By Jim Bramlett

ObamaDear friends,

In addressing the Turkish Parliament, Barack Hussein Obama said, “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better, including my own country.”  (Emphasis supplied.)

What??? What better has Islam done, anywhere, anytime, especially in America?  The Islamic faith has produced nothing but violence, death, poverty, and repression for centuries.  “Shape the world for the better”?  Unbelievable.  To have said those words, Obama is either a liar or an ignorant fool.

Plus, a few days earlier, Barack Hussein Obama disgracefully criticized his own country to a European audience, heard worldwide.

Plus, 2-3 days ago he actually bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, which experts say is accepted as a gesture of submission.  The king represents one of the most evil regimes and sects of the most evil religion on earth.  This is shameful for an American President.  With the other things that he has done and said, in his heart this could have actually been intended as a gesture of submission.  See

Could that be because the Saudi King paid Obama’s way to Harvard (for whatever reason), or because of his continued loyalty to his Islamic roots, or both?

Plus, his first news conference was with a Muslim TV network.

What is this strange amenity between Obama and Islam?  This inexperienced imposter and Muslim sympathizer is a disgrace to America.  This is no doubt related to the influence of his anti-American, pro-Islamic pastor for 20 years, his long-time guru and anti-American terrorist Bill Ayres, and his admitted mentor, known communist Frank Marshall Davis.

Obama is exalting Islam and putting down America. I am appalled.  I am fed up with it. 

This is how I pray for Obama. I pray the U.S. Supreme Court quickly will declare him ineligible to be President and as California attorney Orly Taitz says, remove him from office, and send him back to Kenya where he came from, where he can get in line for a Green card, so he can come back to the U.S. and be prosecuted for political fraud.

Most Americans are naively oblivious to the evil they have done by electing Barack Hussein Obama.

14 Responses to “Obama Is A Disgrace To America”

  1. 1 Betty


    My fears about this man are manifesting!

  2. 2 Russell

    Yep some of us saw this coming and were appalled by his election. Not to mention Israel and abortion!!

    But he is doubtless part of end-time events, and God will have His way.



  3. 3 Karen

    Thanks for forwarding this letter. I’m in the US and was born a US citizen. My family has been in this country since they escaped France via Holland in the 1700’s. I am so appauled at what is happening in this country under Obama’s regime that I don’t even believe I’m still on US soil! It seems that almost overnight we have become a state that looks like an Islam China!!! The Democrat run congress has taken our comtrol of our banks, is turning our dollar into nothing but a little piece of trash, and on the verge of wiping out many freedoms that makes the USA what she has always been.

    Hubbard, Oregon, USA

  4. 4 Ewan

    Thanks for this. Indeed Obama is a disgrace. You will probably cop some criticism for sending this out but Obama has already shown himself extremely pro-abortion and pro-homosexual, and an appeaser of Islam.

    Keep up the good work,

    Regards, Ewan

  5. 5 Rosemary

    Hi Pastor Jason,

    I agreed with you, WHAT????? did the Slam, done, bring & shape the world for better”.

    Their evil faith produce nothing but bitterness in America. My heart always disgreed in

    everything, anything that is Slam / Muslim.

    I am much very tune with you all in prayer.

    Shalom be with you all
    Ramu Sugar PNG

  6. 6 Malcom

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I read the message you attached from Jim Bramlett with some concern. Mr.Bramlett is of course entitled to his opinions, and certainly Mr. Obama’s conciliatory approach to Islam must come as a shock to many.

    But to criticise Mr. Obama for bowing to a reigning monarch in his (the monarch’s) own region (I don’t know if this took place in Saudi), which is a commonly used gesture of respect in many cultures, seems a bit desperate. And to suggest that Mr. Obama should ‘go back to Kenya where he came from’ is not a rational response. As migrants, you and I know that very well. I would not be associating myself with statements like these. Further, it would seem to me that the combative approach to Islam which previous administrations have chosen has not got us very far; let’s see if a different one brings any changes.

