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80 Year Old prays for the first time in tonguesSurrendered to the Lord at the altarThe Holy Spirit Fire continues to fall in Melbourne (Hallam) and across Australia, as the Lord Jesus Christ is corporately praised as King of kings to rule and reign over Earth as it is in Heaven!

Over the weekend in Melbourne (Hallam), the guest minister Pastor Sitha from Sri Lanka spoke on the power of prayer which protects us from death and destruction. His exciting testimony inspired us all of how the Lord has most miraculously saved him and his family from bombing, shelling, and shooting on several occasions, as they continue to pastor a church right in the Young Boy Prays in tongues for the first timecenter of a war torn region in the North of Sri Lanka! Pastor Sitha states, “It is only prayer which has kept us alive as we have constantly spent many days in fasting and prayer for God’s supernatural protection and harvest. We’re so excited that in spite of war, there is a great harvest coming into the Kingdom of God!”

In addition to many people experiencing life transforming encounters with the miracle working power of God, a young man from Vietnam was gloriously born-again at the altar as he repented of his sins, receiving Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord, and planning to join a local church and come back to the Revival!

Crowd worshippingHungry and thirsty worshiping warriors were still coming to the altar for prayer and spiritual impartation at 11pm, as the Spirit of the Lord continued to anoint, empower, call, and commission an End-Time Army of Harvesters to carry the Fire of God’s Love (Revival) to a lost and dying world! The Father in Heaven who desires none to perish but all to come to repentance, continued to urge the Bride of Christ to win the lost at any cost, as time is running out! We must plunder Hell and populate Heaven for Jesus!

During the powerfully anointed praise and worship led by Pastor Danny’s daughter Shannen, she received a vision from the Spirit of the Lord of a flashing blue, white, and yellow light, a glimpse of Heaven! May all who come into contact with on-fire followers of Jesus, catch a glimpse of the love, joy, peace, beauty, power, glory, and reality of Heaven!

Another incredible testimony from the Revival in Melbourne (Hallam) is the following:

Hello Danny and the Catch The Fire Ministry Team, My name is Ash and I have been coming back to church for about two months now after 30 years of not going to church. I had, like so many people been a prisoner to sin and spiritual dysfunction, I had a belief in God yet I had done nothing with Jesus. I am overjoyed to tell you that I was recently baptised and have invited Jesus to purify my heart which I am very pleased to tell you that he is doing a wonderful work in me. I can testify that my life without Jesus was one of fear, depression, alcohol, drugs, crime, insanity and separateness. Since accepting Jesus as ‘The Only Begotten Son Of God’ and inviting him into my heart and being baptised as a public display of my Faith my life has changed dramatically in a very rapid and profound way. Click the following to read the entire testimony:

Pr Danny hit by the power of God at the altarPastor Danny and a team from Catch The Fire ministered in Bordertown, South Australia over the weekend.  The Holy Spirit moved most powerfully, challenging many in the Body of Christ to go deeper into the River of His Presence and to see our nation of Australia return to Jesus!

Many were mightily touched, healed, and released into new personal relationships with the loving Father in Heaven!

 Some highlights are following:

*Many received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time in their Christian journey with the Lord

*An 80 year old man got baptized in the Holy Spirit and started praying in tongues for the very first time. He was jumping for joy, so excited that he was so blessed

Pr Steve & Wife receive prophetic word from the Lord*A 12 year old boy who was not in the room when prayer was happening requested his mother to send a note to Pastor Danny expressing his deep desire to pray in the heavenly language of tongues. Pastor Danny received the note after the service had finished and laid hands on the boy at the back of the church. The boy begin weeping with joy as he was instantly filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in tongues

Many at the altar received a prophetic word from the Lord and were absolutely ignited by the Holy Spirit and Fire! So many people were so mightily blessed by the ministry of Catch the Fire that the Pastor has decided to officially start a Rise Up Australia prayer meeting next month in Bordertown, where the Body of Christ in the city unites together from different churches and denominations to prayerfully seek the Lord each month for our nation’s transformation!

Under the annointingPastor Danny exclaims, “We’re certainly in an increasing outpouring of the Holy Spirit and prophetic revelation of the Word of God, as the Trumpet of the Lord is sounded loud and clear to call the Body of Christ to Rise Up in the Kingdom, Power, and Glory of God! People are continually hearing the call and joining the Army of the Lord to fight the good fight of faith in taking our nation for Jesus!”

Please note that the 27th & 28th  (Thurs & Fri) November will be the last Revival meetings for this year 2008 in Melbourne (Hallam) at the Christian Community Church, 30 Star Crescent, in Hallam, Victoria, until we resume the Revival meetings in February 2009.

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden

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