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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear friends and family in Christ,

1) The following article recently appeared in the Age.  Please keep praying and acting for a divine reversal of the abortion laws in Victoria!

“Abortion law under challenge”

Jill Stark

THE federal Attorney-General is under increasing pressure from within his own party to use his powers to overturn Victoria’s new abortion laws, which leading lawyers and Catholic hospitals say are in breach of international law.

At issue is a clause in the new legislation that forces doctors who oppose abortion to declare their belief and refer patients seeking terminations to specialists who are willing to provide the procedure.

Queen’s Counsel Neil Young, a former Federal Court judge, and barrister Peter Willis, a former adviser to the attorney-general’s office, who examined the legislation on behalf of Catholic Health Australia, say that Australia will fail to meet its international obligations unless the clause is removed.

Click the following to read the entire article:

2) We’re forwarding the following for your prayerful action regarding the possibility of the decriminalization of abortion in NSW!


NSW – Greens MP calls for decriminalisation of abortion

Following the passing of Victoria’s ‘Abortion Law Reform Bill last year, we expected some moves in Queensland and New South Wales to propose similar legislation that would legalise abortion.

We mentioned abortion in connection with the forthcoming Queensland election in our ‘election email’ last Friday – if you live in Queensland and/or missed that email, click Here for our Queensland election webpage.

It hasn’t taken long to see similar moves in New South Wales.

Yesterday, NSW Greens MP Lee Rhiannon used International Women’s Day (yesterday) to call on the NSW government to decriminalise (or legalise) abortion in NSW.

We need to respond by writing a letter to the SMH and contacting our MPs (more details in the Action section below).

Abortion is currently in the Crimes Act in NSW – similar to the previous situation in Victoria before last year’s vote to legalise it.

However, like Victoria, an abortion is allowed under a legal defence following a ruling by Justice Levine in 1971 which allowed abortion for medical or mental health reasons, including economic and social circumstances.

A spokesman for Attorney-General John Hatzistergos told the Sydney Morning Herald: “The current law provides an appropriate balance.”

Ms Rhiannon said if the government doesn’t introduce a bill she will put forward a private member’s bill.

Move to decriminalise Abortion
Sydney Morning Herald, 8 March 2009.

NSW Crimes Act: Click Here for the Crimes Act.
The section covering abortion is Division 12 – Sections 82, 83, 84 (scroll down – on right hand side)

If you live in New South Wales, NOW is the time to start responding.

1. Please contact your MPs – you have ONE in the Legislative Assembly.
ALL Members of the Legislative Council represent you.
Click Here for contact details and links.

2. Please write a letter to the editor of the SMH, opposing the decriminalisation of abortion in NSW.
SEND your letter to

Jenny Stokes
Research Director
Salt Shakers

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