Horror Fire Warning In Herald Sun Newspaper On 2nd NovemberDear Friends and Family in Christ,

On Wednesday the 22nd of October 2008 at the Catch the Fire weekly fasting and prayer meeting in Melbourne, Pastor Danny shared with his core team of around 40 intercessory prayer warriors, a dream of serious warning that he received from the Lord the night before!

Pastor Danny stated, “I saw a man firing randomly with a weapon at people on the streets and many were falling dead. I was very disturbed and was crying. Then the scene changed and I saw fire everywhere with flames burning very high and uncontrollably. With this I awoke from my dream with the interpretation as the following words came to me in a flash from the Spirit of God,  ‘My wrath is about to be released upon Australia, in particular Victoria, for approving the slaughter of the innocent children in the womb.  Now, call on My people to repent and pray!’”

In these perilous Last Days before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as The King of kings and The LORD of lords,  we His Church can cry unto Him for mercy through corporate repentance and united prayer!  Let’s not wait for the disaster to come but let’s be pro-active!

We at Catch the Fire Ministries  encourage the whole Body of Christ to join us in His imperative cry through His Word, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn away from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land!” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Interestingly, shortly after Pastor Danny had the dream the following caption ‘Horror fire warning’ appeared in an article in the Herald Sun Newspaper on the 2nd November.

Please pass this critical info throughout your respected congregation, denomination, ministry, movement, and additional spheres of Kingdom influence!

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden


  1. 1 Julie

    thankyou for this. I will join with you and stand in this warning asking for Gods mercy, and for our nations repentance. Julie – PS- I have sent it on to friends who will also stand

  2. 2 Mary

    Hi All
    Just went to your website & read this, is it really true? Is under CAN MUSLIMS BE GOOD AMERICANS?

    Obama even says if he wins the election, he will be sworn in on the Quran—not a Bible!

    Footnote: He was sworn in on the Quran for his current office and he refuses to pledge allegiance to the United States or put his hand over his heart when the National Anthem is played!

    Blessings to you all & definitely praying re Ps Danny’s dream


  3. 3 Barry

    Dear Jason and Pastor Danny

    God bless you for your passion for truth and revival. Be encouraged today. God is with you

    Pastor Barry

  4. 4 Kevin

    Dear Catch the Fire Team,

    Assuming Danny’s dream and interpretation is accurate. If the prayers that were sent up to the Lord ‘before the bill’ was passed were NOT answered by Him to stop the bill, how will the prayers sent up ‘after the bill’ has been established prompt the Lord to act?

    Which sins will the Lord be bringing His wrath to Victoria for? ie the sins of adultery and fornication resulting in many unwanted births or the killing of the unborn, or perhaps the sins of unfaithfulness in preaching the gospel by silent Christians?

    I would appreciate your response when you have a moment.

    God bless,


  5. 5 Terence

    So pleased to hear of the stand you are taking against abortion in Australia. Here in the UK we have had more than 6,000,000 abortions. I am very proud of the wife of my grandson who has started a pregnancy crisis centre in York. She is only 25 but earlier this year she was invited to meet members of parliament to speak about this. The Lord Bless You All Richly Terence

  6. 6 Anne

    Dear Jason and Danny,

    Am confirming in my spirit, the things you’ve shared.

    The Scriptures make it so clear that Innocent shed blood is a big issue for God.

    I am having the same dream. I had it again last night. I dreamt I was preparing for camping in December January but could find nothing to protect us from the smoke all around us. We are so ripe for judgement beginning with Household of God, sadly.

    The Indigenous people were conscious of the forces of evil and symbolically produced smoke to rid the area of the evil spirits. I sense that there will be a smoking ceremony produced by God on a massive scale to purify particularly the land and the people of Victoria until we collectively bow the knee. Since the new legislation I am sure we have been taken to a new level of occupation by the forces of evil. They must feel welcome with that kind of Govt decision.

    The rain is only dripping tears of God. How can it pour down and wash away the evidence?

    May God draw us, His people, together on our faces before Him.

    Sorry I can’t often get to your meetings but am with you in the Holy Spirit.

    Please pray for this week’s meetings and prayer with our Indigenous Christian brothers and sisters.

    Thanks for your message.

