Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

DeliveranceDear Family and Friends in Christ,

As God’s manifest Presence dwells among us, we joyously and vigorously thank the Saviour of our souls! Our spirits are alive in Him, our voices cannot cease continually praising Him all day long and all night through!!

United In Prayer For AustraliaFor those who attend the Melbourne Healing Revival it has become a time in their week that they hate to miss. Would you chose other things if you could corporately meet with the Lord and his people, lingering in His Divine Presence? I know I would not!

Following are four more testimonies of healings from the Revival – people continue to testify as they receive physical healing, emotional stability, deliverance from additions and depression and set free to live this Christian life in Christ without restraint.

1)  The first testimony below is of a lady (Krissy) who had brain aneurism one night, approx. one month ago and was air-lifted by helicopter to St Vincent Hospital in Melbourne, in a coma. The doctors were unsure whether she would make it through the night. One of her family members came to the revival, received a prayer cloth which was anointed with oil and prayed over. This was then taken straight to the hospital healing claimed in Jesus Name.  All Glory to God, Krissy came out of the coma! Shortly after this, Pastor In WorshipDanny visited the hospital and prayed personally with her. Here is a report from her sister:  “Hi Pastor Danny and team, just sending an amazing update on my beautiful sister, Krissy. She has improved slightly each day since Pastor Danny and I prayed for her -slowly responding more with eyes and mouth and finger movements. TODAY was amazing as she spoke her first words!  My Mum and I arrived at hospital at lunch time saying on the way up that we were about ready to pull the tracheotomy out ourselves to see what God can do, saying we will anoint her with oil again as had not done so for few days… We arrived there not noticing the tracheotomy had been removed earlier that morning, as we were just too focused on her eyes as usual. Mum said, “I love you Krissy” (as she always does) and she replied with voice, “I love you more!”  Wow!  God is awesome!  I then said, “I love you Krissy” and she replied with full smile and raised eyebrows, “I love you more.”  Mum and I were hugging and crying, jumping, and praising God (so Krissy was crying too)!  She then said in a husky voice and pain filled face, “Pray for me! “  Wow again!  Her throat still very painful from removal of the breathing device etc. We then anointed her forehead, hands, feet and lips while she closed her eyes and prayed (I think in tongues) and nodded the whole time while moving her fingers and forearms and head more than ever – praising God! We began ‘texting’ and ringing half of Victoria with excitement and pretty much wrapped up in God’s amazing faithfulness, forgot about the patient!  She is just laying there grinning and raising her eyebrows – pretty much saying, “Yeah… God is amazing hey?  Look at me?”  So that is our fantastic update on God’s work in our adorable sister, daughter, friend and child of God!  She cannot wait to be able to get to your revival meetings and give more glory to God – she repeatedly nods her head and mouths “yes” whenever we ask her the question!  She is excited! Love you all and thank you so much for your prayers.  Bless you all in His wonderful name and for His eternal cause! Helen (Krissy’s little Sis)”

Worshipping2) Following is a brief testimony of a man who got healed from deafness: “Recently at a meeting in Strathpine with Pastor Danny Nalliah when he had the “gift of faith” for hearing to be restored.  Tod had a supernatural miracle occur as he’d lost most of his hearing in the right ear, which is where most of this part of the cancer has been located. Many thanks, and God bless, Margaret.”

3) A lady named Elizabeth was healed, delivered and set free from more than 40 demonic spirits! Click Here to read her entire testimony which we’ve previously posted on our website.

4) Click Here to read another testimony of how the Holy Spirit Revival in Melbourne is impacting lives across our nation!

The Melbourne Healing Revival meetings are held every Thursday and Friday night at 7.30pm at the Christian Community Church, 30 Star Crescent, in Hallam, Victoria.  Melway Ref: 96 G 3

Dianne Johnson

7 Responses to “Week 15 – Jesus Continues As Healer, Deliverer And Restorer – More Exciting Testimonies From Revival In Melbourne”

  1. 1 Suzanne

    Blessings to you.

    I am a muslim background believer.I have been a born again christian for 16 years.This is the muslim month of Ramadan where persecution on my from family intensifies.I have noticed that during the beginning of this month(since Ramadan started)my hearing in my left ear has gone !I do believe it is because of all the demonic activity and probable cursing of my family.I ask and plead with Pastor Danny to pray for me.I believe these wicked people have done something of an evil nature and it has attacked my hearing.

