Victoria’s Legislative Council is due to have the final third reading VOTE on the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Bill – giving  IVF for lesbians, homosexuals and single women NEXT WEEK – the FIRST week in DECEMBER.

This Bill gives IVF for lesbians, homosexuals and single women, allows them to be registered as ‘parents’ and opens up surrogacy.

After passing a second reading vote by 20 to 18, the Bill was sent off to the Legislation Committee for ‘review’. The Committee will report back to the Council by 1 December.
If you live in Victoria, it is vital that we contact our FIVE Members in the legislative Council to ask them to vote AGAINST the Bill.
Petition – A petition is being circulated – it highlights the serious consequences of the Bill in allowing people who have NO biological link to the child (a lesbian partner or homosexuals who ‘commission a surrogate child’) to be registered as ‘parents’.
The Bill ignores the rights of the child to be raised by its biological mother and father.
The petition asks Members to REJECT the Bill.
DUE to TIME constraints, the petition needs to completed ASAP and sent back to Peter Kavanagh, MLC. The petition is attached.

Action – If you live in Victoria, there are THREE things you can do:
1.COMPLETE the attached PETITION

Get your friends and churches to fill it in.
NEXT SUNDAY is the last day to collect signatures.
Have a stamped envelope READY – put the signed petition/s in the envelope on Sunday at the LATEST, and POST to Peter Kavanagh MLC, Parliament House, 1 Spring Street, Melbourne, Vic 3002.

Formal printed petitions are desirable as they contain a ‘signature’. However if you can’t do that, you could email your support: just forward this email so the petition stays attached, and say “I support the petition expressing concern about the registration of only two women or only two men as parents on the birth certificate as provided for by Assisted Reproductive Treatment Bill”.
You need to provide your full name and full address.
Peter’s email address is  

Please Click Here For The Petition.

2 Contact your FIVE MLCs

Have you contacted your FIVE Members in the Legislative Council again?
PLEASE ask them to vote against the BILL.
We’ve attached a FULL list of the second reading vote – with names, parties and email addresses.

Please Click Here For The Contacts List. 

Click here for your MLC details – type in your address in the grey box and click ‘Search’.
For a list of all MLCs click here. A LIST of the VOTE is attached.
* If your MLC voted AGAINST then Bill – please encourage them to continue their opposition to the Bill.
* If your MLC voted FOR the Bill, ask them to re-consider the issues and vote against the Bill at the third reading to protect the interests of the CHILDREN who need a biological father and mother.
A FULL list of the second reading vote is attached.

3.. PRAY that the Bill is defeated!

Everyone can join Victorians in praying that the Bill is defeated.

Jenny Stokes
Research Director
Salt Shakers

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