the Holy Ghost as the meetings went on for almost 4 hours in total with real throne room worship for almost 2 hours! At the Rise Up Australia prayer meeting on Friday night, one hundred and thirty plus prayer worriers stormed heaven on behalf of our nation’s transformation. The weekend gone by saw the New Age Festival held in Melbourne, and since it was also full moon day, there was much prophetic intercession and spiritual warfare prayer released in the meeting. As people gathered to storm the gates of hell in prayer, demonic spirits started manifesting in the meeting, as one lady just fell on the ground and started screaming.  As Pas Danny and some of the CTFM team laid hands on her, many demonic spirits started leaving her body and she was set free in the name of Jesus! Hallelujah! 

 On Sunday night Pas Danny preached on the importance of praying in tongues and challenged those in the meeting to pray in tongues all the time. Then he opened the altar for those who did not pray in tongues and many were baptized in the Holy Ghost, praying in tongues for the first time! Some were born again and attending Pentecostal churches for years, but have never prayed in tongues!

 A Buddhist young man and his wife came to the meeting for the very first time. They both received a word from God. They were so impacted  that they gave their lives to Jesus. Pas Danny also received a word from God for a woman in the meeting. He stated, “I have never had a word like this before. You have been praying for the salvation of your family, but nothing has been happening. You have a tattoo on the top right side of your chest (body).  Possibly, only you and your husband know about it, as others cannot see it. But there is a curse attached to that tattoo, which needs to be broken. This will see your family come to Christ.” The woman came rushing out of the crowd with tears streaming down her cheek. She was so shocked and excited that she almost pulled her blouse down to show the tattoo, but she was quickly stopped, as it would have been a bit too embarrassing! Then a few Catch The Fire ladies gave her anointing oil as she placed her hand on her chest, and the crowd started praying as the woman received a mighty touch from the Spirit of God. Then Pas Danny broke the curse in the name of Jesus!

 What a mighty God we serve! Please pray for the church in Australia to become Holy Ghost friendly rather than user friendly!

 2) On this Friday 12th June at the Holy Spirit and Fire Meeting in Melbourne (Hallam), we will be watching Part 2 of the riveting DVD on the End-Times, the Anti-Christ, and the 2nd Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ! Pastor Danny stated, “it’s a must watch for every Christian, as we must wake up prophetically and recognize the times and seasons we’re living in!”

 On Sunday 14th June at 6:30pm, Pastor Leah, a mighty prayer warrior and deliverance minster from India will be ministering the prophetic Word of the Lord in the power of the Spirit of God! 

The Lord has given her a mandate to rise up hundreds of prophetic intercessors across India to pray for national transformation!

 Everyone will be personally prayed for, so come trusting the Lord for your supernatural breakthrough! It’s time for Miracles! Don’t miss this hour of Visitation and Habitation!  

 Fountain Gate Christian Centre at 23 Melverton Drive in Hallam.  Melway ref: 96 G 2

 3) Please pray for Pastor Danny as he ministers in Bega, NSW, over the weekend!


3 Responses to “More Salvations, Healings and Deliverance at Catch The Fire Meetings”

  1. 1 Kay

    Dear Friends in Christ Jesus,

    How wonderful to hear the movement of the Holy Spirit. How exciting!!!

    I attended a special service to welcome Pentacost at St Peter’s Anglican Church at Watsons Bay and truly felt the moving of the Holy Spirit in that place and amongst us all – it was a wonderful celebration that I pray will be moving all over this great country of Australia. Yes, Pentecost Sunday was so very special – one would like to celebrate this more often!!



  2. 2 Rosemary

    All honour unto God almighty.
    The Spirit of the Living God is real.
    Yes I beleived God is raising he’s People in Power and Praise!.
    Shalom be with All,

  3. 3 David & Dawn

    Praise the Lord!!!

    God bless you

    David & Dawn

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