Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

We at Catch the Fire Ministries thank the Lord that we were able to publish the article ‘Reaping what we have sown’ by Pastor Danny Nalliah in today’s (Friday 24th October) edition of The Australian newspaper, on page 4 under the section, “Nation and Government!”

Nearly 140,000 copies of this nationwide newspaper are circulated daily!

Article carried in The Australian newspaper – PDF File 

Article carried in The Australian newspaper - JPEG


Make sure to tell your pastor, church leadership, workplace, neighbors, family, and friends!

Jason Golden

8 Responses to “Praise God For The ‘Reaping What We Have Sown’ Article By Pastor Danny Nalliah In Today’s Edition Friday 24th October Of The Australian Newspaper”

  1. 1 Otto

    Excellent article/advertisment in this mornings Australian…Keep up the good work….

  2. 2 Office 2

    Wow! This is great news.

  3. 3 Elizabeth

    Wow, that’s gutsy! Well done Pastor Danny! Thanks for standing up for righteousness in our nation!

    Kind Regards


  4. 4 Kris

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Last week Pastor Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries sent out to the members of his network an article he wrote about the decriminalising of abortion, the unrighteous policies of the ALP, and the failure of much of the Australian Church to stand up publicly for God and the truth of His Word. A copy of his article is at the bottom of this email.

    Today in The Australian newspaper that article has been published in full as an advertsiement on page 4 amidst reports on the goings-on in our Federal Parliament. See the email below from Jason Golden of Catch the Fire Ministries.

    We need to praise our Lord and Saviour and give Him all the glory that He opened the door for this article to be there for the world to see and read and digest!

    In the first two thirds of the Twentieth Century such a forthright article could well have been written by the then editor of one of our national daily newspapers. They were the days when our newspaper editors had integrity. But today such an article can only appear in The Australian if it is PAID FOR BY THE PUBLIC.

    Please spread the word that the article is in today’s Australian, Get a copy and show your pastor, your friends, your family and the nation!

    Pray that that article will be read, shared and talked about throughout this nation because of its forthright truth.

    Pray for the Lord’s protection for Pastor Danny, his family and all his team at Catch the Fire Ministries.

    Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict the hearts of the denomination leaders, church leaders, pastors, and all followers of Christ in this nation who knew of the Bill in the Victorian Parliament to decriminalise abortion and who did not publicly say or do anything about it!

    Pray for a mighty work of the Holy Spirit throughout this nation.May a huge groundswell of support for the sanctity of life in the womb sweep across this nation. May the hearts of the men and women involved in each unexpected/unwanted pregnancy be turned toward choosing the baby being carried full term and born into this world, and turned away from choosing abortion.May their ears be deaf to the demands of the deceived extreme feminists who promote abortion and pro-choice.

    May this be the beginning of a new day in our nation for those whose voice can not be heard.

    With love in Christ Jesus,


  5. 5 Jeyaraj & Anne

    Thank you Danny and team,

    For making a difference and being heard about it too. In this time of being ‘politically right’ may our Lord grant you all boldness in truth and His wisdom.

    God Bless and protect you all

    Jeyaraj and Anne

  6. 6 Karen

    Thank you so much for your concern regarding the upcoming presidential election in the U.S.

    I live in the U.S. and am not looking foward to the prospect of having Barak Obama be the next president of the U.S.
    Keep praying for my country.

    Karen, Oregon, USA

  7. 7 Frank

    To Pastor Danny Nalliah and all at Catch the Fire Ministries.

    Congratulations on your ‘Reaping what we have sown – Abortion De-criminalised’ advertisement in The Australian Friday 24th October. I have cut out the advertisement to show others, and copied the PDF file.

    As a Catholic, I applaud your “Hats off” references to speaking out by Archbishop Denis Hart and by Pastor Dale Stephenson.

    I wish more people would speak out – this is not a Catholic issue – nor even a religious issue. This is a moral issue – a right-to-life issue – affecting our most vulnerable human beings.

    Again, my thanks and congratulations.


  8. 8 John

    Dear Pastor Danny & Jason
    Thank you so much for your Catch the Fire Meetings. Thanks that you are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus, with signs and wonders following. We live in Hallam & it was not until my second wife Amber’s sons girlfriends mother Mrs Kuzera came from Paradise Adelaide that we went. Since then I have been led to a Christian Deliverance site then to Setting Captives Free & praise God Jesus has set me free from an addiction to pornography & masturbation with adulterous thoughts after over 30 years. I have done 7 days of a 60 day course with a mentor, but, I am still struggling with thoughts at times, today I broke down & wept after looking at a lady a few months pregnant & with a little one. Unfortunately I have had a relapse of schizophrenia (chemical imbalance & enemy attack). But Jason you have taught us to pray with fervour, belief & with the power of the Name of Jesus & the Word of God flows like the two-edged sword it is meant to be. I pray God continues to use you both & blesses your household & families with His Presence, presents & JOY.

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