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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

Pr Danny with Pr Mike BerryLast weekend  the Revival in Melbourne (Hallam) was very exciting as hundreds of spiritually hungry Christians gathered on Thursday and Friday to soak in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and to receive the prophetic Word of the Lord through Mike Berry (from the USA), a Prophetic Leader to the Nations!

For the last thirty years, Mike has traveled extensively throughout 160 cities and 21 countries ministering to over 1,000,000 people worldwide.  He has produced, directed and hosted TV programs for the TBN, TCT, The God Channel, Cornerstone, TCN, Total Living Network, DayStar, LeSea and INSP television networks (over 500 million homes).  His daily radio programs have reached 1.5 million annually through his flagship program “Managing Life Effectively.”  He also served as the mobilization coordinator for Washington For Jesus 96 & 04 (with over 500,000 youth in attendance) and the Call DC with Lou Engle and Che Ahn (with over 300,000 youth in attendance).  Mike is widely known for his prolific prophetic gifting; teaching ministry, books, and ministry cross-denominationally (From Anglican to Pentecostal Churches). 

A significant highlight was the Lord’s focus on Healing the Nations through individual and corporate repentance, prophetic intercessory prayer, and the reconciliation of different cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities, as the Spirit of the Lord continues to rise up a Holy Nation!

At one point  Mike fell at the feet of a young lady from Vietnam, asking forgiveness for what America did to Vietnam. She was so moved by the Spirit of prophetic intercession that she begin weeping, and powerful spiritual healing begin to flow between different nations, such as Pakistan and India, France and England, and many other nations, as people stood in the gap asking for forgiveness of historic sins committed against each other’s home country.

Leading up to this recent weekend of strategic prophetic and spiritual breakthrough, the weather bureau was broadcasting Australia’s desperate need for rain. Luke (from Canada) who led part of the powerful worship at the Revival, prophetically declared a change in the weather coming. We give all the praise, honor, and glory to the Lord for a powerful release of the prophetic anointing and for sending abundant showers of blessing as the much needed rain continues to fall across Australia!

Additionally exciting was that on Sunday night Pr Danny was invited to a house in Noble Park to speak to 6 Buddhist people about the life transforming love and miracle-working power of Jesus. When he visited this place along with his wife, he recognized some of them as they had previously attended the Revival meetings in Melbourne (Hallam). In talking with them he found out that one of the men had come to the Revival meeting because he had a black-out a few weeks ago and a subsequent MRI done showed that he had a uncommon spot in his brain that needed further testing.

The man stated, “when you prayed I felt a heat go through me, and then when I went for another test a few days later the spot had disappeared!”  So, he wanted his Buddhist family also to receive a touch from God as some of them needed healing! What is most interesting was that this man was a leader in one the Buddhist temples in Melbourne!

Well all glory to God after about 1 ½ hours of sharing about Jesus, Pr Danny had the joy of leading them all to a personal relationship with the Lord! Then Pr Danny noticed that they were all wearing a particular type of thread around their wrist for good luck and protection, which they had received from the Buddhist temple. Since Pr Danny had worked amongst many Buddhist in the past, he knew the exact meaning of such a thread and the evil attached to it, so with their permission he cut it off all of their hands!

Now these brand-new Christians all want to go to church and will be receiving a Bible each in the next few days!

Please note that this week on the 27th & 28th  (Thurs & Fri) November will be the last Revival meetings for this year 2008 in Melbourne (Hallam) at the Christian Community Church, 30 Star Crescent, in Hallam, Victoria, until we resume the Revival meetings in February 2009. 

However, the next Rise Up Australia prayer meeting will be on Friday 5th December at 7:30pm at the same venue as above!

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden

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  1. 1 Ps.Dennis

    Jason, Thanks for writing about what has been happening over there in Vicco. Praise God for any and every one who boldly declares what the Lord has put in their hearts to declare…ie Danny Nahlia! And all you other brothers and sisters in Christ.
    Have you started having more revival meetings again?

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