Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

Healed From DeafnessThe Melbourne based outpouring of Heavenly Kingdom activity continues to see people stream in from the far corners of the nation, ready to receive from the Lord the impartation needed to satisfy their hungry hearts and needing bodies. Sadly it seems, many content themselves with normal day to day activity, while the hungry, thirsty remnant of the Bride preparing herself, are only content by first drawing from the River of God. These are ‘white hot’ with the fiReceiving Ministryre of His Presence!  …it takes people like this with His Anointing and Power to transform a nation. We at Catch The Fire, are so blessed and delighted to see God raising up ‘pockets’ of His Bride willing to come together and sacrifice to see God move by His Spirit in their city and nation!

Recently Pastor Danny released teaching on the importance of prayer, urging his hearers to spend more and more time immersed in the fulfilling, meditative instruction of the Word of God, exercising decisive Word based prayer – as this a huge KEY for living a life emanating Revival.

Youth Lead WorshipTestimony and teaching has encouraged all to take the Good News of Jesus to the high-ways and the by-ways. At Catch The Fire we understand the importance of providing the much needed material for effective witness. Many have taken up this challenge and are going out to the streets sharing Jesus and praying for people with the result that we see quite a number of these people at the revival meetings surrendering to Jesus for the first time. All glory must go to God continually as this end-time season means many are now ready to hear the Word of God. It’s time to tell them about Jesus.

Sunday saw Pastor Danny and CTFM team minister at a church in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne where many were mightily touched by God’s presence. Many were consequently healed of diseases, delivered from demonic activity and set free from bondage, to be who God made them to be.

One young man who came to the altar with severe pain in his left leg – due to an injury, shared that he could no longer walk properly. As he was prayed for he instantly received his healing and started running and jumping around on stage. He then started shouting, “This is freaky, this is freaky man – the pain has actually left me.”

Crowd In WorshipWe encountered a lady with severe problems in her right knee and could not bend it or squat down properly. As she was prayed for instant healing meant she ran through the church with her hands lifted up giving glory to The Lord! She tested her knee and moved up and down several times declaring, “My pain is gone, I am healed!!”

A  man at the altar declared he had been really troubled with depression. As Pastor Danny started praying he began to be greatly troubled, and the demons associated with his depression refused to leave his body. He was asked to confess, “In Jesus name, I am free of depression.” He tried hard to comply, but found for about 20 minutes he was not free to speak this declaration, so the CTFM team surrounded him and started praying in tongues to assist his journey of freedom. Following this, the demons were commanded to leave and the man was released from this state, never needing to be in bondage again. Immediately he lifted his hands up and shouted, “In Jesus name I am free from depression!!” He was able to ‘trumpet’ this to the heavens. He was delighted to receive his freedom.

Pastor Danny received a word for him from the Lord, that he was a man of authority. When asked what he did for a living, he responded “I am a copper, a  police officer”. How significant when the Lord speaks so clearly to our need!

At The AltarPastor Jason, Silver, his wife who led worship, and members from the CTFM team ministered in the provincial city of Ballarat, Victoria. A hungry and thirsty remnant gathered to experience the Fire of the Holy Spirit Revival as the Kingdom of God was demonstrated in power, glory, and the Spirit of revelation concerning the triumphant return of the soon coming King of kings and LORD of lords! A breakthrough worship anointing resounded in the heavens and throughout this city as the church came together in a united front, lifting up His glorious Name above every other name! Truly, the Spirit of the Lord is rising up Ballarat for a ‘Gold Rush’ of the Revival Fire and Glory of God!

