Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

Pastor Danny NalliahFirstly we thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then all in Australia and overseas who responded to the “PRAYER and ACTION call” regarding the problem in Orissa, India where Christians were facing severe persecution. Well, all glory goes to our faithful, Jehovah Jireh – your prayer and action has certainly paid off!

In the past few days we have been receiving reports of so many who had contacted the Indian Embassy in Australia and we know many other countries have also lobbied against the above issue. I have also been in touch with my counter-parts in the United States, who did a lot of work through Capitol Hill and the US State Department.

I have personally spoken to one of our contacts on the ground in the area where there has been trouble in Orissa. This Pastor resported, “Suddenly the government has stepped up operations and clamped down on the violence.” I then asked him, “Does this mean no more attacks on Christians.” He replied, “All attacks have completely stopped for the moment. But I sadly report that 17 Pastors and many Christians were killed with around 400 churches and many homes burnt down, leaving some 50,000 Christians forced to flee to the jungle.”

Well we need to continually thank God that this violence has stopped, but please do not cease praying for the Christians in Orissa, India. Once again I wish to thank each and every one for their prompt action which has saved thousands of Christians from more disaster.

We must continue to be a voice for the voiceless!

Many Blessings,

Pastor Danny Nalliah
President – Catch The Fire Ministries

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