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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear Family & Friends in Christ,

 Lighthouse Christian College in Keysborough, Victoria, Australia recently held its ‘Year 11 Blessing Night!’ This Secondary College is one of the best Christian schools in Australia with more than 500 students and an excellent team of Christian teachers, who are totally dedicated to rising up a godly generation of future leaders to impact every sphere of society.

 Lighthouse Christian College is a 100% Christian school which makes every effort to properly educate and to instill godly values among the students. The school comes under the direct covering of the Lighthouse Christian Community Church, with Senior Pastor Richard Warner.

 Pastor Danny Nalliah, who is a council member of the school, was asked to address the year 11 students and pray for them at this celebration, held at the Grand Hotel in Dandenong, Victoria.

 More than 300 people were in attendance, including students, parents, friends, teachers and school council members. The night was full of action, with students displaying their God-given talents and giving Jesus the glory!

 Pastor Danny’s Daughter, Shannen Nalliah, the girl’s school captain, first challenged the students ‘to stand up for Jesus, be counted, and keep Him as the centre of their everyday activities.’

Then Pastor Danny spoke to the students and challenged them not to give up in a hurry, but to stand and fight to see God’s purposes and plans fulfilled in their lives, generation and nation.

 He stated, “The Israelites crossed the Red Sea into security, but a whole generation perished in the desert because they were not willing to cross the Jordan River. They settled for second best rather than fighting to inherit the Promised Land.”

 He challenged the students not to settle for second best but to go for the best in life! He stated, “fight to be a doctor not a nurse, to be a director not a clerk, to be a fleet owner not a driver.  Aim high, do your best, and give it a good go!”  He greatly encouraged the students to be what God wants them to be, leaders in society, not just mere followers! He also challenged the parents not to let their children work part time jobs in year 12, as it takes away time from studying at home, greatly effecting their potential to get good entrance scores.

 He stated, “We as parents should do our best to encourage our children to spend time studying at home, particularly during the most crucial years of school.  We cannot depend on the school to do everything for us.  We need to monitor what’s happening at home and give them the needed encouragement to excel.”

 He also prayed for the students to rise up and fulfill God’s destiny for their lives, generation, and nation.

 The highlight for the night was Principal Tim Roger’s speech.  The following is the transcript of his speech.


Orientation to Blessing Night  – Principal Tim Roger

 In times past boys knew when they were men and girls knew when they had become women. For girls the biological capacity to become a mum meant ancient and tribal societies began ceremonies and rituals to separate the girls from the boys and formalize their new status.

 Boys too would have set time when they would go out and perform a feat like kill their first gazelle or hunt their first kangaroo or seal.

 Both boy and girl went though preparation and testing to qualify. Sometimes there were pains to endure in the initiation.

 Boys would join the army and go to boot camp or commence an apprenticeship. These marked the start of a new life. In Jewish homes the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, signaled the onset of adulthood.

 Today Lutheran, Catholic and Anglican churches still continue with confirmation and other Protestant churches are rediscovering its importance. I recall waiting in line for the bishop to come to me and put three doctrine questions my way and then to strike me on the face. I am not sure which I feared most, it happened before a packed church. I must have passed as I recall no shame. Maybe the questions were easy and the symbolic hit to my face to prepare me for the struggles of manhood was benign.

 With no rite of passage and blessing ceremony like tonight, youth turn to smoking, excessive drinking, drug use, fighting, reckless driving and losing their virginity as the start of sexual promiscuous behaviour–all to create self made rituals. Instinctively teenagers want to mark their transition into adulthood.

 Tonight we are providing an alternative to the destructive things just mentioned and remind you that a tattoo or pierced tongue or risqué dress are unnecessary.

 Your peers provide good support but lack wisdom. The entertainment industry lies to you and says adults are irrelevant and the aged even more so. The sirens of freedom, self fulfillment, materialism and sensuality call you towards shipwreck and despair.

 Tonight we want to bless you and your future. We want to affirm you and to contribute as a community to your passage into adulthood and leadership roles in the school.

 This is not to usurp the role of the church or your home but to complement it. We will be praying for you and blessing you with gifts and words of encouragement, letters and notes from significant friends, and prophetic words.

 We want you to leave tonight feeling blessed, appreciative of your family, church and school and confident that you have begun the walk into adulthood, a journey of challenge and adventure that continues till you die.

 I can promise you that life won’t come to you handed on a plate. You will have to struggle to achieve your destiny. Pain, disappointment, and loss as well as success and joy await you in adult life. You will need the fuel provided from the prayers of friends and the church. You will need friends and mentors. You will need adults like your parents and teachers.

 So tonight fill up to the full with encouragement, affirmation, and the words spoken over your future.

 Resolve to follow your God given dreams and not to trade out to cheap sex, drug and alcohol abuse and wasting your days.

 Each and every day you have is precious and a stepping stone forward. Get out of the junior classes in God’s university of hard knocks-learn the lessons, forgive yourself your short fallings and press forward using the resources and people God sends you way now.

  Don’t wait for your ship to come in. There is no ideal time. Recession or boom-who cares-not you! You are drawn forward by a vision and calling.  The fairy tales were right. Cinderella or the poor woodsman you seem but-

You are special. You are a princess or prince, a member of the royal household of the tribe of Judah.

Your life counts. You are significant.

You are a crucial part of God’s answer to the cries for help from the humans on this planet. You are a supernatural being-not just flesh and blood.

Be encouraged, feel affirmed.All of us here believe in you and trust you.

We are very proud of you.

 Tonight is your night, enter fully into all the ceremonies and activities and let the memory of them nourish you all the days of your life.

 Godspeed the year 11 class of 2009


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  1. 1 Neil Pierson

    Good on you. Sounds like a great initiative to strengthen and encourage young people in their faith. I especially like the “This is not to usurp the role of the church or your home but to complement it.” Schools can either be helping or hindering parents in their role. Good to see a school not undermining parents and also not trying to “be church”.

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