    My view is that we, as Christians, should show love and respect to people of all faiths- which you have been doing- and demonstrate the kingdom of God in acts of kindness and service, and in signs and wonders- which you have been doing. If we are called into active political roles, such as people like Barnaby Joyce and Steve Fielding are, we may, I guess, directly address the political arena. But us preachers should probably preach the gospel and demonstrate it with redemptive acts and statements.

    If Barak Obama doesn’t see things the way I do, I shouldn’t be surprised; he hasn’t had the upbringing I have. If secular politicians (which is what Mr.Obama is,after all) seek to court one faith or another- remember Bill Clinton courting the Christians?- that shouldn’t surprise me either, that’s what they do. What I must do is pray for them according to scripture (remember Paul meant to pray for the pagan Roman authorities) and encourage them when they do right. Demonstrations, within the law, such as the anti-abortion rally many of us went on, are a good thing too.

    But I don’t think we should be too quick to take up rabid, ‘send them back where they came from’ chants because a secular leader does something secular. That just makes us look like rednecks.

    Keep up the good work!

    Love in Him,


  7. 7 Office 2


  8. 8 Bruce

    Dear Jason,

    thanks for the info on Obama,

    it appears the americans don’t know who they voted for and what he’s up to………….But our Heavenly Father does, just like Oz, life is Soooo exciting isn’t it…….”absolutely” truthfully yes!!!!


  9. 9 Office 2

    After the April 2nd, 2009, G-20 Meeting it is a Whole New World Order and Americans Just Lost a Ton of Freedoms. Topic One: Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the “New World Order is emerging” at the G-20 meeting. Topic Two: Dick Morris explains the economic global governance that the G-20 has just instituted. America is now subject to G-20 central bankers as well as the European dominated International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Financial Stability Board (FSB) that will oversee America’s regulatory boards, banks and the compensation packages of U.S. corporations. Free enterprise in America just took a huge hit. Topic Three: Dick Morris explains how Chairman Obama is acting like he is trying to fix the banking problems while he sabotages his own plan. This way Chairman Obama can say he tried to fix the problem but it is so bad that he must nationalize the banks. Topic Four: Why has America just put itself under the control of European Socialists? Did we not fight a revolution to free ourselves from them? Our Founders sacrificed their sacred honors, fortunes and lives for our freedom and now a corrupt brood of vipers known as Republicans and Democrats, who are Fabian Socialists, have trashed our U.S. Constitution, national sovereignty and free-enterprise system. Let’s not forget that Obama had the help of G.W. Bush who gave the reins of our economy over to the E.U. during their G-20, economic summit at the White House meeting in November of 2008. G.W. did some heavy lifting for Obama. Topic Five: The Bible says there will be many little anti-christs before the real anti-christ is revealed. So why does Obama fit the Biblical description of a “little” anti-Christ?

  10. 10 Liz

    YES!!!! I agree…. we have to pray for a Godly spiritual rising up in our parliaments!! I watched in shock as Pres. Obama BOWED to the King of Saudi Arabia. He bowed to Islam!!!!! ….Liz

  11. 11 Darilyn

    HI Jim Bramlett
    I agree wholeheartedly with what you’ve said. Obama is ‘cowering’ to the ‘mossies’. Dhimmitude!!!!! He never should have been elected!!! Wake up America before it’s tooooo late!!
    God Bless America & help you!!!!
    from Darilyn [an Aussie!]

  12. 12 Bill

    BHO and Dhimmitude

    Barack Hussein Obama promised us he would take a different approach to Islam and the Middle East. That he has certainly done. There is a name for it – it is called dhimmitude. On his recent overseas trip he has made it clear that national self-loathing and grovelling to Islam will now be basic elements of American foreign policy.

    There were both words and gestures of dhimmitude on display by Obama. While he was in the UK, Obama would not bow down to anyone in the royal family. Just as well – no American President has ever bowed to royalty before. But while in Europe he was happy to bow down before Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah.

