Pr Danny with Pr Colton: taken a few Years Ago in MalaysiaDear family & friends in Christ,

The following article is written by a very senior leader in the church in Sri Lanka. He is a  much respected and loved man of God around the world. I know him personally and consider him a real hero in the faith. I am sure you will be mightily blessed, as you read it.

Pr. Danny Nalliah

By Pastor Colton S Wickramaratne

Please Click On The Following Link To Read The Article: Pentecost By Pastor Colton Wickramaratne *Please note, article is in PDF Format.



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  1. 1 Jonathan CHM

    Holy Laughter, holy bark, holy drunkard and etc. are not found in the book of Acts during the Pentecost. Some Charismatic churches might use the word, leap, laugh, drunkard and etc. from the Old and New Testaments to support these movements. However, bear in mind that the word, leap, laugh, drunkard and etc. are mentioned instead of the full phrase of holy laughter, holy bark and etc. What if these practices are not from the work of the Holy Spirit, the insisting that these practices are from the work of Holy Spirit has caused one to abuse the name of the Holy Spirit and it would have grieved the Holy Spirit to accept the wrong saying that these are the work of them. However, the Holy Spirit does not do it. One has indeed blaspheme against the Holy Spirit by abusing the name of the Holy Spirit despite he does not do it. The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgivable according to the New Testament.

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