Dear family and friends in Christ,
I hope you had a great Christmas season and fantastic start to the New Year!

My family and I are having an absolutely wonderful time on holiday in Sri Lanka. As I watch the world news media with many political and economic leaders predicting a ‘BLACK YEAR IN 2009’, I continue to prayerfully seek the Lord for what He is saying and planning for 2009!

Although many financial experts are forecasting a worsening of the economic crisis with thousands and thousands of people losing their jobs around the world, the following word from the Lord keeps coming to me as I wait on Him in prayer and in His Word, ‘SOULS, SOULS, SOULS’! 

I believe that just as a mother gives natural birth after 9 months of much pain and travail, the Body of Christ will give supernatural birth to a great harvest of souls in the Kingdom of God during the New Year 2009!  However, this will only happen through much pain, hardships, and travail in the Spirit and in the natural. Just as the doctor or midwife delivers the baby, the Church must RISE UP in united prayer and action to deliver these coming new babes in Christ to eternal life in the Kingdom of God!

We at Catch the Fire Ministries are looking forward to a great harvest of souls in Australia and around the world in 2009, so let’s stop the negative talk and worrying about our own personal problems, and let’s prepare our nets (pastors, leaders, churches, ministries, denominations, movements, believers) for a supernatural catch of fish!

In 2009 let’s take every opportunity to share the life transforming love of Jesus with everyone we meet! As many people turn to God during a time of crisis, let’s be ready, willing, and able to reap His end-time harvest!
Have a great, exciting, and very happy New Year in 2009!

With much love from Sri Lanka,

Pastor Danny & family

14 Responses to “Although Doom & Gloom Is Predicted For 2009, You Can Shine With The Light Of Jesus!”

  1. 1 Esther

    Pastor Danny

    Thank you for your encouraging message for 2009.

    I agree! It’s all SOULS THIS YEAR!

    A safe and happy holiday to you and family.



  2. 2 Ian

    Love you, Pastor Danny

    Ian, Worship Warrior


  3. 3 Steve & Julie

    Dearest Danny & Family

    Thank you for your wonderful message. I am firmly of the belief that these difficult times will draw out from within our society those that truly know and understand the heart and will of God and that this testing time is much needed for the welfare of our society and the world-wide call upon us as a nation. You are one of the select advance leaders of an army that will soon rise up in agreement and it will be this year and it will sweep the world for decades.

    In admiration of your wonderful ministry (I have seen you in Canberra a number of times especially when you addressed the Fatherhood Foundation) and here in Melbourne too.

    Steve & Julie

  4. 4 June

    Thank you for your words of encouragement – I agree it has to be harvest the souls! Bless you heaps. Keep up the wonderful work that you and the ministry do. I have been doing street evangelism for 5 years in Perth, I am believing for open heaven in Perth. I believe its here, I am believing for an unprecedented number of souls this year, and so waiting for the glory to fall and miracles on the streets.

    Thank God for you and your family, I have heard you many times in Perth.

    Bless you and your family in 2009 and beyond.


  5. 5 Vijaya

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Thank you for your message. Indeed, we walk not by sight but by faith (2 Cor. 5: 7).

    Here’s wishing you and your family God’s choicest blessings in 2009 as you serve Him faithfully in His vineyard.

    In His grip, Lovingly yours in His harvest,

    Rev. Dr. Vijaya Corea
    Peace for All Ministry, Sri Lanka

  6. 6 Pastor James

    Dear Pastor Danny & family

    Greetings in the wonderful name Jesus Christ!

    We thank you for your message careful noted about the Chrismas, as we passed through our believers we were encouraged to be fishers of men due to our prayer and faith towards our God. As the Acts of apostalic faith and the knowledge of His son Jesus Christ we are praying for your ministry to come here in Kenya for our physical, emotional and spiritual encouragement.

    Be blessed as we hear from you soon.
    Yours Faithfully
    Pastor James

  7. 7 Pastor Peter

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    In response to your message…it is my great honor to invite you to be with us here in Kenya. We are honoured to request you to be our Guest Speaker at our Pastors Conference which will be on June 2009.

    We look forward to hearing from you…

    Pastor Peter

  8. 8 Noel & Ros

    What a wonderful word of encouragement Danny – and we agree with you totally !

    So glad you are in Sri Lanka and having a special time.

    Every Blessing ~ Noel & Ros

  9. 9 Christine

    Dear Pas Danny & Family

    I just read your message as I was praying for your ministry and also this year. Yes I needed to read it in order to ‘tighten my seat belt’ once again for the souls throughout the land. At present my heart is crying out for 1.6 billion unsaved ones and suffering ones in India.

    Pray that I get people to support me with prayers and finances as I go out again to do God’s work. May He still find me useful for the extension of His Kingdom.

    In Our Lord, Christine


  10. 10 Robert

    Thank you Pastor and family,

    A happy new year with Gods blessings to you and your ministries

    Robert & family

  11. 11 Esther

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I am very happy that your family is enjoying a restful and enjoyable holiday. I am having a wonderful holiday with my family too, free from health concerns.

    During your visit to Tasmania you prayed for me for healing. Because you called for someone who had my symptoms to come out for prayer I went out
    to the front. Pastor Danny, the Lord healed me, but it was through your committment to Him that I was called for prayer. I praise the Lord for
    noticing me and healing me.

    I thank you Pastor Danny for coming to Devonport and being full of faith.

    God bless you always, Esther

  12. 12 Julie

    Thankyou for this message, I so appreciate it.

    If I was in Melbourne I would certainly go to some meetings. I was encouraged when you mentioned us shining this year. At the end of the most difficult year of our lives (we are in our 70’s). I felt these words come to me and I believe they are from the Lord – In 2009 we will shine! All will be fine in 2009. Although I totally agree that this year will be a very hard time across the planet, when darkness and gross darkness, as we read in Isaiah 60, will cover the earth
    it also says we will arise and shine.

    How precious to know Jesus!

    Blessings Julie

  13. 13 Nimesh

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    You enocouraged us this evening at Dr Lalith Mendis Ministry in SL as to how we need to be workers of KOG. We are timid but you inspired me today. We do not have the luxuary of what you get in Aussie to preach somewhat openly but I understand the we need to advance especialy in times of trials. Thank you for the five (5) points you shared.

    I too believe and know this year will be a great year for The Lord.

    God Bless you



  14. 14 Kay

    Dear friends of Inquiries,

    I am only just now looking at my emails for Dec/Jan as my family have been here from Canada – but I quite agree – 2009 will be a year to win souls!!

    After the tragic fires in Victoria, I am praying for souls to be won for our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Today I witnessed to a young chinese man and I’m praying for him too!

    Blessings to you all,


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