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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

1) Thank the Lord Jesus that Bible-believing God-fearing Christians can be filled and led by the indwelling Holy Spirit of godly revelation, spiritual discernment, and prophetic truth, as things are not always as they appear to be!
Following are two very impacting interviews with US Political Activist Alan Keyes, a fair-dinkum Christian in the public arena and powerful prophetic voice to the Government and people of the United States of America.

See Keyes’ very recent warning to the United States here:

and one of his debates with President Obama here:


2) Following is a letter of interest sent from Joseph Farah of World Net Daily to Rick Warren regarding his recent invocation at President Obama’s Inaugaration.

World Net Daily is an outstanding news service, dedicated to the truth and informing its readers of events that give a Biblical worldview.  This “open letter” appeared in its pages.  Bible believers have been divided rather sharply over positions that Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California has been taking.  We pray that he will remain faithful to the Word of God and refuse to compromise with a world that now sees him as a vital link to their positions on a variety of social and religious issues.  Please pray with us for him and read with a discerning heart!

An open letter to Rick Warren
Posted: December 22, 2008 (WorldNetDaily)

Editor’s note: The following is a column adapted from a letter Joseph Farah wrote to Rick Warren last week about his agreement to offer the invocation at the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama on Jan. 20, 2009.

“I’m writing to share my profound and abject revulsion at your agreement to offer the invocation at the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as president Jan. 20.  I understand you want this to be a time of “healing” for our nation. I understand you consider Obama to be your “friend.” I understand your desire to bring “civility” to our society.

However, when we read the Bible, we see there are times for men of God to stand up to leaders, like Nathan did to King David, and confront them with the absolute truth of God’s word and His laws. That’s what all Christians should do when confronted with leaders embracing evil. Evil?  That’s a strong word. But I use it advisedly. Let’s focus on just one of Obama’s evil policies, though there are dozens more we should consider.  Barack Obama is opposed to any and all restrictions on the killing of unborn children and has pledged to work against the few that remain. In fact, as a state legislator in Illinois, he pushed a law that would require the killing of babies born alive after unsuccessful abortions.

You know he will also open the floodgates to the use of U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund abortion overseas through groups like Planned Parenthood and agencies such as the United Nations Population Fund. You should note the U.N. supports forced abortions and sterilizations in China. He has even promised to sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act, which would make illegal even peaceful efforts to persuade mothers from aborting their babies. In essence, Obama holds and has pledged to enforce, a radical pro-abortion position that will curtail free speech, freedom of religion and ensure that many more innocent lives will be destroyed.  I CALL THAT EVIL!

I would hope you, a pastor of the gospel of Jesus Christ, would also call that evil.  I’m trying to imagine Jesus giving an invocation at the inauguration of such a man. I think you will agree that it’s unimaginable!  So why are you ready, willing and eager to do this thing?  I ask you, as a brother in the Lord, to examine your heart, your mind and your soul as to your motivations for offering this prayer. Yes, we are commanded to pray for our leaders. But there is no suggestion in the Bible that we are ever to be used as political pawns by praying at their events, especially when they are promoting the wholesale slaughter of innocent human beings.

I understand your yearning for civility.  I yearn for it, too. But civility begins with the understanding that we are all made in the image of God.  It begins with the rejection of the shedding of innocent blood.  It begins with the church standing boldly upon its absolute convictions in the Word of God and in His laws.  I’m sure you would not want to invoke God’s blessing on the inauguration of a figure like Adolf Hitler, whose rise to power brought the destruction of millions of lives.

So, in principle, you agree there is a time for believers to stand up to elected leaders and rebuke them, even publicly.  Apparently, you don’t believe that time is now,  that the deaths of untold numbers of born and unborn babies is not justification enough for such a stance.  I disagree.

I want you to know that God will not bless the Obama administration’s plans for murder, no matter what you say on Jan. 20.  It’s time for Rick Warren to decide whether he stands with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or if he stands with the world and his “friend,” Barack Hussein Obama.

May our Most High God and victorious King increasingly arise and scatter His enemies in America, Australia, and around the World!
Rising Up Australia, America and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden, Catch The Fire Ministries

5 Responses to “Alan Keyes Political Discernment on President Obama & A Letter To Rick Warren”

  1. 1 Ian

    God bless you Pastor Danny! Our senior pastor started to say last Sunday that he believed you were wrong to mention your dream from the Lord warning Victoria. I publicly challenged him (something I just don’t do) and he didn’t mention it in the 2nd meeting. I think it shows just how far down the road of liberal theology we have come to even be having this debate. God bless you for yours guts and faithfulness to the King of Truth.


    Worship Warrior


  2. 2 Kay

    Dear Friends in Christ

    My goodness, that is very revealing – the videos I have just watched!!

    America certainly needs our prayers.



  3. 3 Elizabeth

    Hi Jason & Danny,

    Thank you so much for exposing the evil in the current US Presidency/ Obama AND exposing biblical compromise, apostacy & world/man pleasing with world ‘christian’ (?) leaders eg Rick Warren (who formerly seemed uncompromising in his walk in God).

    Yes, we must pray in earnest for such as these.

    You may think me ‘nuts’, but before Obama was elected, as i sat in another room at the computer, I heard on TV when were saying something to the effect of…’there are those factions in the US who suspect that Obama may even be a terrorist plant against the US’ (albeit more subtle).

    Right at that point, the Holy Spirit came upon me in great power to witness to the truth of those words (this, at a time when i was in reality paying very little attention to that whole program).

    I have no doubt, Obama is satan’s plant to help destroy the supremacy & national sovreignity of the US, to eventually usher in the satanic New World Order (with their ILLUMINATI vision) . Have u noticed that Obama now often refers to the NWO as ‘the way of the future for the US and the world’ ? ….no surprises there, but very scarey. Thank God…EMMANUEL !!!

    God bless,


    PS: Have you viewed ‘The Rape of Europe’ DVD, by UK evangelist David Hathaway ? Can order on the internet…very worthwhile getting. It helps to explain the whole biblical, spiritual, political & economic thrust toward the upcoming New World Order ; attachment re ‘European Parlt’ all part of it (Obama’s role relates to all this, tho DVD was made pre-Obama as president)….mind boggling !!

  4. 4 Carolyn Southam

    Recommended readiing on New Age leaders and their infuence on the church:

    Smith, Warren. 2004, “Deceived on Purpose”

    Yungen, Ray. 1996, “A Time of Departing”

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