The Holy Spirit Fire fell in the Sunday morning service at the AOG church as many were radically transformed by the mighty power of God, including a backslidden father who was raised as an orphan, weeping on his knees at the altar as the love of God melted his heart with the Spirit of adoption by which we cry, ‘Abba, Father!’  As he was receiving personal prayer from Pastor Jason, the Lord showed him a vision of the conviction of the Spirit sweeping through the high-ways and by-ways, as rough and tough men fell to their knees in repentance of sin as the Fire of the Father God’s love melted their hearts to receive Christ as Savior and Lord! As the shofar was blown in high praise and victory to King Jesus, a lady felt the lightning’s of God’s mighty power go right through her head as the Lord healed her from a brain disease! Many others were healed by the mighty power of the Lord and are planning to testify to their medical doctors that ‘Doctor Jesus’ healed them!

Prayer Against Abortion LawsOn the Sunday evening the Body of Christ united at a combined church service, including many pastors and leaders, as the Living prophetic Word of the Lord pierced through the hearts and minds of all present like the double edged sword of the Spirit!  The atmosphere was electric with the manifest presence of the Lord as the church has been in Revival mode for 9 weeks in morning prayer and evening worship! Revival is their portion, and God is their Mainstay! Many precious children were powerfully touched by the healing presence and restoring love of Jesus, including a 8 year old boy named Matthew who followed Pastor Jason everywhere like a shadow! Right in the middle of the worship at the front of the church on Sunday night, Matthew came right up to Pastor Jason saying, “Jason, you’re my best friend! I love you! You’re Jesus!” May all the little children in Australia and all over the world come to Jesus, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven!

All Glory to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

The Revival Healing Meetings in Hallam, in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, will continue this week on Thursday/Friday at 7:30pm and Saturday at 6:30pm. – but, please note that NEXT WEEK commencing September the meetings will be Thursday and Friday night only, and will continue for these two nights each week at the same venue,  Christian Community Church, 30 Star Crescent, in Hallam, Victoria.  Melway Ref: 96 G 3 

Please be encouraged to bring your family, friends, neighbors, pastors, leaders, and members of your church!

Revival Blessings,

Dianne Johnson

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  1. 1 Jim & Bev

    Dear Jason,

    Jim here, as I have already informed you Bev and I are moving to Queensland. We leave this Saturday and so our last meeting at Hallam will be on Thursday night, we wish that we could attend Friday night as well but we are spending time with family before the big move.

    I would like to request that on Thursday if we could publicly thank the Catch the Fire Team and give praise to Jesus, I have been slowly getting bolder bit by bit and telling people Jesus is coming again. I do get a little upset sometimes when I let an opportunity slip by me but I sow a seed where ever I can.

    The teachings of Pastor Danny have been invaluable,

    I have learned the importance of praise and worship, also for the worshiper to achieve a depth of praise and worship for Gods anointing to be released, I tell you Jason, when I was not walking with God, praise and worship just sounded like loud noise and the conviction of the holy spirit totally weighed like a ton on me, it felt like I was in a metal drum and people where banging on the outside it was unbearable. Now I just feel like I’m floating on air, I kind of get upset as the service ends to quickly where as before it felt like it dragged on forever.

    The importance of prayer and steps needed for effective prayer, I am constantly asking God now to fill my heart with a passion, zeal, thirst and desire for prayer. I pray now more than ever, and I have learned that I don’t always need to talk when I pray I can just stay in one spot and let God bring things to my heart. Also I am specific in the things I ask of God, but always ensuring that I pray in accordance to his will. I’ve got Jesus on my brain 24/7 and my heart is seeking the face of the father and not his hands for I know everything comes from and belongs to God.

    What a transformation, I can’t even bring myself to watch television or movies any more all I thirst for is Christian movies, Christian reading. Anything that helps to propel me towards the Kingdom of Heaven. The only thing that comes to my heart is how does what I watch, read or listen to help my relationship with Jesus grow. How does it make me look in the eyes of the Father and how does it benefit the Kingdom of God.

    Bev and I will alway be grateful to the Catch the Fire team for there obedience and service to God, for the profound impact the Hallam experience has had on our lives.

    We send our deepest love and thanks

    Jim and Bev

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