By Aimee Herd

Lia Giving Her Speech“Please join us in continuing to pray for her YouTube video to spread virally and impact countless lives.”

Last week we featured a story about Lia, a 12-year-old in seventh grade who was giving a speech on abortion.

Although she initially encountered resistance from her teachers to choose another topic or forfeit her opportunity to participate in a speech competition, Lia decided to stay with her topic, and eventually her teacher—moved by her presentation—relented and allowed her to compete.

Lia then gave her speech in front of the entire school, and although the principal and other teachers deemed her the “obvious winner,” the judges disqualified her because of her topic and stance on abortion.

However, later that day, and after much discussion, the judges reversed their decision, making Lia the winner of the speech contest. Lia advanced to the regional competition with her message of Life.

On Tuesday night, Feb. 17th, Lia again gave her speech, and was said to have done an “outstanding job,” however, she did not win. It was suspected that Lia’s topic was still keeping her from advancing further.

Sometimes though, we cannot measure victories with trophies, and such is the case with Lia’s speech, as you will see when you read the excerpt from her mother’s email below—from the Bound4Life website:

“Lia wasn’t really that upset…especially when she considered that the only difference between winning the competition and not winning was having a couple extra pictures taken and being given a small trophy. Lia has a much bigger trophy—somebody commented to us on our YouTube account that her aunt watched Lia’s video and decided to NOT have an abortion because of it. Yay God! Others have commented that they either never thought of the issue before or were pro-choice—but now they have changed their opinions. So, having a life saved is the best trophy ever!”

Bound4Life adds, “We’re thrilled with Lia’s courage and conviction. And YES, the best trophy is a life saved. Please join us in continuing to pray for her YouTube video to spread virally and impact countless lives.”

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1 Response to “The Trophy Of A Life Saved: Updates On Lia’s LIFE Speech”

  1. 1 David and Debra

    hay my names elsie and im 14
    i read this page
    and i watched the speech and i was touched by it, i reckon it is awsome that someone like you only being 12 and being able to speak louder then people that are much older then you and me yet you have made a massive change in other peoples lifes
    ive posted your speach on myspace and it will surely change some lifes and give some babies there right to live
    and you are so right just because the baby cant talk it doesnt mean it doesnt matter
    being able to abort a baby is the same as killing one that has been born it doesnt change anything just because you cant see it

    i reckon you are awsome keep it up you will you are making a difference in this world
    i wish our church leaders could speak up like you have that would make a difference if they could be as bold as you and not so worried about loosing there position
    and maybe if just if they wernt so worried about the way they look infront of others it would change alot of peoples lifes

    keep it up never stop believing that you can make a difference every voice makes a difference!

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