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Following is the Christian Broadcasting Network / Christian World News (Pat Robertson’s worldwide ministry based in the US) interview with Pastor Danny Nalliah when he recently visited the US.

Hate Crimes Undermining the West?      Christian World News April 24, 2009

Australian pastor Danny Nalliah knows firsthand the danger that hate crimes laws pose to Christians. In 2002, a government agency in Victoria state brought a case against him for offending Muslims. His crime– teaching what the Koran says about Islam and jihad. After several years and many appeals, the state supreme court decided in Nalliah’s favor and the criminal charges against him were dropped. Recently, he told CBN News how these laws are used to undermine western countries.

Click the following link to watch the TV interview and then click the play button twice:

3 Responses to “Hate Crimes Undermining The West? Christian Broadcasting Network / Christian World News Interview With Pastor Danny Nalliah”

  1. 1 Ray


    Pray, pray for the USA!

    With a Democrat president, and Democrats holding the majority in our House of Representatives, and just today gained a filibuster majority in the Senate, we Americans are going to see all kinds of ungodly laws passed because our conservative lawmakers will not be able to stop any & all disliked laws… among them

    –‘hate crimes” for behavior/speech vs homosexuals,

    —removal of laws permitting following one’s conscience…

    Doctors, nurses, health care professionals will be forced to do abortiions,

    pharmacists will be forced to dispurse abortion drugs,-

    –overturn of national Defense of Marriage Act/law (defined marriage as one man & one woman),

    –Just Friday a bank wanted to pay back the US gov’t bailout monies and the US gov’t told the corporation it could not (causes gov’t to continue to have control over decisions/procedures of the bank)

    –proposed “card check” union voting procedure will overturn secret ballots.

    –a noted and skillful defender of child pornography was successfully appointed to a major justice department…

    Thanks, all your brothers & sisters in Australia! Ray

  2. 2 Maria

    Praise the Lord for Pastors like Danny Nalliah, Praise the lord that every turn out to his favor. I’ve heard of so many hate crimes underming the world, now the West! Praise our Lord Jesus his got his hand on it all and is there for us Christians. Will be praying for you daily…..May The Lord Deaply Bless You…..and Catch the Fire Ministries……

    Your Sister in the Lord,

  3. 3 Ps Peter

    Congratulations in this interview Ps Danny, Also excellent piece from Col Stringer forwarded on on ANZAC day,


    Ps Peter

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