    I remember a few years ago my own uncle,who is a Mullah saying that he was hoping that God would make me blind and deaf and to not to hear the gospel and blind to read the word of God in the bible.

    I live in Adelaide and I am unable to visit Pastor Danny.I am so depressed.I do not want the Muslim devil to be glorified.I want healing to happen so Jesus Christ of the bible would be glorified.

    Please respond to me and to assure me that you will be praying for me.Can I please speak to Pastor Danny personally to confirm this and to share with him.

    Yrs in His beautiful name,


  2. 2 Office 2

    i am exmuslim women from senegal but for my safety living in spain for
    9years i wanna be there in AUSTRALIA DAY 2009 i need to know what i
    suppose to do for getting visa i have mi permanent resident from spain

  3. 3 Irene

    Hi Elizabeth,

    It is so exciting to hear what the Lord is doing in these revival meetings, particularly with depressed people.
    The reason I say that is I have a 27 year old son who has suffered depression and associated conditions (anxiety and compulsive disorders) for the past six long years. He is so discouraged at the moment as he feels God doesn’t care for him.
    He has been praying to be set free for some time as have the church family and his family to no avail to this point…however I know God is faithful.

    I would like to ask if you could pass this onto Paster Danny to pray for him as he has recently been suicidal and often talks about dying would be better than living in his hell. We would appreciate your help if you could pass this on. We don’t know where else to turn at this time.

    Thank you

  4. 4 Christina

    Dear Danny,

    I read the testimony about Elizabeth who was delivered from 43 demons and was very encouraged. I am a pastor’s wife in Victoria and have recently had two ladies come to me for prayer, who have obviously got demonic spirits. They both have been long term Christians (not previously aware that many of their problems stem from the demonic) and want to be free. I have prayed with them with some success (it seems some of the spirits have left), but I think others remain.

    Could you help me with some questions that I have. I know that Jesus cast out spirits “with a word”, yet am finding it taking hours of prayer to set a person free. Why is this? I note that the lady you prayed with became free fairly quickly.

    Also, did/do you “name” the spirits to command them to leave, eg., “spirit of lust, I command you to come out.”

    Are there any books you would recommend on this subject. Not much is heard or taught about it, even in Pentacostal churches these days.



  5. 5 Pete

    Hi Pastor Danny and the rest of the staff of Catch the Fire

    I wrote to you awhile ago requesting prayer for myself in regards to healing in my entire body.

    You see I have Osteoporosis, OsteoNecrosis, OsteoArthritis and since I requested prayers I have been slowly getting better, but I would like to ask for more prayers for myself, specifcally for my back as the fracture that was in the middle of it has slowly gotten better, but I think it might be because around the shoulder area across my back is starting to curve over, and I have to start wearing a back brace to try and straighten it up somehow, and I am worried that by straightening it might cause it to fracture again

    So I need for you to pray for healing for my back, my ribs both sides, my ankles and my hips both of them, not actually my hips but maybe pinched nerves causing it to seem like the hips.

    I really am trusting in the Lord Jesus to continue to heal me and I am claiming victory over this as my body is the temple of the Lord and even though my medication is causing me to be drowsy and not be able to drive long distances, and causing me to study harder for the last leg of my Lay Preachers Course on the Old Testament I am again trusting the Lord that the Holy Spirit will guide me and lead me through this part of the course and enable me to do His work and glorify His Kingdom.

    So Please really pray for my healing, even though I am a long way from you guys the Lord can still work through your healing sessions you have had so much victory in already.

    In His Great Name and His Glory


  6. 6 Elwyn

    I won’t be going to the meeting in Melbourne, but I will have a parallel meeting here in Shalvey, NSW, as we have in the past two years.

    Last year we had an Indian, an Aboriginal, a New Guinean, even some white Australians. And did they pray!!

    I think the Lord enjoyed our presence; we certainly “felt” that He was with us – that sense of His presence.

    Thank you, Pastor Danny, for coming to Australia.

    Sorry! I cannot get to the Sydney meeting. Fridays are out for me. Due to family matters I am committed from early morning until late Friday night in the Southern Highlands. It is impossible for me to get to a meeting anywhere in Sydney on a Friday.

    Yours OHMS,

  7. 7 Kay

    Praise God! Praise God! Isn’t it wonderful how our Lord is moving? Thank you for the sharing.



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