Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

Healed From Knee ProblemsThe Revival meetings this week in Hallam, South East Melbourne saw a mighty weekend for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Many lives were impacted by the Lord with lasting changes and evidence!

Pastor Danny and family have taken a few days for refreshing, Jason is in Papua New Guinea ministering life and freedom and gathering many for the Kingdom, so Dianne and the Catch The Fire team ministered God’s word on Sunday evening at Surrey Hills Full Gospel Church, praying for healing & restoration.

In Hallam, Melbourne – Thursday and Friday nights:

Complete Healing From Deafness·         A woman healed of severe knee problems in Hallam a couple of weeks ago (whose photo will appear on the website this week) went to her local shop where she is well known and the owner, a Muslim lady,  noticed she was no longer struggling to walk. She enquired what had happened and on receiving the information, asked if she could come with her daughter to the meeting as she also suffers from a knee complaint which restricts her mobility. The result of the conversation was that both came and have now commenced their walk in Jesus Christ. The mother received 70-80% healing for her knee complaint and was rejoicing at the improvement, while her daughter received a powerful word from the Lord which spoke into her present life circumstance, giving direction and guidance. Both were thoroughly blessed by their encounter with the Lord, and so pleased they had come.

Woman Healed From Arthritis & Severe Back Pain·         Another younger Mum who has been attending the meetings regularly began to be troubled by the presence of demonic activity as we went deeper into God’s presence lingering in His goodness which was so evident. As a result she received release from torment immediately, with God’s promises making a way for her healing to be received as the days unfold.

Beginning To Exercise His Faith·         An elderly woman came forward full of faith to ask the Lord, believing, that she could have her hearing restored and not need the hearing aides she has had for such a long season. She stated quite simply and with such conviction, “I believe God can heal me!” and God did… everyone rejoiced with her simple faith and God’s response. She could hear Pastor Danny from a long distance behind her speaking softly and was answering him immediately. The whole room of people were smiling back at her beaming face.

·         A woman who has been depressed for many years  and has been attending in recent past weeks, was able to share her testimony about coming off the anti-depressant medication and not needing it any more, as she felt full of life and well able to cope with decision making and life situations. She gave the glory to the Lord with great thanksgiving.

Many more testimonies are heard each night of the healing, restoring, incredible kindness of the Lord who displays His goodness by signs and wonders among us who see His works and believe.

The following are testimonies that have been sent to us via email or card:

DeliverenceMinistering To People At The Altar(1)   Background: Krissy was on life-support in an Intensive Care Unit and unable to function at all, following continued prayer this is the report :

“Hi Danny

Krissy is still doing well.  Eating normal food now Praise God!  Feeding tube has been removed so she and God are doing everything on their own now!  She is stronger in speech and says Jesus is HER MAN and her truest darling!  She said his voice is the only truth!  She can’t wait to be able to talk more to explain the stuff God has been showing her in dreams and visions.  She says it’s BIG!  She said her Jesus has carried her over the thresh-hold and she loves him more than ever!  She is talking about holiness and that the youth need to be told to stop mucking around and rise up this generation for God!  She is continuously passionate and excited!  I told her how proud I am of her and I do brag about her to everyone.  Her reply was don’t brag about me BRAG ABOUT GOD!  Awesome hey?  Of course we do brag bout our God all the time and continue to reach people at the hospital for God which is such an honour.

Anyway, just thought I’d fill you in.  She is experiencing a lot of pain in her back which she wants prayer and healing from please.

We are happily waiting for a bed at McKellar Rehab Centre in Geelong which will be wonderful to have her closer to home for her to receive more visitors and rehabilitation etc.  You know the doctors did not expect her to ever talk or eat again?  They are amazed also.   Bless ya lots, Helen.”  (Krissy’s sister)

  (2) Background: Rev Paul Downie attended one of our Revival meetings at Hallam, and received a word from the Lord through Pastor Danny. He writes:

“Dear CTF team, thank you for sending me the DVD of the meeting that I attended when I was in Melbourne.

I am going to show it to the group of Baptist ministers up here in the Top End in a few weeks time, as I believe that it is a word for each of them. Unfortunately I will be leaving Darwin mid December and I will be returning to Geelong to be with family and to look at ministry possibilities. I believe that the word Danny gave was spot on, but I believe that I was only the vehicle for another Pastor up here, that was prophesied over this past Sunday night, that will coincide with Danny’s word. I am going to share it with him on Wednesday, and do what I believe to be correct and to impart that word into his life as a confirming word from the Lord.

So again, thank you for sending me the DVD as it is now even more important than what we first thought.

PTL – Every blessing on the ministry, and please pass my blessings on to Ps Danny

Rev Paul & Anne Downie
Cornerstone Christian Fellowship
PO Box 497 Palmerston 0831”

(3)   Background: Feedback following one of Pastor Danny’s ministry treks

Dear Pastor Danny,
“You may not remember me but my name is Bethany, I am 20 years old and I met you when you came to ‘Hunter Christian Life Centre’ in East Maitland a few months ago. You prayed for me and asked me about my relationship with my Dad. You asked me to apologize to my Dad for anything I had done wrong against him etc. Anyway I did apologize to him and though we still do not have a good relationship, I know it was the right thing to do and it definitely set me free from some bondage. I just wanted to let you know because after you prayed for me you asked me to e-mail you to let you know how things were going.
I believe that the fire that hit me on the night you came to East Maitland, changed my life.

I grew up in a Catholic home with my mother raising me in my faith. I had a great Christ centred, catholic up- bringing which I am very appreciative for. I am now at Hillsong College doing a year of study (Pastoral Leadership). And after that I am not sure where God wants me, however I definitely feel like God is pointing me in the direction of the prophetic. I am checking your website every single day and the revival in Victoria is AMAZING!
I also want to thank you for your online post on Catholicism because I know the catholic church has problems but it is the church that introduced me to Jesus Christ so I know within my heart that is a Christian church! So you message on the website was a blessing!
Anyway that is the up date on my life.
God Bless you Pastor Danny
from Bethany”

To God be all the Glory for the great things He has done!

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