Dear Family and Friends in Christ in Australia and around the World,

We give thanks, praise, and glory for the awesome prophetic season we are now living in where God is revealing His miracle working power and amazing grace in the midst of the current downturn of the global economic news we hear daily on the air-waves! When God is busy reinforcing His Kingdom on the earth, we can rejoice in a supernatural harvest of souls, healings, restoration, wholeness and precious freedom in the presence of Jesus!

In Albany 5-7 churches combined together (many travelling from far away places) to hear God’s Word released with displays of God’s goodness following – the Bride of Christ being made ready for the Bridegroom King’s soon appearing! Every meeting saw miraculous healings, deliverances and mighty manifestations of God’s power and faithfulness to those trusting in the sure promises of His Word!
So many responded to the altar call and were greatly blessed by the presence of God!
Indigenous brothers & sisters moved into new dimensions in the Lord! In particular a man and a woman who came deaf received a magnificent healing; 2 women were released from demonic activity and restored!

We thank God for His beautiful presence among us – which the hungry draw from and receive more of Him every day!

In Perth – many young people came to the altar weeping and repenting before the Lord, crying out for revival of hearts, for reformation in our land and cities to be more “on-fire” for the Lord!

In both cities many of the Christian leaders recognized that indeed Pastor Danny had been sent by the Lord as an Apostle – to see whole regions set up to bring the fire of God into the hearts of His Bride to see Australia come back to Jesus!
Pastor Danny stated, “I believe we are in a season of an Apostolic & Prophetic Revolution in our nation! As the Church embraces the 5 fold ascension ministry gifts of Jesus, the Body of Christ will move into the Kingdom purposes set for her in this hour!”

On Friday night in Melbourne, exuberant warfare praise and throne room worship opened the heavens to rain down the shekinah glory of the King’s awesome presence as the Kingdom of God came on earth as it is in heaven!

Jenny Jack from Catch The Fire Ministries preached the prophetic Word of the Lord, releasing a Joshua and Caleb anointing to rise up the next generation of prophetic warriors in the Kingdom of God to slay the giants and possess the promise land in the victorious name of Jesus!

On Sunday we watched a revolutionary teaching from George Annadorai (an Apostolic Prophetic Leader based in Singapore) about the End-Time Church across the Nations becoming prophecy fulfillers of the Word of God in preparing the Way of the Lord’s Return through the Golden Gate in Jerusalem, Israel!

Truly, the Lord God of Israel is restoring the Tabernacle of David (24/7 prayer, praise, and worship – around the clock,  around the world, around the throne), the Treasury of David (the wealth of the nations in advancing the Kingdom), and the Throne of David (the authority, dominion, and imminent rule and reign of the King of kings and LORD of lords in Jerusalem, Israel)!!!

The Melbourne Holy Ghost and Fire Healing Meetings are held every Friday night at 7.30pm & Sunday night at 6.30pm at the Fountain Gate Christian Centre, 23 Melverton Road, Hallam, Victoria.  Melway Ref: 96 G 2  

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,
Dianne Johnson, Catch the Fire Ministries


12 Responses to “The Deaf Hear – Deliverance from Demonic Spirits – Increased Outpouring of the Spirit of God in Albany & Perth (WA) & Hallam, Melbourne”

  1. 1 Peter

    Praise the LORD!


  2. 2 Paul

    Albany is beautiful just a little north is a beautiful forest with Karri trees – a town called pemperton where I spent some of my
    childhood holidays playing on a farm. There is such tranquility and peace there. I don’t remember a lot though, catching trout and yabbis
    in the Dam. Riding motorbikes and swimming in the lakes. God is good and his mercies endure forever. I am learning to receive from God good
    things in abundance everyday. What a blessing to remember Albany.

  3. 3 James

    Brother Danny,

    You are the Apostle to lead this nation into its revival destiny a country burning for the greater and ever increasing glory of the Lord. You are hearing the secrets of God so do not listen to the doubting Thomas’ and spirit quenchers but continue to boldly challenge and rebuke the whitewashed tombs and unmarked graves that will not enter and stop others from doing so.


  4. 4 Kay

    Praise God!

  5. 5 Rosemary

    Thank you for updating me.
    Let the WILL of the LORD to be done on earth as it is in HEAVEN.
    I worship my GOD in all the earth.
    Amen!! Truly GOD of Israel is at work.
    Shalom be with you all

  6. 6 Donna Slade

    Dear everyone
    The services in Albany were very refreshing, I like straight talking/preaching . I had some deliverence I do feel a lot better. I am so grateful God can do something about problems and family issues that we can’t sort out.
    thanks for coming
    God Bless Donna

  7. 7 Pr. Duncan

    Greetings Ps. Jason and Ps. Danny,

    I am writing to you to say ” thank you ” Ps. Danny for taking time out of your busy schedule, and coming to the West and ministering here in Albany. There was an expectancy of “something good ” was going to happen, and we weren’t disappointed. The Fri. and Sat. evening meetings were well attended, with a number of different church members coming along, and the Sat. breakfast was considered one of the best. There was a great time of question and answers following the breakfast, which many people found very informative.

    Our Sunday am meeting was a combined meeting of two complete fellowships coming together and joining in a wonderful time of unity.

    Average attendance for each meeting was approx. 80-90. which doesn’t seem a lot, but many were blessed and touched by the Lord, and there were many very positive comments.

    Thank you again for your ministry, and may you all be wonderfully blessed as you continue your walk with Jesus.

    On behalf of the Albany Foursquare Gospel Church,

    Ps. Duncan

  8. 8 Mathew

    Sounds good…When are the next meetings in Perth gonna be?

  9. 9 katalina

    This looks amazing. I am looking so desperately for deliverance. I am in terrible bondage of many sinful spirits that i believe have been passed down to me. No matter how much i try and pray and focus on the Kingdom. I always end up 3 steps backwards. I would so love to have those chains broken off of my life, because i am hurting and bringing down my family and close friends. I am so desperate to be renewed and healed of my past. Purely and honestly. As i have not been my entire life and it’s killing me.

  10. 10 Fayette

    Praise JESUS. JESUS Spoke to Me at A Prayer Meeting About A Week Ago. * TIME HAS RUN OUT.*
    Bless U All.

  11. 11 lauren

    hey guys,
    my name is Lauren and my brother adam is in a mental ward at the moment the lord has been speaking to me and he has a spirit in him he needs to be delivered from.
    His character is completely out of who he is and he has been seeing demonic spirits and talking about hell.
    Im in gold coast but he is in perth. if someone could help us or direct us that would be great we need help.

  12. 12 Christine Diamond

    PO BOX 590, DENMARK, WA.

    Could you please let me know which churches in Albany embrace the work of Pastor Danny Nilliah. I live in Denmark and would like to attend. Thank you, Christine.

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