    Blessings in Christ,


  7. 7 Pia

    Got catch the fire ministries email for prayer today (8/11). If you pray again – this may help. I had a dream 13th of December 2007 that made NO sense back then. In a town hall, witches made paper babies to burn in a fire. I was like – what was a weird dream! I don’t think the abortion thing is just politics. VIC repealed an act against witchcraft in 2004. A girl told me how she left the occult because her friends would only support her if she got an abortion – NOT if she kept it. So she went to church instead and kept it and ditched the occult. This abortion thing may be more tied up with witchcraft more than anything. That’s what needs to be prayed against also. God bless, Pia

  8. 8 Christine

    I would just like to share a strategy that the Lord has given me in regard to the issue of abortion. Every day I pray for one “mother-to -be” who has decided on aborting her child. I pray that the Lord would seek out and see the one who is willing to change her mind and then I pray that she will make the decision to have the baby, to choose Life & then begin to love her unborn child and rejoice in this new life. Perhaps it is a prayer that some others would like to pray as the Lord leads. If 10 people prayed daily it might make a real difference to the abortion clinics. It certainly would make a difference in these babies lives. God bless you.

  9. 9 PD

    Amen, brethren. LORD, in the midst of judgement, remember mercy, please, for Australia GOD bless you and keep you all. pd

  10. 10 Christine

    Certainly I will pass it on to other churches. Australia is in great trouble unless it comes along the line of the Word and there is much sin abounding – there is no family value, family violence is rife and people have scant respect for one another even in churches.


  11. 11 Kay

    Dear friends,

    Praying for Victoria!! How this country needs our Lord!!



  12. 12 Trevor

    I quote “Whoever causes one of these least little ones of mine to sin it
    would be better for him if he tied a millstone around his own neck and
    cast himself into the deepest part of the ocean” Those words scare me
    and they should you. After all it is also said that “To whom much is
    given much is expected.”
    Fire will indeed come but not for the reason you have said. ” Since the
    days of King David the people called by My name have learned nothing.
    Nothing has changed about the fire of Molech except the shape of the
    Altar. Still my children are sacrificed to vileness and depredation and
    no-one cares except about their position in a cauldron destined for the
    furnace. It is written “My people perish through lack of knowledge. My
    children perish because their natural fathers have no place. They have
    abandoned the place I made for them. They follow the way of their
    fathers always seeking but never perceiving. The heathen know what is
    wrong we reap what we sow. They have proved My precepts although they
    know not Who formulated them.

    Become a father to the fatherless and a friend to the alien. says the
    Lord. Yes do this and I will save you. I will save you and not as an
    urchin from a house fire. When you see the fire I start you will smell
    your clothes and they will be fresh.

    Turn My little ones from their error and their fathers from their sin
    and you will be a true prophet. You will be one of My elect. Consider
    these words.

  13. 13 Gary

    Hi Pastor Danny,

    Thank you for the updates, our church meet for prayer every Friday night and God’s presence is increasing.

    A few weeks ago during prayer our 85 year old godly father in law told us he had a warning of huge fires.

    We are praying and interceding for our nation.

    God bless you, we are praying with you.

    Pastor Gary

  14. 14 Rosemary

    Hi and thank you very much Brother Jason,
    I’ve read thru and my heart is moved, I’ll will united with the team
    prayer repentance for beloved in Victoria tonight and more.
    Im repenting on be half of my family there in Melbourne ( Billarat).
    Please I asked for a special prayer or prayer point for my family.
    Namely – Ali Calder, Ron Calder, Jennifer Calder & Natalie Calder for
    their Salvation.
    Yes all has to repent and enter the kingdom of God. My cry to see
    image of the living God must repent and excepted Jesus Christ as their Lord
    and Saviour.
    Iam part of connection in the body of ChristJesus…Amen.
    Please keep me post.
    Shalom be with you,
    Rosemary LAE, PNG

  15. 15 Helen

    You need to know that i had a similar dream a couple of months ago.

    The first part of my dream has already come true.

    Th third part is:

    The fires in Victoria joined together to make one big fire. Everyone was on the beach to escape the fire.

    Then fire balls shot out of the sky at the people but i started to notice that the fire balls were missing some people, even though they were standing close to each other.

    I went to tell the elders in the church but no one believed me.


  16. 16 Anne

    Yes its quite disturbing that the Victoria has passed the bill for abortion & i believe that the word that has been coming through will happen. My spirit is quite grieved about what has happened in Victoria as its murdering poor innoncent children. I pray that as believers we will rise up united in prayer & keep praying about what has happen & that the Churches will unite in this together also that we dont become complacent but start warring against what the enemy has done. Lets pray lets rise up lets move forward & become one in this as we as a nation need to repent of our wicked ways let the bill be turned around for Gods glory.

