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Ministers on stage at the prayer rally against the Anti-Conversion BillDear Family and Friends in Christ,

We returned from Sri Lanka 2 weeks ago, as we were there for over a month.  My trip was primarily a holiday, but I had the opportunity to spend time with many church leaders from many Christian denominations.

4000+ Sri Lankan Christians protest against Anti Conversion Bill in ColomboIt was brought to my attention that the Anti-Conversion Bill was back in the Sri Lankan Parliament and if passed would cause major problems for the church and those wanting to embrace Christianity. This unjust bill raised its head under the former government, but was put off mainly because of united prayer and action initiated by many Christian organizations, ministries, churches, and believers around the world.

Many lobbied their respective Sri Lankan Embassy in the country they lived in. Also I personally spent much time in the US State Department along with my US counterparts, who work on Christian Human Rights Issues, to stop the Anti-Conversion Bill from going through. The end result was that the then president The Hon Chandrika B Kumaratunge did not let it get through Parliament.

However, we have a potentially dangerous situation developing right now in the Sri Lankan parliament. If this unjust bill is passed, many Christians all over Sri Lanka will be increasingly persecuted, arrested, and put in jail.

Your urgent action would be greatly appreciated. For your reference, following is a sample letter sent out by Jubilee Campaign USA, who is working very closely with the Sri Lankan Church to stop this unjust bill from getting through.

Please Click Here to view the proposed Anti-Conversion bill in Sri Lanka.

Please PRAY and ACT ASAP!!!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Danny Nalliah



  Letters on Anti-Conversion Bill Presented to Sri Lankan Parliament

Ann Buwalda
Jubilee Campaign USA




Contact Your Representatives, Write to the Sri Lankan Ambassador



Please pray that the Lord would intervene at this time and contact the Sri Lankan embassy and the Leader of the Opposition voicing your concern. Encourage your Church / organization / friends to write in.Please make a phone call, send a fax, or send an email depending on your capabilities throughout the day. Sample letters to the Sri Lankan officials can be found below.




Contact Information for Ambassador(High Commisioner) of Sri Lanka in Australia:






His Excellency, Mr. Senaka Walgampaya, PC

Sri Lanka High Commission

35 Empire Circuit, Forrest

ACT 2603

02 62397041 (phone)

02 6239 6166 (fax)



Contact Information:

His Excellency Jaliya Wickramasuriya

Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the U.S.

2148 Wyoming Avenue NW

Washington DC 20008 (for consular matters)


H. E. Mahinda Rajapaksa
President of Sri Lanka
Presidential Secretariat,
Secretariat Building,
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka
Fax ­ 94-1-2333703 or 94-1-2777204
E-mail –
Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe
Leader of the Opposition
Office of the Opposition Leader
Cambridge Place,
Colombo 7
Sri Lanka
Fax – 94-1-2777257
E-mail –






Your Excellency,
We understand that a bill entitled ‘Prohibition of forcible conversions’ aimed at restricting religious conversion and religious activity, is to be presented for debate and voting in the Parliament of Sri Lanka in the very near future. 
Such legislation, however well intended, will only succeed in creating a climate of religious disharmony.  Quite simply, this law will extinguish freedom of religion, expression, and association for all Sri Lankans.  ‘Unethical conversions’ are, at best, materialistic enterprises and not genuine conversions.  Such acts are a matter of concern to people of all religions and we do not condone such acts. 
However, we believe that this proposed legislation will harm, not protect, the freedom of religion of the Sri Lankan people. This anti-conversion bill is overbroad and targets all religious conversions, not just ‘unethical conversions.’ This law not only contradicts Articles 10 and 14 of the Constitution of Sri Lanka, but also violates Sri Lanka’s obligations under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
Sri Lanka already has laws in force against assault, false imprisonment, blackmail, defamation, and fraud – which are the true problems of ‘unethical’ conversions.  Anti-conversion laws, such as the proposed bill, are easily abused by lower officials and used to harass and persecute minority religious groups or to settle petty personal disputes. 
We would also like to remind Your Excellency of the public pledge the former Ambassador made last year on February 20 at a roundtable event in Washington, DC.  At that event, he stated that your government would ensure that the proposed anti-conversion laws would never “see the light of day.”
We respectfully call upon your Excellency’s government to uphold this pledge and to desist from the use of legislation as a weapon against the exercise of freewill and religious freedom of all citizens.
We are indeed aware of the difficult task that you and your Government are called to, in resolving the ethnic conflict and ushering in peace and prosperity in Sri Lanka.  We are confident that you and your government will also give due diligence to the protection of the rights of religious minorities and ensure that the fundamental rights of all citizens will be guaranteed.
We thank you in advance for your attention to our request and wish you and your government well in the difficult task of fair administration.
Yours sincerely and respectfully,








Dear Ambassador Wickramsuriya,
I have received word that an anti-conversion bill will likely pass in February when it goes up for its third reading since 2004. The passage of an anti-conversion bill has serious implications for religious minorities and for the freedom of religious expression and choice for all people of Sri Lanka and must be stopped.
If vulnerable and poor people are forced to convert in order to receive certain resources or aid from religious groups, this is not to be taken lightly and merits investigation based on unethical behavior.  However, passing a law that would ultimately deny the right for a person to choose to convert is morally and legally unacceptable because of the negative effects it will have on many upstanding citizens of Sri Lanka and in contravention of universally accepted religious freedom standards.
The people of Sri Lanka should have the freedom to convert without fear of police intervention, discrimination or oppression. The draft bill which proposes to summarily try anyone accused of attempting to cause forcible conversion is vaguely written and will stifle acts of charitable kindness.   Proposed punishments of imprisonment for a term up to five years and fines up to Rs. 150,000 are harsh and draconian. These punishments could be very easily manipulated to promote the demise of religious minorities.
Please take a stand with your government today and ask Parliament not to pass this bill. A timely response is necessary. We have seen these anti-conversion laws used against religious minorities in many countries, including India, Pakistan, Iran, and Sudan, to justify killings, torture, and persecution. Please work diligently to promote religious freedom for your people and use the law to promote the tolerance of all beliefs.
Sincerely and Respectfully, 








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  1. 1 Don / U.S.A

    No matter what will be the result of proposed unjust private bill of JHU, be of good faith and courage dear believers, and the Lord says ‘Be still and know that I am God’. As a believer in the Living God, I want to remind you that a whole world of Christians praying for you around the globe and continue to fight against this unjust bill. Yahweh, our almighty God be with you all. He has answers for all our problems. He answers all prayers in three ways that’s yes, no, or wait. He will fulfill His mission in uttermost parts of this world no matter what obstacles we may have to face and how hard our arch enemy the devil would try. Devil is a defeated foe. Jesus defeated him at Calvary.

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