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Prime Minister Kevin RuddDear friends and family in Christ,

1) Click on the following link to read an interesting article from MP Tony Abbott regarding PM Kevin Rudd and his betrayal of Christian voters in Australia.

2) The following is from Salt Shakers Inc. for your prayerful action.

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes – Jason Golden,     Catch the Fire Ministries

News Article: Labor’s Overseas Aid policy – DEAD babies and more condoms – rather than food and medicine!

Yesterday the Rudd Labor Government gave in to the radical feminists and pro-abortion lobby and reversed a policy made many years ago that Australia would not provide overseas aid to promote and facilitate more abortions. Now we will – with your money! (See ‘Action’ below)

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said of the decision: “The Government has now completed its review and I have decided to change the Family Planning Guidelines for Australia’s overseas development assistance program to support the same range of family planning services for women in developing countries as are supported for women in Australia, subject to the national laws of the relevant nation concerned”.

He decided? Officially he might have the power to make the decision, however, it was decided at a Labor Party meeting – driven, no doubt, by too many Labor women who belong to pro-abortion group Emily’s List.

Where was our nice Christian Prime Minister? Yes, the one who courted the Christian vote prior to the 2007 election and who we so often see, in the media, emerging from a church on a Sunday morning.

Apparently he was at the meeting but he got rolled by the Party.

Convenient, perhaps, that he broke the confidence of the Party room and told the media he did not support the move. Convenient for those evangelicals who were seduced by other evangelicals into believing he was going to promote Biblical values if elected.

As Senator Ron Boswell points out in his excellent Media Release (attached), events like the ACL ‘Make it Count’ broadcast allowed Mr Rudd to present his ‘Christian [left]’ credentials. This in turn encouraged Christians to ‘vote’ for him even though his was not the name on their ballot paper – forgetting that he only has one vote in parliament like everyone else.

This Presidential-style event promoted the leaders of the political parties as the primary focus of the election, instead of Party Policies. It also allowed them to say what they thought the audience wanted to hear.

We tried to warn people that we do not live in the USA where they have a President who can veto the democratic process, make executive orders and overturn decisions.

Unfortunately ACL conveniently forgot to alert the Christian audience, at the Press Club gathering and the said-to-be 100,000 Christians watching the broadcast, that Labor Party Policy was pro-abortion on demand and pro-homosexual. It also allowed Mr Rudd to skirt round the obvious pressure to change the Overseas Aid position to support abortion and he was able to say he supported marriage between a man and a woman without mentioning that he and the Labor Party supported the legal recognition of same-sex relationships.

ACL also forgot to tell the Christian audience of Labor’s intention to remove discrimination against homosexual couples in Commonwealth laws and to give almost all the benefits once preserved for married couples to homosexual same-sex relationships.

Was this because ACL had already compromised, by advocating for Relationship Registers and encouraging federal Labor to support them, just as they later encouraged the Victorian State government to do so?

It is good to see Jim Wallace now protesting about the Rudd government’s support for the change in overseas aid funding, but it should have come as no surprise. We and a few others gave plenty of warnings, prior to the election, about the Labor government’s support of abortion and women’s ‘rights’.

Sadly, ACL leader Jim Wallace promoted himself and the ACL as the ‘new’, moderate voice in Australian Christian political activism – “Not right wing or red-necked” like some, thus an appealing position for the new feel-good evangelicals.

He has also stated that he would not fight a battle he could not win. Unfortunately, this ultimately means being ready to compromise to get the (partial) win even though it means selling out the true Christian Biblical position as happened with relationship registers.

There are two forms of political advocacy – ‘access based’ and ‘principled’.

‘Access based’ means you ‘duck and weave’ to keep the door open; ‘Principled’ means you have a fixed principle that is uncompromising and you promote that regardless of the outcome.

Biblical Christians have no choice on moral issues like abortion and homosexuality but to draw the line in the sand according to God’s position and not cross it, regardless of the outcome.

This ‘principled’ approach is to uncompromisingly promote true Biblical justice and righteousness. 

Finally, we encourage Christians who support the UN Millennium Goals to find out what the language really means, of those nice sounding Goals .
In fact, you have just found out – Mr Rudd and Mr Obama, who has also just changed the US Overseas Aid policy in the same way, both support those goals. Both countries will now be throwing more condoms into the Third World and killing more babies!!
(Family First Media Release and various media article also attached)

Action Please write to Mr Rudd

We need to write to Mr Rudd – expressing our deep concern for this change in government policy.

We need to point out that true evangelicals do support overseas aid but that we want to see food and medicine given to people, not more abortion services and more condoms.
Kevin Rudd – Email the PM via his website –
(Compose the letter in Word (or equivalent) and save it. Then cut and past it into the PM’s web page – that way you have a copy of your letter. You need to provide your name and address or they will probably disregard your letter)

Peter Stokes
Executive Officer
Salt Shakers

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