The Crowd At ParliamentThousands On The Streets Of MelbournePro-Life MarchDear Family and Friends in Christ,

Thank you so much for responding to the call to protest against the Decriminalization of Abortion in Victoria, or better known as the Murder up until birth bill!

Thousands of Pro-Life supporters marched through the streets of Melbourne, packing the steps of Parliament, to stand against this evil bill which will kill the next generation of Aussie’s!

We thank the Lord of the heavens and earth for answering prayer and giving us a clear sunny day, which helped many families and their little children to join in the Freedom to be Born March!

We need to thank  ‘Right To Life’ (a mainly Catholic Pro-Life group) for organizing this march which was supported by many churches and Para-church ministries from all denominations across the wider Body of Christ!

                                                                                                                                                                        Police Escort CrowdAssembling At Treasury Gardens Before The MarchMarching Through the streetsON The Streets Of Melbourne

The Crowd Approaches ParliamentChildren Join In The MarchPreparation For The MarchYoung Woman Speaks Of the Horror Of Abortion 

Ps. Danny stated, “It was so great to be a part of this march and see so many willing to take a stand on behalf of the unborn and to be a Voice for the Voiceless. Please pray and lobby your politician so that this evil bill will not get through.”   Contact details for MPs: click here.  Please write, email, phone or VISIT your MPs!

Almost all television stations and newspapers reported the event,  bringing a great awareness to the nation.

Following are two links to the articles in the Australian and the Age Newspapers, particularly,  a very encouraging stand by Peter Costello in The Australian.,25197,24301603-28737,00.html

9 Responses to “Freedom To Be Born March In Melbourne Was A Great Success!!!”

  1. 1 Phil Sydney)

    Congratulations Catch the Fire

    Truly an Awesome Response by Victorians
    Great to see people stand on their convictions on the sanctity and rights of the innocent unborn


  2. 2 Rev Cephas

    We support you in your protest against the Decriminalization of Abortion in Victoria, or better known as the Murder up until birth bil. You are in our prayers. Pray for us and we pray for you. Rev Cephas Simiyul

  3. 3 Kenneth

    Dear Jason, Both liberal & Labour voted for it so prophecies of our LORD re Days of Noah, S & G are nigh. Kenneth

  4. 4 Andrea

    Dear Jason and Ps Danny; I’m SO UPSET by what’s occurred. I’ve worked in the ICU unit and
    seen the small babes at 24 wks. Perfect but lungs undeveloped. Someone said Danny warned
    them about this 3 yrs ago. I’m a devoted christian and giving u guys encouragement and support.
    We need u and your influence in the world. Sincerly Andrea.

  5. 5 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks for this tragic news. We will continue to pray. Tragically nobody is thinking about the future. All these abortions only tend to decrease our population. There are also Friends like we have at our church who have to adopt children from overseas as they can’t adopt children here in this country because most of them are being aborted. How sad and how can we expect the blessing of God upon our country. It is also tragic to know that so many were recently concerned more about a baby whale than we are about a baby being aborted at 24 weeks. Blessings. Audrey & Maurice.

  6. 6 Kev

    Weird isn’t. They decide to let the elderly live but you can kill off the unborn. Yes they used a so called panel of expert advisors. What’s more they are so blind to this very contradiction.

    Abortion has become birth control. You cannot murder the elderly but you can murder the unborn.


  7. 7 John

    I attended the service at Hallam on Friday night. I was encouraged by
    your whistling in worship. I also was struck by your humility and
    dependence on God. I attend Citylife church. I desire to move in signs
    and wonders and have been closely following the Florida Outpouring. I am
    keen to meet you if possible. I have a vision to take 1 million souls
    with me to heaven. How this impossible goal is possible I don’t know. I
    will make myself known to you next time I visit Hallam.

    Love, John

  8. 8 Carolyn

    Thank you for letting us know about the outcome. We will keep praying that the bill will NOT be passed in the Legislative Council.

    Yours in Christ


  9. 9 Maurice

    Dear Jason, Thanks for your 2 emails. How disgraceful that they are attempting to force doctors to perform abortions. It seems there is an attempt to take away from us more and more of our liberties plus conscientious objection to something that we don’t agree with. God bless.
    I will be away for the next couple of weeks attending a Grandson’s wedding in Sydney. Maurice.

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