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One. Sometimes I wonder what it will take to rouse a sleeping church. Will we have to start going to prison or face other penalties before God’s people begin to wake up? I am still grieving about the story of Warwick Marsh of the Fatherhood Foundation. This Christian pro-family activist has spent tens of thousands of volunteer hours helping men not commit suicide; make a go of life, etc. An ideal appointment as a Men’s Ambassador.

Yet the Rudd Government thought he was unqualified because he cared more about the well being of children than wanting to advance the cause of the radical homosexual lobby. Therefore he was dumped, and Kevin Rudd – who campaigned as a Christian to win their votes – said it was a “mistake” to appoint Marsh.

I have written up this whole ugly affair here:

Please have a read, and then perhaps allow for a bit of righteous indignation. But don’t just get angry; do something. Please write to Health Minister Nicola Roxon and share your concerns, in your own words:

And do the same with Kevin Rudd. Follow the links here:  

Continue to pray for Warwick and his family during this difficult time. And pray for a lethargic church. Many Christian groups have refused to even speak out about this sordid event. They are more into Political Correctness it seems than standing up for what is right.

Two. Some Christians think interfaith dialogue is a good thing, and think it is a Christlike activity to be involved in. Is it?

Three. Maybe the global financial crisis is really part of a larger global spiritual crisis:

Four. One Liberal in the Victorian Upper House voted for the ART Bill which gives lesbians and singles access to IVF and surrogacy: Bruce Atkinson. The final vote on the Bill should take place Tuesday. Please email Bruce and politely yet firmly ask that he not vote for this anti-child bill:    Also, pray for the outcome of this vote.

Bill Muehlenberg

1 Response to “What Will It Take?”

  1. 1 Phil (Sydney)

    Excellent Article Bill.

    It is distressing the power of the media to distort twist and lie to suit their agenda. Sadly the RUDD Govt’s inability to have some backbone and support Christians is also a concern. I have limited respect for PM Rudd

    Keep up the good work Bill and Catch the Fire, otherwise we would all be kept in the dark as to what is really happening in the places of power


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