  17. 17 Ian

    We see this fufilled!
    REPENT & seek God with all your heart.
    What will be next??
    Jesus Christ is Lord of all -make him your Lord.

  18. 18 Ewan

    Well it would seem now with the worst fires ever experienced in the State of Victoria, with a death toll expected to exceed 100, that part of Ps. Danny’s dream has now come to pass. God is not mocked, sin has consequences and the sin of shedding innocent blood is a grievous sin indeed. If these fires are a manifestation of God’s judgment upon Victoria for having legalised the sin of child sacrifice, then those most directly responsible are the politicians who voted for the bill, and those most indirectly responsible are the many Christians who stood by and failed to speak out against the bill.

  19. 19 David

    People. To judge these terrible events as an act of God is not wise. Brazen comments and statements like these reinforce in unbelievers minds that God is always to be feared and has deliberatelt killed over 100 random people to exact some kind of punishment?

    Abortion is very wrong, but to assume this is the Hand of God at work, and judging Christians who didn’t speak up is without fact.

    Let’s join together as Christians at this desperate time and demonstrate to those who have lost loved ones and homes, the love of Jesus Christ who is compassionate and forgiving also, and not try to bring glory to prophets or ministries.

  20. 20 Aurora

    David, why would you assume that God never brings judgment upon a society which has rejected His holy law? He has done it all through the Bible and the book of Revelations warns us that all kinds of plagues and horrors are to be released upon this wicked planet. If God so much as lifted His little finger from this planet, we would all be incinerated. Perhaps rather than trying to create a ‘teddy bear’ God fitted to our own post-modern mentalities, it would do us well to remember that God is a HOLY God and He is not to be mocked by the horrific sins being committed by this present generation.

  21. 21 Jennifer

    I was just talking to my son this morning and we both prayed about the big picture that we both percieve in our spirits . It seems that we are pushing God’s His protective and sustaining hand off our Country, especially in Victoria.


    I am not suggesting that God is the author of fires, the groaning creation is detrimentally affected by Man’s sin in Adam,IT WOULD BE EQUALLY STUPID TO SUGGEST THAT GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF DEATH. But as Christians we need to look deeper and pray for discernment in these issues.

    Jesus weeps for each life lost that is not redeemed to Him eternally and that does mean the status of living faith / belief / unbelief and perhaps even rebellious rejection of those lost in the fires as well as those little innocent sanctified set apart lives lost in abortion.

    God is the author of LIFE, LOVE and LIFE. Jesus taught us to pray and call upon God to bring His Kingdom on earth and may He help us to be agents of His grace, love and mercy at this time of national tragedy. But may we as Christians see that abomination in God’s sight …….the genocide of innocent unborn life.

  22. 22 Aurora

    Hi Jennifer, I couldn’t agree more with your comments and wanted to add a balance to my comment above. Although I feel strongly that we need to be reawakened to a holy fear of God in order to fully understand His mercy, I also wanted to add that of course God is long-suffering and is not willing that any should perish. Even as we reach out to those who are affected by this tragedy and do all we can to help, it must be remembered that ‘God will not strive forever with the hearts of man’ and, as Pastor Danny has reminded us, we need to humble ourselves before the Lord God and repent for the sins of our nation.

  23. 23 Christopher

    I saw John Brumby hugging and been very supportive of the fire victims ..where upon I sighed thinking how ironical, in light of what Pastor Danny warned about last November… Brumby along with other politicians who supported the decriminalization of abortion in Victoria has I believed brought this tragedy down upon our heads

  24. 24 Shane

    Go David, God isn’t responsible for every disaster, he has given us dominion, instead he motivates his children to be prominent in both giving wise warnings to prevent tragedy and then to help afterwards if need be. He doesn’t encourage arsons as part of a random and pointless judgment,claiming that Christ is burning families including children because he’s angry with the un-churched sinners is actually slandering Gods reputation and heaping condemnation on top of the injury of the unfortunate victoms. I ask the local church to represent Christ by giving of their time and effort and the wider church to make sure that they support the local church by supplying everything they need including money and prayer.
    God Bless Shane

