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Healing From DeafnessAll glory and honor to the King of kings and the Lord of lords! The Holy Spirit continues to lovingly lead us every night of the Revival into the awesome presence of almighty God! What is most wonderful, is that every night is so different! Over these last three evenings in Hallam (Melbourne), we saw the Lord help us focus much on repentance and prayer in the Body of Christ, as Pastors willingly cried unto our Holy God on behalf of the Church, Leadership, Government, and Nation. How our merciful Father in Heaven must be so pleased to hear personal confession of weaknesses with repentance from His leaders in public!

Healed From 10 Years Of Body Pains Froim AccidentThe much desired presence of God has emerged and remained through intense Ps Danny Ministeringintimate worship of our Bridegroom King Jesus, which lasts for hours! What a blessing to all as the youth led worship, an anointed keyboard player led worship (age 14), with a bass guitar player (age 18), lead guitar player (age 19), rhythm guitar player (age 17) and the drummer in his 20’s. The majority of the backup singers were 15 and 16 years old, intermingled with senior worshippers standing side by side. It is wonderful to see youth with such love and passion for their Lord, worshipping for hours, leading the people into His Throne Room, receiving the dew of Heaven. Many young people have been mightily touched by the power of God in this outpouring of the Holy Spirit and have being witnessing to their friends, family members, and in shopping malls, while laying hands on people to pray for them in the name of Jesus!

Healing From Stress & AnxietyPastor Danny said, “I feel like a big family is growing together week after week by spending time in the presence of God. It seems like the book of Acts 2:42-47 where the believers of Jesus left everything and spent time together taking care of each other. I am so glad to see people growing in the Lord week after week and helping each other.”

Many at the Revival commented, “we feel so loved and cared for in this place, when we come to the meetings we feel like we are with family.  We now look forward to the Revival meetings and can’t wait to get to them.” How wonderful it is when brethren dwell together in unity!  Psalm 133

Ps Alexander From PakistanMany people were emotionally and physically healed by the power of God. One woman who was fully deaf in her right ear and partially deaf in her left ear, received healing instantly!  Many others were healed from aches and pains in different parts of their body.

On Sunday morning Pastor Danny preached at a Baptist Church in Cranbourne (Crossway South) where the Holy Spirit moved most powerfully. The normal service which is around 1 ½ hours went on for 3 hours with many people mightily blessed and healed by the anointing of the Lord!

At The AltarPastor Lee Kohler, the senior  minister of this church,  brought a lady up for prayer who was fully deaf in her left ear. He told Pastor Danny that she had an ear infection that affected her ear drum and that one year ago she went completely deaf. The doctors said that she will never hear again from that ear, not even with a hearing aid. Everyone in the church knew that she was deaf in one ear. Well, glory to God, as Pastor Danny placed his hands on her ear and commanded hearing to be restored, her ear instantly opened up and she could hear once again! The woman started weeping  tears of joy as all the people celebrated the mighty hand of God at work!

Leading WorshipAnother woman had suffered from a stiff neck and pain all over her body for almost 10 years due to  a car accident she had. As she was prayed for,  instantly the pain left her body and she gave God the glory!  Thank you Doctor Jesus, we give Him all the glory!

Healed From A Muscular DisorderPlease note that for the rest of August the weekly schedule for the Revival meetings will be as usual on Thursday, Friday at 7.30pm and on Saturday at 6.30pm.  Commencing 1st September 2008 the meetings will be held only on Thursdays and Fridays at 7:30pm ONLY, at the same venue at the Christian Community Church, 30 Star Crescent, in Hallam, Victoria.  Melway Ref: 96 G 3  

Please be encouraged to bring your family, friends, neighbors, pastors, leaders, and members of your church to the Holy Spirit Revival in Hallam, Melbourne!

Jason Golden

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    Please could you advise what nights your meetings will be held this week at Hallam, or other places. Sorry, I can’t find this info on your website.
    Thank you for the many exciting articles.
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