    His words were not much better. He told European audiences that the U.S. has been “arrogant, derisive and divisive.” And during a speech to the Turkish Parliament, he said that “We [Americans] do not consider ourselves a Christian nation….” And then to add insult to injury, he said Islam has been a force for good in the world:

    “America’s relationship with the Muslim world cannot and will not be based on opposition to al Qaida. We seek broad engagement based upon mutual interests and mutual respect. We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better, including my own country.”

    There you have it: play down any Christian connection with the US, deride the nation itself, and then play up how great Islam has been. This is not only a recipe for disaster; it is a classic example of dhimmitude.

    A dhimmi is one who lives as a second-class citizen in Islamic nations. Minority groups living under Islamic rule – especially Jews and Christians – live in a soul-destroying form of subjection and humiliation. They are usually denied basic human rights, must pay the oppressive poll-tax (the jizya) and often live a desperate existence.

    Dhimmitude has been amply documented by Egyptian author Bat Ye’or. She has written four major books on the topic. We see plenty of examples of how Christians especially are treated as second-class citizens in Muslim-majority nations.

    Not only is there political and social dhimmitude, but there is psychological dhimmitude as well – soon the dhimmi takes on the attitude and mindset of dhimmitude. That is, they begin to look down on themselves, and actually embrace the perspective of their Muslim masters.

    That seems to be just what the American President is doing. He wants to minimise or ignore all that is great about the US and its Christian past, and grovel in subservience to an ideology that not only has enslaved entire peoples, but is everywhere known for its violation of basic human rights.

    This national self-loathing was expressed in other ways during his first major overseas trip. While at the G20 Summit, he was invited by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to visit the graves at the Normandy beaches. This of course is where the bodies of thousands of U.S. soldiers lie, who had fought for Europe’s freedom in WWII. Obama turned down the invitation, although he was quite happy to visit a mosque in Istanbul during his stay there.

    It is one thing to try to be diplomatic, and seek to build bridges to other nations and other worldviews. But it is quite another thing to start off on the wrong foot, playing down American strengths and playing up Islamic weaknesses.

    Appeasement is another term for all of this. It did Europe no good whatsoever during the rise of the Nazis, and it will do America and the West no good at all in the face of Islamic expansionism and imperialism. Indeed, try asking Christian dhimmies in Islamic nations just how helpful appeasement and self-loathing is.

    Many voices warned that BHO would be bad news for American domestic politics (abortion, homosexuality, etc), and also warned that international relations would suffer as well. We are seeing both happening big time.

    Bat Ye’or’s 2005 book Eurabia described the Islamisation of Europe. Melanie Phillip’s 2006 volume, Londonistan chronicled the Islamic take-over of the UK. We now need a similar book to describe how America seems to be slowly but surely heading down the same path.

    Perhaps Americastan or Arabica or some such title can be used. Of course others have been trying to sound the alarm. Robert Spencer’s 2008 volume, Stealth Jihad is a very good start to this topic. But with BHO now in office, there will be a whole lot more material that will need to be written up.

    The question is, will it be written in English or Arabic?


  13. 13 phil (Sydney)

    Thanks Bill

    A very informative letter. It has been of significant concern to me how many millions of
    Americans have been completely sucked in by Obama.
    If the US government chooses to abandon Israel and side with Islamic nations
    they are doomed
    How incredibly foolish.
    Has the US completely lost the fear of the true and almighty God?


  14. 14 Ewan

    Malcolm gets a few things wrong in his comment above. Firstly, Obama was in London at the G20 meeting not on Saudi soil. Secondly, it was a breach of protocol for an American President to bow to a foreign monarch because that act signifies the monarch’s power over his/her subjects. Thirdly, Obama did not give a similar greeting to Queen Elisabeth even though he was in her country (but as I said that would have still been against protocol). Fourthly, it is counter productive to appease Islam and to do so simply demonstrates dhimmitude. Sixthly, the point about going “back to Kenya” was not a generic “go back to where you came from” but was a reference to the controversy surrounding the mystery of Obama’s birth certificate which is believed to show that he was actually born not in the USA as claimed, but instead in Kenya in which case that would make him ineligible to be the POTUS because the US constitution requires that the President must be a citizen who was born in the USA. Hence the reference about going back to Kenya.

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