  25. 25 Tina

    I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone about the fires and said, is this Gods judgement on Victoria. We discussed much of what people were saying, and my words were, though God is a God of love he cant change the consequences of sin and he will bring good out of this, the goodness of God brings men to repentance, and I believe it was not the hand of God,as such, but that victoria has open a wide door for the enemy through allowing abortion of innocent babys. Now that being said as I was saying this, I had already read about a baby found in a house at kinglake, with 8 adults huddled over and around it and all perished, and its like the Lord spoke to me and said that situation, was a prophetic statement, meaning, the Lord represents the number 8 and the baby represents all babies, and that the lord wanted to protect and cover all babies even those not yet born, and this allowing of abortion has brought a wide door open to the enemy to come and kill, steal, and destroy, John 10v10.
    Its not God who brings devastation he is Love, but the door that we can open up through sin and that which is against Gods laws, abortion is murder, and it will bring death its the curse of sin, and allows the Enemy to play havoc. But the problem is, so many have been brought up to know about God in someway, but most believe that Satan is just some fantasy with red cape and fork tail, so many could say how could God allow this, and be totally oblivious to the workings of the evil one Satan and his demons, they are just has real has God, so God always gets the blame, when he came to bring life not death, and he being God will bring good out of all this..

  26. 26 Tania

    David, go and read your bible…specially the old testament…

  27. 27 Steven

    Dearest Friends,

    My heart is filled with great sadness for the people of your country. Abortion and the rampant use of abortifacients (a drug or agent that causes abortion) is one of the most hideous and evil sins against God.

    As I write this, I am crying. I understand the emotional turmoil and heartache that abortion brings with it. Please allow me to share my experience with you. I hope that my loving and kind words will help you with the difficult battle against the greatest evil. If you love God and the unborn children that are being murdered everyday it is natural to feel sadness. Dearest friends I love and care about each of you. When you feel sad and overwhelmed about abortion, cry to our Heavenly Father he will hear you and give you love, strength and protection. Always trust God and ask him for help.

    I live in America a divided nation. With the help of people that call themselves Pro-life Christians America elected the most Pro-abortion President in history. Please learn from our mistakes.

    Lessons Learned:
    First “NEVER EVER COMPRIMISE” there is no common ground on abortion. The people that want to murder unborn children will always try to get you to compromise your beliefs. Unfortunately, this strategy is very successful in America.

    Abortion is a big business and there are so many lies and deceptions that it is difficult to know the truth. Always remember that abortion is always wrong and evil.

    Some charities support the abortion business please do not donate your hard earned money to them.

    Please do not become complacent and think that abortion will go away. Take action and become involved in the fight. The evil of abortion will only increase as time passes.

    Watch your elected representative carefully. Try to keep your tax funding away from the abortion business. Ensure that they (your elected representatives) are taking action against abortion. In America the Republican Party talks about eliminating abortion, however they do not take any actions. In other words they lie to the American Christians that voted them into office. Please do not make this same mistake. It is easy and comforting to believe their lies.

    Pregnancy Recourse centers work! They have saved millions of unborn children’s lives from abortion in America. The abortion business in America hates Pregnancy Recourse centers because they are very effective at saving the lives of unborn children. Please ask your Church or community leaders to help pregnant women by giving them love and charity.

    Many people in America do not fully understand abortion. This is why education is important. Tell everyone that abortion ends the life of an unborn child. This may seem simple but please understand that the people that want to murder unborn children want everyone to think an unborn child is less than nothing. It is important for the people that love God to tell the truth. Abortion is murder and it ends the life of an unborn child. We must remember that children are a blessing and a gift for our loving Heavenly Father.

    The people that want to murder unborn children will test your faith. They will try to use the bible against you by twisting the meaning of God’s words. Do not believe them.

    In America we made the mistake of relying too much on a political victory (judicial) over abortion. This has cost the lives of countless unborn children and this has allowed the abortion business to flourish.

    Fight against all forms of abortion. Abortifacient (a drug or agent that causes abortion) cause the deaths of countless unborn children.

    Ideas and Strategies:
    I believe that the best way to defeat abortion is a combination of different strategies focused on three fronts political (legislative and judicial), economic and spiritual (faith, truth and light of the world). Please remember that the abortion business is all about murdering unborn children for profit!

    Become active in the political process write to your elected representative to express your disapproval of abortion and vote abortion supporting politicians out of office.

    Protest and boycott against any company that supports the abortion business (Examples: construction, electric and pluming). Write or call them to express your disapproval.

    Protest against the abortion business.

    Please be prepared you will be lied to, hated and ridiculed. Many of you will experience ridicule for your beliefs against abortion from your friends and family. For me the hardest part is not the ridicule or hate it is the fact that someone that I love believes in and supports abortion.

    As Christians we must remember that everyone fails God and sins. If a woman makes the terrible decision to end her child’s life with an abortion, Jesus still wants us to love her.

    I hope that this information helps you please share it.

    With all love and care,

    P.C. Florida

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