Woman healed after 40 years of deafnessDear Friends and Family in Christ,

In Hallam (Melbourne) on Thursday (27th) & Friday night (28th) those hungry for the presence of God gathered to worship, honour and praise the One True and Living God for His goodness and grace. Two glorious nights where visiting travellers came from New South Wales and South Australia to drink from the river of God poured out during this 5-6 months.

Husband Hugs Wife As She Receives Healing From GodTestimonies continue to flow concerning healings, deliverance from darkness and depression and a glorious freedom enabled others to be set free from hindrances and oppression. The presence of God was so strong that many people simply rested in the Spirit being saturated with the Lord. Many conveyed their joy of how the passion ignited within them at the meetings has compelled them to witness and see souls saved from destruction.

Over the last 25 weeks, we have witnessed a wonderful visitation and outpouring of the Spirit of God into the lives of His people, equipping them to effectively re-produce for the Kingdom of Light, growing in grace and goodness, as they have dwelt in His presence. We know that each one who has received from the Lord will take the deposit received and fervently follow the Word in these troubled times.

On Friday night at the Revival in Hallam (Melbourne), the prophetic Word from the Father in Heaven trumpeted through Pastor Jason, “Prepare My Son’s beloved Bride without spot or wrinkle as a pure, holy, and radiant Bride.” The manifest presence of the Holy Spirit was overwhelming even until midnight, as many worshipping warriors received a mighty impartation of the supernatural Fire of God’s Love. 

Over the weekend Pastor Danny travelled to Canberra as a speaker in a Friday/Saturday conference, plus preaching at two different churches on Sunday. People from the regions around Canberra attended the conference, being blessed as they were inspired to rise to their God-given callings in the Kingdom of God. Another speaker Pastor Tayo (originally from Nigeria – now in Maryland, USA) also ministered at the conference.

During the conference people were healed spiritually, physically and emotionally. Spiritual equipping also took place as quite a group of people who had never been filled with the Spirit with the evidence of ‘praying in tongues’, instantly received this gift from the Lord.

Pastor Danny checks her ears after prayerAnother highlight Pastor Danny shares is while he was seated to enjoy some lunch after one of the sessions, an elderly gentleman interrupted him saying, “My wife has been fully deaf in the right ear and partially deaf in the left ear – for 40 years. I believe Jesus can heal her and restore her hearing! Can you please pray for her?”  In response, Pastor Danny laid hands on her and began to pray. God’s presence caused the wife to sway back & forth, and it was not long before she was calling, “I can hear, I can hear!!!!” All watching were moved to happy tears as the elderly couple hugged and wept tears of joy together. The husband gave thanks to the Lord, “Thank God, after 40 years my wife is healed!”

Following is another exciting testimony from a woman named Martha on the 30, November 2008.

Dear Pastor Danny and Catch the Fire Team, I give thanks to the Lord for such a great blessing; He has brought to me and my son through your ministry. On the 27th of November 2008 I had an asthma attack which it was hard for me to breathe all night, I could barely sleep. I rebuked this disease in the name of Jesus, I prayed earnestly to God to deliver me from this terrible disease. Please Click Here to continue reading this testimony.

Please note that the last Revival meetings for this year 2008 in Melbourne at the Christian Community Church, 30 Star Crescent, in Hallam, Victoria, have now taken place – until we resume the Revival meetings on the 1st February 2009.  The new venue for these meetings will be Fountain Gate Christian Centre, 23 Melverton Drive, Hallam. (Map 96 G 2)

However, the next Rise Up Australia prayer meeting will be on Friday 5th December at 7:30pm at Hallam Christian Community Church, 30 Star Crescent, Hallam.

Many Blessings,

Dianne Johnson

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